What to Wear With Harem Pants – 10 Outfit Ideas

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Have you ever wondered what to wear with your harem pants? You may be stuck in the realm of keeping your harem pants outfit looking laid back and casual, not really sure how to spruce it up and bring life to your look of the day. Well, I’m happy to help because you’d be astonished by how many styles are available to you once you start getting creative with the pieces in your closet.

You can take some time to mix and match some of the items in your wardrobe with your harem pants and see which ones work magic for you. To make things even easier for you, I’m going to be sharing some of the most ideal ensembles you can put together with harem pants – from your top, to your footwear. Get ready to be amazed!

1. Light Gray Sweater Blouse and White Sneakers with Dark Gray Harem Pants

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I can already feel those sharp, cold winter winds against my skin and for those of you who are headed to classes each day, you’ll need some warm yet fashionable clothing to keep you throughout. 

This sweater blouse, white sneakers, and harem pants combo is ideal to keep you cozy and looking your best. You can add a cute bracelet and a necklace to increase the femininity of this look.

2. Black Blouse and Black Heels with Nude Harem Pants

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Pairing a black blouse with your harem pants is a simple way to create a ready-to-wear outfit in a matter of minutes. The black heels give you the ability to make this look classy, so too, the black clutch that she’s holding.

Just one style piece would be needed to truly complete this stunning look – a Black Blazer. It would become a sophisticated and professional harem pants outfit option.

3. Black Long Sleeve Blouse and Black Boots with Blue Denim Harem Pants

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This is a trendy casual look that is actually a bit unusual, however, in a good way. I love the denim harem pants and how nicely it’s complemented by the light brown belt.

A black, long sleeve top and black boots were the right options to bring this look to completion. Notice how the pants are folded at the end as well to give an even more hip vibe. Just add some hoop earrings for added style.

4. Gray Cardigan, Blush pink Tank Top, and Nude Heels with Black Harem Pants

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This is a comfortable and highly sophisticated style combo. Cardigans are the more casual version of blazers but they still keep you looking professional, especially when heeled sandals are thrown into the mix.

Tank tops are also good fillers that keep your outfit looking neat and well put together. The heels are really what elevate this entire ensemble as all the other pieces are rather easy-going.

5. White Button-Up Blouse with Burgundy Harem Pants

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I’m all for promoting office looks that are fabulous. There’s no reason to keep all those stylish professional pieces locked away. A white, button-up blouse and harem pants coordinate well to create a chic look for the workplace.

With an outfit like this one, black pumps would be most ideal. You’ll look refined from head to toe.

6. Black Blazer, White Top, and Black Peep Toe Booties with Black Harem Pants

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Here’s a posh outfit that will have you feeling like a boss. A black blazer with a white inside blouse, black peep toe booties, all paired with black harem pants–a modern and very fashion-forward look. 

The sunglasses and handbag are the right additions to complement this gorgeous match-up.

7. Black Graphic Tee and White Sneakers with Red Harem Pants

Steal The Look

Graphic tees help to bring out the casual essence that harem pants have. What really won me over with this outfit are the colors and how well they sync. Black, white, and red never fail to look good together.

I can just imagine this outfit being worn down the streets of New York with all eyes on the person wearing it. This look represents the boldness and beauty that characterizes fashion.

8. White Tank Top and Brown Platform Sandals with Gray Harem Pants

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Here’s an easy going outfit that you can reach for when you’re just going for a walk, maybe on a Sunday when there’s not many people out and about. Maybe you just want to enjoy some alone time.

These harem pants are easy to slip on and naturally, go well with the white tank top. For a fashionable touch, the brown belt and matching platform sandals were included. Add some shades, and you’ve just created a relaxed and stylish look.

9. White Blazer, White Tank Top, and Brown Heels with Blush Pink Harem Pants

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The colors in this ensemble make me fall in love with this look. Blush pink, white, and milky brown really make a gorgeous blend.

I’ve also noticed how the length of the harem pants can make you look taller. So, if you’re aim is to create that appearance, this ultra chic outfit is for you.

10. White Crop Top and Silver Sandals with Red Multi-Colored Harem Pants

Steal The Look

Crop tops always look cute with harem pants, as you show just a bit of skin before your pants begin at your waist. To keep that girly and stylish essence, sandals are highly recommended, maintaining that relaxed appearance.

For the finishing touch, a cross-body bag and some statement jewelry will blend right in.

The more I share about harem pants with you, the more I love them myself. So, I hope that you’re feeling the same way. 

What do you think about the outfit options discussed above? Which was your favorite? Let me know in the comments below.
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