What to Wear With Lace up Heels – 15 Cute Outfit Ideas

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Lace up heels are fun shoes because they come in so many options. They have stiletto heels, chunky heels, tall heels, short heels, and wedged heelsㅡplus the laces come in a variety of thicknesses, heights, materials, and designs as well. 

But have you ever loved a pair of these beauties and not known where to wear them? They’re rather sexy, so are you limited to where you get to wear them? Absolutely not. 

I’ve seen readers talking about how they have these amazing heels, but they don’t know how to wear them other than with fancy dresses, which is a shame because heels look amazing all types of outfits!

These lace up heels, especially, are big statement pieces. They’re bold with a lot of intricate details and can really spice up your look. I personally love to wear mine during the summer when I’m wearing shorts or skirts that are showing some leg to show off the straps!

But in case you’re unsure and are needing some inspiration, I’m here to give you 15 cute outfit ideas on what to wear with lace up heels!

1. Casually Strappy In Stripes

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A common misconception with any type of heel is that they’re too dressy to be casual. But ladies, that is not the case! You can absolutely wear heels with casual wear, especially these strappy lace up heels! 

You can see in this outfit here that she’s wearing distressed boyfriend jeans with a red striped tank top tucked in. You’d expect sneakers or even sandals with this, but behold! Camel-colored, lace up heels that of course match her purse. It’s super cute.

2. Falling for Lace Up Heels

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I say falling, only because this is a cute fall outfit. This would be a cute day out or even work outfit if work allows this attire!

All we’re seeing is dark blue skinny jeans, a white tee, and an olive cardigan. She matched her cardigan to olive, lace up heels and added a cute black bag. You guys, this is so easy! Anyone can do it. 

I do want to make a note that you see the laces of her heels tied up over her skinny jeans. This is okay! If you don’t want to cuff the bottoms of your pants for the laces to only touch your legs, this works. Just try to avoid having the lace go too far up onto the jeans. You want to show them off, not hide them!

3. Lace up and Leather

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Here’s a cute white dress with a leather jacket over top. It’s a great outfit to wear with heels, boots, or even sneakers. It’s so perfect that she found these peep toe, lace up heels that have black shoes and white straps. There is no more perfect match.

But this is a great example for you to see that there is nothing about this look that is too difficult for you to replicate. It consists of three items: a dress, a jacket, and shoes. That’s it! So what excuse do you have to not wear lace up heels?

4. Knee High Lace Heels

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Whew, are these lace up heels a statement or what?! This is such a sexy outfit, perfect for date nights, ladies nights, or even out at the club!

Having these knee high, lace up heels are really what makes this outfit all that it is. If it weren’t these, I hope she’d wear knee high, heeled boots. 

But again, this is an easy look. A long sleeve top, a skirt, and heels! I really love her cow print clutch too. You could, of course wear other shoes with this. Love these knee high lace heels with me though!

5. Lace Up Heels and a Mini Skirt

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This is such a pretty summer look. Her white ruffle mini skirt and matching crop top is so airy and free. She’s wearing tan colored lace up heels with it that match her purse, but this would have been a great opportunity to wear colored shoes!

The thing about this look though, is it isn’t some fancy outfit that you can only wear for special events or reasons. Yet, it’s cute and nice enough that you could wear it to those special times. These heels are super versatile.

Here is a great example of me wearing a romper with colored lace up heels and a matching bag!

6. Needing These Knee High Lace Up Heels!

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I know I showed you a pair of knee high, lace up heels with a skirt, but here is a cute and simple look with a pair of gray heels, denim shorts, and a black, off-the-shoulder bodysuit. 

Where would you wear this outfit? Is it casual enough to grab lunch with friends? What about for a night out on the town?

I really want to stress to you guys that you can wear these shoes with any outfit!

7. Lace Up Heels tor the Club

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There is definitely something about lace up anything clothing items that is sexy! So, you certainly won’t fail if you wear some lace up heels with one of your favorite dresses. 

This outfit here shows this sexy little number. A black, lace up, long sleeve dress (black never fails for nights out) and a pair of black pointed toe lace up heels. The sex appeal is screaming here!

