What to Wear With a Burgundy Skirt – 31 Outfit Ideas

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Burgundy skirts are chic closet pieces that I believe can be very valuable to your wardrobe. In this post, I’ll be focusing on what to wear with your burgundy skirt, from tops and outwear to the types of shoes that look great with them.

Burgundy is a strong and vivid color, and so many times, you’ll see it paired with neutral colors that blend it nicely and don’t clash. Black, white, beige, and gray are some of the most common colors styled with a burgundy skirt. Here are 31 cute outfits ideas that will show the burgundy skirt in all its glory.

1. White ,Off-the-Shoulder Blouse with Pleated, Burgundy, Floor-Length Skirt

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Here’s a graceful and exquisite look – a white off-the-shoulder top paired with a pleated burgundy floor-length skirt. 

A floor length skirt is a perfect piece to go for when you want to look effortlessly elegant. Another plus is that you can wear a pair of cute flat shoes, for added comfort since no-one will be seeing your shoes anyway.

2. Burgundy, Black and White Striped Blouse, and Black Strappy Heels with Burgundy Pencil Skirt

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The colors in this form-fitting outfit blend well together – burgundy, black, and white. All colors are present in the long sleeve button up blouse, which is an ideal piece to wear at the office, along with this burgundy pencil skirt and black heels.

3. White Blouse and Red Heels with Burgundy Skirt

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This burgundy skirt is even more beautiful because of its length, and also, the small slit at the side. You can style your long burgundy skirt with a simple top such as this casual white blouse or a dressier piece.

The red heels really add a high-end and sophisticated finish to the whole look, complementing the skirt nicely as they also have a touch of burgundy on them.

4. Blush Pink Long Sleeve Blouse and Leopard Print Pumps with Burgundy Pencil Skirt

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Here’s another stylish office look that you can create with a burgundy skirt – a blush pink, long-sleeve top and leopard print pumps to make the outfit more fashionable.

Pencil skirts are fitting for the workplace because of their clean-cut, straight, form-fitting design.

5. Nude Crop Top and Nude Heels with Burgundy High-Waist Skirt

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Pair a crop top with a burgundy high-waist skirt and heels for a womanly, chic outfit. The colors here are a bit mild and I love how light the skirt is. It has a slit at the front as well, making it easier to walk in.

6. White Floral Blouse and Green Block Heels with Burgundy Skirt

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This is a brunch-worthy outfit. The white floral top looks comfortable and elegant along with this flowy, A-line burgundy skirt. Also, the green block heels complement the hints of green in the blouse.

7. Gray, Turtle-Neck, Sweater Blouse and Black, Knee-High Boots with Burgundy Mini Skirt

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Rock this casual, fashion-forward look when it’s chilly out. A burgundy mini skirt was styled with black, knee-high boots and a cozy gray, turtle-neck, sweater blouse that’s slightly tucked in for a more refined appearance.

8. Black Long Sleeve Blouse and Nude Block Heels with Burgundy Tulle Skirt

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Wear a burgundy tulle skirt for a sassy and feminine look. This classy skirt was paired with a simple, black, long-sleeve top and nude, block heels for a simple yet very fashionable evening ensemble.

9. White Sleeveless Blouse and White Wedges with Burgundy A-line Skirt

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Flaunt a classy, modest style like this for a sunny day out – a white sleeveless top, with a burgundy A-line skirt and white wedges. This look is great for when you want to dress light and look like a total sweetheart

10. Burgundy and Beige Striped Blouse and Burgundy Knee-High Boots with Burgundy Skirt

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I love a good womanly and mature outfit, and I believe this look embodies that.

A striped, long-sleeve top which I always consider a classic piece that can work with both casual and dressy pieces, a burgundy, A-line, calf-length skirt which is sophisticated and has that shiny firm material that looks high-end, and matching knee-high boots.

11. Black Leather Jacket, Black Turtle-Neck Blouse, Black Stocking, and Black Booties with Burgundy Skirt

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This is an edgy style combo that you can flaunt with your burgundy skirt. Here, in this outfit, is a black leather jacket, a chic black turtle-neck top, black stockings, and matching booties styled effortlessly with burgundy mini skirt.

12. Gray Sweater Blouse and Burgundy Booties with Burgundy Pleated Skirt

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Here’s a stylish and comfy fall look with a burgundy pleated skirt. A gray sweater blouse was tucked into this skirt for a neat and polished appearance. 

The outfit was completed with cute burgundy booties and a black purse.

