What to Wear With a Khaki Jacket – 15 Cute Outfit Ideas

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Every time I hear the word khaki, I think of two things: the, “Jake from Statefarm,” commercial and Target employees. Silly, isn’t it? Well, nothing is silly about Target. It’s the best place to just dump all of your money on things you don’t really need or to redecorate your house. Just me? No way.

But right now, we’re going to think about khaki jackets, not khaki pants or shorts. I wanted to show you guys 15 cute outfit ideas that include wearing a khaki jacket, because khaki isn’t only for Indiana Jones, the crocodile hunter, or your local Target employees. It’s for you, too. 

So I want to clarify, because if you browse khaki jackets on pinterest, you will see an abundance of olive or army green jackets. Khaki is not green, it is more of a tan/ beige or light dull brown and comes in a mixture of hues. 

Specifically, cream, beige, camel (AKA British khaki), tan, pebble, and taupe are all shades of khaki.

Think back to the Target employee pants. Now that we’ve got that cleared up, have you ever worn khaki to anything outside of work or an interview? 

I had this super cute khaki, corduroy jacket that I loved, but I think I only wore it once because I always felt like I looked as if I was heading to work in it when I was just trying to get my cute on! I’m here now to help you not ever feel that way when wearing a khaki jacket. I’ve got you girlfriend.

1. Khaki Jacket With a Scarf and Jeans

Steal The Look

Khaki and grey are sort of…opposing on the color temperature chart, so I love the use of these together with this outfit. It’s simple, with her light wash denim, white shirt, khaki jacket, and gray scarf. 

All of these items have no pattern or crazy texture, which is completely fine. She went the extra mile and matched her watch to the buttons and grommets on her jacket. I love that extra little detail!

2. Khaki Trench Coat

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I adore trench coats. I do. Up here in Chicago, it’s almost vital to have coats that cover enough of you because it gets so cold during the winter, so a trench is my go-to. 

Aside from the function factor, they’re statements to an outfit. Like in this one here, she doesn’t need anything added to it because her jacket does all of the talking! 

Just like the one above, it’s easy. Black distressed denim, a plain white v-neck, and a black bag. I’d love to see a pair of heels with this look!  

Check out my Camel Coat Outfit, where I’m wearing a very similar trench coat with an orange turtleneck and jeans!

3. Khaki Blazer With a Dress

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Another love of mine, blazers, are great pieces to add to outfits. This one here (is that Blake Lively?) is adorable because the khaki blazer dresses it up and down at the same time. 

If you look at her sleeves, she has one sloppily rolled and the other one is not at all. I’m not totally in love with that aspect. It sort of reminds me of a hair mulletㅡyou know, business in the front, party in the back.  I imagine she did it so that her bracelet is visible.

The dress is almost a dark blue/black or even a dark purple/black, and she matched a cute pair of heels to the khaki jacket. Neutrals that look great together. 

Accessorized with a scarf and alligator textured purse. Where would you wear this outfit?

4. Khaki Jacket With Leggings and Riding Boots

Steal The Look

Here is a great example of different hues on the khaki spectrum! The Duchess, as always, looks exquisite. I love to watch her fashion because she really knows how to dress cute when being casual and dress stunning when formal.

It helps having a personal stylist and tailor too, I’m sure.

But, check out her khaki jacket. It’s almost borderline gray, and I think that’s where the “pebble” color comes in. It looks great with her green/gray leggings and brown riding boots. She has taken the cooler temperature colors of each of these and put them together, rather than the warmer khaki tones.

5. Khaki Jacket With Leopard Heels

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Animal print shoes are super fun to wear, and they’re a great outfit boosterㅡespecially if the rest of your outfit is solid colors with no pattern.

This khaki jacket looks great closed up over top of a black turtleneck and black cropped pants. It’s simple and understated, so the addition of the leopard heels really amps up her look! Plus, the color coordination here is on point. 

I’d love to see a purse or bag that adds a pop of color. For instance, a bright red one like I have in this Leopard Print Dress Outfit. You can see here the same color scheme and how well red pairs with the black and khaki/ beige colors.

6. Khaki Jacket With Camel Coat and Pink Skirt

Steal The Look

This outfit has a lot going on in it, but it’s really cute with such soft colors. Her khaki jacket is actually beneath the camel coat that is draped over her shoulders, but you can see beneath it that she has a darker olive green shirt tucked into her pink pleated skirt.

All of these tones work perfectly together, don’t you think? Even her shoes are a hue of purple, like a lavender almost, but they’re the same softer tone like the skirt so they look really great. 

It also looks like her zebra print bag is either a brown color or it pulls some eggplant/ purple in there. Either way she’s found a ton of colors that look great with her khaki jacket!

