What To Wear With Gold Heels – 15 Cute Outfit Ideas

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Have you ever seen a gorgeous pair of gold heels and needed to have them? What did you wear them with?

I actually have a pair of sparkly gold heels that I bought for a New Year’s Eve party, and they are stunners! I wore them with this pair of sexy black skinny jeans and a gold sequined shirt. Gold eyeshadow going and all! Though, I must say, I’m a bigger fan of Nude Eyeshadow nowadays.

It was an awesome look to wear to bring the new year in. But, I’ll admit, I’m guilty of admiring them and having not worn them since. That will change after this post! A new mid-year resolution!

I recently was admiring a celeb outfit who was wearing gold heels casually with her jeans, and I thought, “Um hello, why isn’t everyone doing this!”

Well, maybe that’s because we don’t realize that shiny gold footwear can be used for average, daily use. I’m here to tell you that gold heels will look great with your favorite pants, your favorite dresses, and pretty much every color you pick with it!

1. Strappy Gold Heels With Distressed Denim and a Blazer

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I really love when distressed denim is dressed up. It’s so… rebellious, in a way. Like, yes, I know this isn’t my Sunday finest, but I also know I look good.

In this outfit, you see her wearing gold heels with a light-wash, distressed denim, white top, nude blazer, matching nude purse, and gold accents. There are gold accents on her bag: she’s wearing gold bangles, and the rim of her sunglasses are even gold. She’s got it!

2. Gold Pumps with Skinny Jeans and Boho Blouse

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You know what’s perfect about wearing denim skinny jeans and a white/ offwhite blouse? You can wear literally any color shoe you want. Any at all.

So in this case, these gold pumps are perfect with it. It can’t be argued any different because nothing about this look clashes. You can’t say it doesn’t match. Everything matches white shirts and blue jeans!

3. Gold Heels with Tulle Skirt

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Gold and nude are a harmonious pair. Nude, I suppose, goes with everything anyway. Isn’t this a sweet outfit?

Her gold rhinestone studded heels match her clutch. That’s the easiest thing we can do for our outfits. If you follow my blogs regularly, you’ll hear me say over and over: Ladies, match your shoes and purse.

The white, cropped long-sleeve could easily be swapped for a short-sleeve, a turtle neck, a tank top, or a tucked in chunky sweater. If you don’t want to deal with having to tuck in your top, but you don’t want your midsection showing, wear a bodysuit!

4. Chunky Gold Heels With a Shirt Dress

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Hello coral and gold! Or is it salmon? Whatever it is, it looks great with gold heels! This has to be such a comfortable outfit.

Shoes with thicker heels will offer more support for you, which will cause less pain for your feet. So if you’re aching to wear heels but don’t want to deal with the aches they cause, give chunky heeled heels a try!

5. White Ruffle Dress With Gold Heels

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The perfect summer dress. A white, flowy, ruffle, sleeveless dress is bound to not only keep you from getting overheated out in the sun, it’s guaranteed to get compliments.

She’s wearing a pair of gold stilettos with a fun pattern on top. It’s a change from the typical strappy heels, and it’s awesome.

6. Gold Heels with Gold Sequin Shorts

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I do love a good pair of sequined shorts. They’re a ton of fun to wear, especially for parties and events!

She has a white tee tucked in to hers, which is perfect because there is no reason to take away from the shorts at all. She’s wearing sparkly gold heels too, which only makes this outfit that much better!

I’d like to see a black clutch used with this look!

7. Gold Heels with Floral Print Shorts

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I can’t tell if there’s a shadow or if these gold heels are borderline rose gold, but even if they are, you can get the idea.

Her floral printed shorts have warm tones to them, which is an invitation to wear gold anything from shoes, bracelets, or even a gold bag.

8. Gold Heels with Striped Shorts

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I’ve heard women say that they’re not comfortable wearing heels with shorts. I can’t figure out why, because they do such a great job elongating the leg. If you’re worried about being too dressy, don’t!

These striped, linen shorts are casual wear. The addition of her gold toe heels do dress them up, but not so much that you have to be doing something special that day in order to wear them.

Her black, hi-low, lace shirt could easily be replaced with a black graphic or even a cute black tank.

9. Gold Heels and Pink Shorts

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These pink shorts are so pretty with gold heels! This really is a nicer outfit, like more than just a trip to get groceries look. Understandably so though, it would be a shame to not go show it off.

Her gold heels pull gold accessories from her clutch, like we talked about earlier in this post.

Turns out gold looks great with pink! Know what else it looks awesome with? Navy blue. You could have a lot of fun picking colors out to wear with your gold heels.

Speaking of gold heels, these ones are super cute and sexy!

10. Gold Heels With Chocolate Brown Shorts

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I gasped when I saw this outfit, honestly. I love her chocolate vinyl shorts, don’t you?

She’s got warm tones happening here. I feel that if Autumn was an outfit, this would be it. A beautiful orange sweater, brown shorts, and gold heels. It’s like… looking at leaves that are changing. So pretty!

11. Gold Heels With Pleated Midi Skirt

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The pleated midi skirt and oversized sweater is quickly becoming one of my favorite fall looks!

I love that the skirt itself has a metallic sheen on it almost, so her shiny gold heels really go well with it. Her gray, oversized sweater looks incredibly comfortable.

If you’re worried about losing your shape beneath of the sweater and skirt, you could easily tuck a part or all of the sweater into the top of the dress and pull it out to loosen it up some!

12. Gold Heels With Leather Leggings and Trench Coat

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I know we can’t see her entire outfit here, but we see what is on the outside and that (in fashion) is what is important!

She’s wearing her these shoes with leather leggings beneath of a camel trench coat. The gold heels look amazing with her Camel coat, and if you look hard enough, it seems that she’s wearing a camel colored, chunky, turtleneck sweater beneath it.

It’s a cute winter or fall look, and I especially like that her bag ties in her pants and the zippers are gold!

13. Gold Heels With all Black

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Kim Kardashian has always been a fashion icon, so of course she’s figured out how to wear gold heels.

In this monochromatic outfit, she’s wearing black leather leggings, a black blouse with sheer sleeves, a black faux fur jacket, and carrying a black bag. The addition of these gold heels almost go unseen, but they’re a great addition of color and shine to her look.

14. Gold Heels With Green Pencil Skirt

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We see Jennifer Lopez killing it in an emerald green pencil skirt, white tucked in button down blouse, and matted, gold heels.

There aren’t even words for this outfit, because it speaks for itself.  Green skirts are a fun closet item, and I just recently did a post on outfit ideas with green skirts. Be sure to check it out!

15. Gold Heels With Black Long Sleeve Bandage Dress

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I’m not sorry for showing you another Kim K. picture because she is always looking glorious. Black and gold is a frequent color combination for her, actually. She clearly likes to wear gold shoes, and it doesn’t disappoint!

I wanted to show you this, though, because long sleeve bodysuits are awesome to wear for cooler days and her gold heels are fire! These would be super cute with dark skinny jeans and a tank top for an evening out on the town with girlfriends!

So, now that we’ve looked at 15 outfit idea examples for what you can wear with gold heels, do you have any questions?

If done right, gold heels can be easily matched and worn in place of any of your other heels. Be sure to take advantage of any gold accessories or accents on your bags or clothing when wearing gold heels!

What do you think about gold heels? Which celeb look did you like more? Tell me in the comments below!

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