Any of your favorite little cocktail dresses will look amazing with a pair of lace up heels for a night out!

8. Lace Up Heels and Bohemian Midi

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Oh, I love how pretty the patterns are in this embroidered, bohemian, midi dress. All of these colors just make me so happy. 

What also makes me happy is showing you that you can wear lace up heels with this flowy midi dress. It’s modest with peek a boo mesh spots to show some skin, while being cute and stylish. 

For those who don’t want all of the skin showing but want to wear a dress with lace up heels, this is it!

9. Lace Up Heeled Wedges for the Win

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We see a lot of fun lace up features on espadrilles and wedges. These heeled wedges are no different.

I love them with summer dresses and paper bag shorts especially, but this outfit here, with the denim shorts and oversized button up with cuffed sleeves, is just too cute to ignore! 

Her black laces on her heeled wedges match her textured clutch, and it’s so perfect. I would love to see this outfit with a kimono or even a baseball jersey!

10. Lace Up Heels With a Maxi Dress

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Oh, this is such a beautiful outfit. The floral, short sleeve, maxi dress with the big opening up the side to show leg is amazing with these tall, lace up heels. 

If you wear a dress or skirt that has the leg exposure like this one here, please ladies! Wear amazing shoes! 

Yes, you can absolutely wear any other shoe hereㅡsneakers, gladiator sandals, pumps, boots, you name it! This dress deserves these gorgeous lace up heels though.

11. Maximizing the Maxi with Lace Up Heels

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I know, I did just show you a similar look, but just in case you didn’t get enough of the first example like I didn’t, here is a second example!

These are a different type of lace up heel. Aren’t they cute? They almost have a little bit of a lace inspiration on the shoe and they offer a thinner leather strap. It makes the shoe a little more dainty feeling, for lack of a better word.

But no matter what, they look amazing together and maxi dresses are besties with these lace up heels!

12. Chambray Romper and Lace Up Heels

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Chambray is so amazing. It’s like…pretend denim without the hot and heavy weight.  Check out my post about chambray shirts if you haven’t seen it already!

This chambray romper has a special place in my heart, really. I just love it. The off-the-shoulder is sweet, and the belt around the waist is a great accent to help show off curves (which often get lost with rompers). 

But her wearing these tan lace up heels with it is amazing! It’s a great way to add some extra oomph to the look without going over the top.

13. Lace Up Heels and a Jumpsuit

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Jumpsuits deserve some attention, y’all. This outfit could very well be a white top tucked into a pair of paper bag trousers, but based on her info, it says it’s a jumpsuit, so we’re going to run with it. Whatever it is, it looks awesome with her lace up heels.

They’re mellow, lace up heels, too. They don’t go too high, they aren’t super bold, and they’re just perfect. 

I’d love to see lace up heels with cargo pants like the ones I’m wearing in this cargo pants outfit.

14. Lace Up Heels and Leather Leggings

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Move over, girl boss coming through! Check out these fierce, lace up, pointed toe heels! 

This outfit screams confidence with the leather leggings. I wanted to show you guys how you can even wear these heels with other textured pants, and I think this look is a great place to start. 

Picture how great these heels would look with leather pants and a cute blouse? It could easily be transformed from something work friendly to a social outfit. Check out my black, vinyl pants outfit with a white tank top. This would be a great look to wear lace up heels with!

15. Evening Gown and Lace Up Heels

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Last one for this post, and isn’t it gorgeous? 

Lace up heels are amazing additions to formal gowns. I’m not even sure there is a formal dress that would not go with lace up heels, actually.  They just scream elegance when paired with a nice dress, which makes them an easy shoe option!

Just like the maxi dress I showed earlier, this has the cut up the side to show off the leg, and therefore, the perfect opportunity to show off some sexy shoes.

Alright ladies, we went over 15 cute outfit ideas that proudly display some awesome lace up heels. It is clear that they work great with formal wear, work wear, club wear, and casual outfits.  

So I want to hear from you. Which of these outfits was your favorite? How do you wear your lace up heels? If you don’t own any, that’s okay! Treat yourself to a pair. You’ll love them. Tell me your thoughts in the comments below!
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