7. Khaki Trench Coat Dress

Steal The Look

There is a really good chance that she is wearing a dress or something beneath this khaki trench coat, but having it closed up with that great big belt makes it look like she’s wearing it as a dress almost. Which is a thing, by the way.

I love her addition of the scarf around her neck, it reminds me of a flight attendant and upper class women back in the 50’s. It’s just cute tied in a bow, plus it gives a little bit of white accent to her look. 

The rest, her purse and shoes, are black and match the buttons on the jacket, which, by the way, is from Zara. I’m a big fan of Zara clothing.

8. Khaki on Khaki

Steal The Look

Remember, I talked about all of the different shades of khaki at the start of this post? Cream, beige, tan, taupe, camel, pebble…Here is a great example that contains some khaki variants. 

She is head to toe in shades of khaki, literally. See those awesome studded heels? I probably need a pair.  But even her bag is camel colored, so it matches and is the same palette without being a dramatic color pop.

9. Khaki Coat, Casual Wear

Steal The Look

Black and white keeps things neutral, and while khaki is already a pretty neutral color, I get why we see a lot of black and white with these khaki jackets.

Loving how casual this look is. Her leather pants, black and white striped shirt, and black sneakers work fine on their own but having this khaki jacket takes it to the next level. It would feel like you’re wearing only black without it. 

It’s a perfect day out outfit, especially with her sleeves scrunched up. It tones down the formality of wearing a jacket with lapels don’t you think?

10. Khaki Trench Coat and Cargo Pants With Hoodie and Sneakers

Steal The Look

I actually just shared an OOTD featuring khaki colored cargo pants, so I couldn’t resist this outfit when I saw it even though I showed you a khaki on khaki outfit already. This one is much more casual. 

I like that she’s wearing an offwhite or cream-colored hoodie beneath her coat, it’s not something we see all the time and is almost like…the step sister to wearing a chunky scarf with a coat instead. It just adds some extra texture up there around the neck.

Her high waist cargo pants make her legs look like they’re forever long, and the addition of her chunky sneakers is something we’ve seen a lot of this and last year in fashion.

11. Khaki Coat With Tribal Mini Skirt

Steal The Look

A change of pace here, since we’re still in the heat of summer. Check this khaki jacket out with her tribal patterned mini skirt! 

I love how she pulled the pink from the skirt and made it really pronounced by adding a scarf the same color. This is proof right here of how cute khaki looks with brighter colors! It even looks great next to the sky blue/ teal that is on her skirt.

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12. Camel Khaki and White

Steal The Look

Remember the palette, camel is on the khaki spectrum. She’s done a really great job pulling her colors throughout her look. 

Basically, this is a white v-neck and white jeans look. But the addition of her blazer jacket has given her opportunities to carry that color throughout the rest of her outfit. The belt matches, her shoes match, and her bag matches. 

The lining of the jacket that shows from her sleeves rolled up even matches the shirt and pants. It’s just so well blended that it’s almost like art. Big time loving this look!

13. Khaki Trench, Green Pants, Fuzzy Mules

Steal The Look

Yes, fuzzy mules. I can’t stop thinking about these now that I’ve seen themㅡthey’re so fun! 

I love that this outfit is so…casual, yet it’s nice. All she’s wearing is a black shirt, green pants (don’t they look comfortable?) her khaki jacket, and fuzzy mules. There is nothing complex about this look whatsoever. 

I really love that she wore green pants, too. They look amazing with the khaki.

14. Khaki Jacket With High Waist Denim Skirt

Steal The Look

This one is super similar to my Yellow Blazer Denim Skirt outfit or my Graphic t-Shirt and Denim Skirt outfit. 

I wanted to show another example of wearing a khaki jacket with an otherwise summer outfit. This is actually a trench coat, which is a fun play on lengths given that her skirt is short.

However, if you wanted to wear a shorter khaki jacket with a graphic tee and denim skirt or even shorts, please do! It’s so cute. Your shirt doesn’t even have to be white to pull this off.

Add a pair of sneakers? You’re good to go!

15. Khaki Jacket with Over the Knee Boots

Steal The Look

Here’s a sexier little number. Khaki jacket over a khaki sweater dress. She broke it up with a Gucci belt around her waist, which actually looks great because of her black purse and black over-the-knee boots.

I saw a similar look where she was wearing a white turtleneck sweater dress beneath her khaki jacket with black over-the-knee boots. It was cute with all of the contrasting colors, but the short jacket with over the knee boot part is really sexy! 

Alright, so now that we’ve gone over 15 outfit ideas to wear with a khaki jacket, what do you think

I know I showed you a lot of outfits that are primarily fall and winter focused, and it’s difficult to even think about wearing a jacket right now when it’s the end of July, but at the very least, you should be solid on the spectrum of khaki colors you can wear.

I want to hear from you though. What was your favorite outfit? Do you prefer the longer khaki trench coats or shorter khaki jackets? Tell me in the comments below!
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