What to Wear With a Green Skirt – 15 Cute Outfit Ideas

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Green skirts don’t get the love they deserve because they truly are as universal and amazing as denim.

From mini skirts to maxi skirts and all lengths and styles in between, they come in a selection of hues that are bound to amp up your wardrobe.

We’re talking about brilliant emerald green, hunter green, olive green, army green, mint green, you name it. They’re all gorgeous and fashion friendly!

Because of their fabulousness, I wanted to share with you 15 cute outfit ideas of what you can wear with a green skirt! You won’t be disappointed!

1) Green Olive Mini Skirt With a White Crop Top

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Mini skirts and crop tops are best friends, especially when the skirt is high waisted like this one.

Her olive green, high-waist mini skirt is a perfect summer combination with this white top. She accessorized with a simple straw hat, and I’ll bet she is wearing a pair of tan or white sandals with it.

If you’re not wanting a crop top, you could easily tuck in a white spaghetti strap, tank, or even a t-shirt to this skirt and still keep the summer vibes going!

2) Green Mini Skirt with Black Sweater and Tights

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I know we switched seasons here, but while we’re talking about mini skirts, look how cute this outfit would be for fall!

2019 Fall fashion forecasts patterned tights coming back in a big way! Her black tights with heart details are sweet, simple, and a little bit youthful even. Plus they look great underneath her black, over-the-knee boots and black, chunky sweater.

3) Green Mini Skirt with Sneakers

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If you haven’t seen my blog posts that rant and rave about wearing sneakers for fashion, be sure to give those a look.

This outfit is mega cute and casual, with her army green skirt and white tee beneath of an olive green bomber jacket. My favorite part, though, are these brilliant white high top sneakers she’s wearing.

This is a great example of sneakers looking fashionable rather than like athletic wear.

4) Green Ruffle Skirt With White Sweater

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I cannot get enough of this ruffle skirt! It’s so dainty and really is a piece that you can wear so many ways that it’d never get old.

She’s wearing this loose knit, white sweater with hers, but could you imagine a crew neck tucked into it or a bohemian inspired crop top? What about a ribbed, black, halter, tank top, or a long sleeve with strappy heels for an evening look?

So many opportunities here

5) Emerald Green Pleated Skirt With Leather Jacket

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There are not even words for this outfit. It’s that great! This metallic, emerald green is something of a mermaid princess, and those pleats! Take all of my money!

Honestly, I’m not even sure I’d know what to do with a skirt like this. But after seeing how stellar it looks with her black top and draped leather jacket, I have no doubt that I would nearly replicate this look.

The only thing that I may change, and it isn’t even necessary, is the shoe choice, which would strictly depend on where I was wearing this outfit to. Wouldn’t Dr. Martens bring more edge and punk to it?

A black graphic tee without the jacket would also be cute for warmer days!

6) Green Pencil Skirt With Black Tee

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Sorry for the mirror shot, but this is too sexy to pass up. Check out her green pencil skirt!

Since she’s wearing a black, front, knot v-neck, it tones down the skirt some and makes it more casual. Of course, her pointed toe heels step it right back up, but in a sexy, less dressy way if that makes sense.

This would be a perfect outfit for going out with girlfriends for drinks. Don’t you think?

7) Emerald Green Mini Skirt With Leopard Trench Coat

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This looks like an outfit that I would share with you in my OOTD posts. I love a cute graphic tee tucked into a skirt with some boots. Plus, I love this leopard coat. Check out a similar look in my Basic T-Shirt and Denim Skirt outfit.

The skirt alone is incredible with zipper detail and a chunky belt, but the, “I am woman hear me roar,” graphic is almost too perfect with the leopard coat.

She added black sock boots and truly…everything in this is a big YES from me. A great way to wear a green, mini skirt with a trench coat!

8) Army Green Pleated Skirt With Nude Heels and Tank

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This skirt is similar to that shiny emerald one above, but in a different color. I wanted to show this outfit because it would be a great work outfit or classy lady day out look.

It’s beautiful and flowy with a crisp, white top, and the nude heels and matching bag couldn’t be any more perfect.

9) Olive Green Button Down Midi Skirt

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Big, chunky buttons are being seen more often on clothing racks lately, so it’s awesome to see the buttons go all the way down the front of this look even though they’re different pieces.

We see a lot of white and green together. It’s crisp and clean, so I get it. She picked white espadrilles and a brown rattan bag to accessorize, which pull textures from each other.

What I really like is her belt. The ivory and black print are a simple way to add a pop of color and pattern to solid clothing items.

10) Green Maxi Skirt With Tube Top

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Maxi’s are really a fun piece to have in the closet. This outfit here is beautiful. She looks like a goddess.

This tube top has either a ruffle or just an extra flowy piece of lace detail fabric. It’s borderline bohemian, which mixes well with maxi skirts.

Maxi skirts are friends with all tops. True story. All year, too.

We can’t see her shoes, but I’d bet she is wearing flats. I hope they match her leopard clutch!

11) Green Maxi Skirt with Tee

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I know I just showed you a pleated maxi, but this one is much more casual with a gray, tied t-shirt and sneakers beneath it.

I like that these skirts can be dressed up and dressed down. They’re super comfortable, too, which is a win-win in my book.

12) Mint Green Maxi With Button Down

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Mint green isn’t seen as often as the other greens, but it sure is a pretty color!

She’s wearing a white, collared, button down tucked into the top of her green skirt. You could do this with any color, and any of the styles of skirt! I just love this look. It’s almost beachy, don’t you think?

The thin black belt dresses it up a bit and helps accentuate her waist. It also pulls from the black spots on her bag, which ultimately is complimented by her gold sandals.

13) Green Tulle Skirt

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Tulle skirts are so fun. Though they aren’t often seen casually worn, they’re definitely head turners when they are.

She’s wearing a grey turtleneck sweater tucked into her skirt with black over the knee boots. Wouldn’t this be a cute, fall, dinner outfit? It’s casual enough to be worn outside of something formal, but nice enough to be worn to an evening dinner event!

Check out my tulle maxi skirt outfit!

14) Sage Green Hi-Low Maxi Skirt

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Hi-low skirts became a popular fashion item about…five years ago or so. Did you have one? I’m a big fan of how flowy they are as well as how we can see shoes with them.

You know how runway models have the fans blowing on them and their dresses are perfectly flowing behind them? Hi-lows give you that effect without being on the runway, or fans.

She’s wearing a cropped tank with it, which I love. A pair of nude chunky heels, and she’s ready for a summer day out on the town!

15) Green Mini Skirt With Denim Jacket

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Here’s one with a green, mini skirt and a striped shirt beneath a denim jacket. Denim jackets will never not be a thing, so if you have one in your closet this is a great way to wear it.

It looks like she’s wearing animal print heels. You could easily wear heels, sneakers, or even boots like Dr. Martens.

Check out my printed mini skirt outfit with my Dr. Martens boots!

I hope that these 15 cute outfit ideas for what you can wear with a green skirt are helpful! Green skirts work well with all tops and shoes!

How would you wear a green skirt? Do you have any suggestions for cute ways to style them? What shade of green is your favorite? Tell me in the comments below!

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