White Basic Shirt with Leather Skirt Outfit

Thalita Ferraz // Last Update: March 19, 2022 // 0 Comments

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Doesn’t this outfit just… seem so femininely tough? Here you’ve got this basic white shirt with a leather skirt.

But hold on, this leather skirt is not your average leather skirt. No. It is so chic with its fitted shape and slightly risque slit in the front. But these studs up the front and across the trim! Ladies, love you some studs!  Not sure if I could love this skirt any harder. It’s from Nasty Gal. Hurry, you need one. 

The fun thing about the skirt, is the shirt that pairs with it does not need to be busy, or fancy. Like you see, I’m wearing a white long sleeve from Zara with the simple script “al dente” which translates to “done.” The meaning sort of plays into the tough look, in a way, don’t you think? Either way, its not overkill. 

Pink micro-suede Miss Lola boots to match a pink Chloé bag for some added color. Cannot go wrong with an outfit like this! Day out, night out, it’s fun. 

Shirt: Zara / Skirt: Nasty Gal / Boots: Miss Lola  / Bag: Chloé

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