What to Wear With Leather Leggings on a Night Out

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Leather leggings are a clothing item that every woman should have at least one of. Yep, leather leggings. Or vinyl, whichever. Real leather leggings won’t be comfortable so just to clarify, they’re faux leather.

Someone made a comment about one of my vinyl pants outfits one point, saying that these pants were so hard to style because they’re so…metal and biker chick. But you know what, they really are very easy to wear! 

I love the dressier, edgier, and sexier vibe that leather leggings will give to a woman’s style. Plus, they’re mega comfortable, which is always a win in my book. I’ve had leather leggings be more comfortable than athletic casual leggings before, which was a huge surprise. You bet I wore them all the time.

So, I wanted to share a post with you lovely ladies who are maybe on the fence with leather leggings. I just want to show you why at least one pair should be in your wardrobe as your designated night out pants.

Doesn’t that sound great? Designated night out pants? Am I the only one who has designated occasion pants? While I’m at it, I’m going to talk to you about shoes to wear with leather leggings for these nights out too. 

Fear not girlfriend, I’ve got you!

1. Leather Leggings and a Long Sleeve

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Sexy doesn’t always require showing skin and cleavage. Remember that ladies! You don’t need to bare all to look your finest! 

Take this outfit, for example. She’s covered head to toe, all the way to her wrists, too. Yes, this is a solid black look, too, as with the first example, but you can easily add a blouse that has a different color to it!

The point is that you can wear leather leggings with a long sleeve to a night out and still look crazy sexy!

Do notice that her clutch is metallic, so this would be a perfect opportunity to match her shoes. Maybe she doesn’t have metallic shoes? Black works just fine.

2. Leather Leggings and Lace

Steal The Look

Leather leggings with a lace bodysuit is the ultimate sexy combination. There is no arguing this fact. Adding to the fact that everything is black in this outfit really brings it up a notch, making it a great outfit for nights out.

Check out this outfit! She’s wearing high waisted leather leggings with a deep V cut lace bodysuit beneath it. The addition of her blazer helps cover up and make it a little more modest and leaves some room to the imagination, right? 

She’s wearing simple, strappy stilettos with it. There was no need to go overboard with wild shoes, although she could have easily added a pop of sexy red or a metallic heel right here. 

Check out my Black Vinyl Pants outfit. I’m wearing a white ruffle tank with the pants and white heeled boots!

3. Leather Leggings With a Graphic Tee

Steal The Look

The graphic tee has not disappointed us in fashion’s recent years, so of course, it has been made a great top to wear with leather leggings, too.

Check out this leather leggings look, where she’s wearing a white, graphic tee beneath of a white, short sleeve, blazer jacket. Her accessories are on point here, with the chunky chain statement necklace that matches the chain on her purse, and the bling on her watch. It’s gold.

Her heels are simple, black peep toe shoes, but she could have really made her look pop by adding heels that matched her shirt and jacket, or even the metal on her accessories. 

You don’t need to wear a blazer, however. A simple, slightly oversized graphic, partially tucked, in would be sexy too! A cropped tee with high waist, leather pants would also be super cute!

4. What Shoes to Wear With Leather Leggings for a Night Out

Steal The Look

In the outfits above, we’ve seen strappy heels, peep toe heels, and regular closed toe heels. In no shape or form are you limited to those when you’re wearing leather leggings for a night out!

Feel free to be wild! Wear big, bad-a** heeled boots like these if your heart desires it! You’re the sexy woman who is confident in her leather leggings. Be confident in your shoe choices too!

I personally like the shiny vinyl shoes with vinyl pants. It keeps the flow, in my opinion, and really works magic at elongating the appearance of the legs, but you can totally wear whatever you feel matches! 

I love to wear my vinyl leggings with my snakeskin, knee high boots, check those out, here!

For nights out, you’ll probably want to stick to a shoe that is notoriously more sexy.  Put the sneakers away, and break out your heels. Leather leggings do look great with sneakers, but we’re going out tonight, not for a walk through the park!

The point here is that you can wear strappy heels, pointed heels, thigh high boots, suede heels, vinyl heels, clear heels, colored heels, literally whatever shoes you love to wear on nights out! Wear the ones that make you feel sexy! Embrace those leather leggings ladies.

Are you sold yet? Leather leggings also come in a variety of colors and even patterns. Nights out will happily accommodate those, in case you’re interested or wondering. 

So, what do you think? How would you style your leather leggings for a night out? Do you have a favorite shoe to wear with them? Tell me in the comments below!
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