Zara Plaid Coat Outfit

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I wanted to share this Plaid Coat outfit, because it is so cute and casual! When you’re running an errand or meeting someone for a quick coffee or bite to eat- this is the perfect look for it. 

Plaid really is an underdog in women’s fashion. Typically worn on flannels (or throwback to early Britney Spears plaid skirts, plaid is a really fun print to wear. This plaid trench jacket is from Zara, and it wants to be worn! I layered it, with a long sleeve shirt to play peek-a-boo beneath the jacket sleeves, and a similarly toned scarf. Scarves are an excellent opportunity to add some fun texture and layers to your outfits!

The jean pants I’m wearing are from Fashionnova and let me tell you, it is okay to let your ankles show during cooler weather! The jacket and scarf help keep you warm so you can still look cute! I’m wearing Chanel sandals to pull the black from the coat and the natural colors from my shirt and scarf, as well as a black Prada bag. 

Coat: Zara / Top: H&M / Pants: Fashionnova  / Sandal: Chanel / Bag: Prada

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