13. White Blouse and Burgundy Pumps with Burgundy Pencil Skirt

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You know I’m all for looking your best in the workplace. This white top is dressy with a fancy tie at the front. It was styled with a burgundy pencil skirt and matching pumps for a polished professional finish.

14. Black and White Striped Blazer, Nude Tank Top, and Nude Heels with Burgundy Pencil Skirt

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A burgundy pencil skirt can serve as the foundation for a professional style combo. Simply style it with a trendy blazer, cute tank top, and sophisticated heels. Also, don’t forget a belt for the finishing touch.

15. Black Long Sleeve Blouse and Black and White Pumps with Burgundy Pencil Skirt

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This look would work so well in an office setting. Pair a classic black long sleeve top with your burgundy pencil skirt, complete with a set of ultra chic heels to make the outfit pop.

The black top has petal sleeves as well, adding to the dressiness of the whole fit.

16. Black, Off-the-Shoulder Blouse and Black Heels with Burgundy Tulle Skirt

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This burgundy tulle skirt is being worn with a black off-the-shoulder long sleeve top which is flirty but quite modest as well. Black heels were added for that classic poised look.

17. White Blazer, White Tank Top, and Nude Heels with Burgundy Skirt

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Incorporate a knee-length burgundy pencil skirt in a classy ensemble with some of your white pieces. A white blazer and tank top paired with nude or even white heels will help you accomplish that clean-cut, formal look.

18. White Sleeveless Blouse and Leopard Print Pumps with Burgundy, A-line Skirt

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Here’s a flirty, summer look that’s also very classy and youthful. A white, sleeveless blouse was styled with a burgundy, A-line skirt for a girly combo, along with leopard print pumps for that elegant feel.

19. Yellow Tank Top and Nude Pumps with Burgundy Skirt

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Don’t be shy, pair your burgundy skirt with a bright-colored top like this yellow blouse. It’ll make the whole look pop even more. The nude pumps were the perfect addition to balance the color scheme of this outfit.

20. White Cardigan, White Tank Top, Black Stockings, and Black Booties with Burgundy Mini Skirt

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Sport this cute, casual look for the fall season – a white cardigan, a white tank top, black stockings, and black boots with a burgundy mini skirt.

21. Nude Sweater Blouse and Black Pumps with Burgundy A-line Skirt

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I’m really loving this laidback, girly match-up of a nude sweater blouse, poofy burgundy skirt and black pumps. 

It’s an elegant ensemble, that’s a bit tomboyish, but so cute at the same time. You can just never go wrong with tucking your top into a wide A-line skirt such as this one. It gives me princess vibes and is super lady-like.

22. White Graphic T-Shirt, White Booties, and Burgundy and White Polkadot Skirt

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It’s always fun to pair your graphic tees with some of your dressier pieces to have that blend between casual and chic. 

This white tee was styled with a beautiful burgundy and white polkadot skirt and a pair of white booties.

23. White Tank Top with Pleated Burgundy Skirt

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Go for a simple and classy look with a pleated burgundy skirt. I find that pleats always give that elegant look to my outfits. 

This tank top is also not so basic either, as you can see the curved designs at the neckline, which really brings out the beauty of the top. I would include a pair of nude pumps with this look.

24. White Blouse, Black Boots with Burgundy Pencil Skirt

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Channel your inner Audrey Hepburn with a sophisticated and refined outfit of the day. This is the perfect white top for either work or a formal function. 

Paired with this high waist burgundy pencil skirt and black knee high boots, the whole look is classic, modest and mature.

25. Black Blouse and Black Strappy Heels with Burgundy Heels

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The style of the burgundy skirt is stunning. It has a short lining underneath, while the rest is slightly see through. Nonetheless, it’s a classy and feminine piece. 

I love how it was paired with a simple black top that looks really soft and comfortable, along with strappy black stilettos. 

The power of a black top is that it’s multi-purpose, you can style with a dressy skirt and heels and your outfit will still look fashionable.

26. White, Off-the-Shoulder Blouse and Nude Pumps with Burgundy Pencil Skirt

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This look is simple but stylish. A white Off-the-Shoulder top was paired with a mid-waist burgundy skirt with a cute slit at the front and nude pumps. I’d even include a nude trench coat for a sophisticated look.

27. Gray Shirt and Black Platform Shoes with Burgundy Floor-Length Skirt

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This look is a great example of how you can incorporate a casual gray top into a chic ensemble. 

This top was matched with a floor-length burgundy skirt that has a deep slit at the side with some killer black platform shoes.

28. White, Off-the-Shoulder Crop Top with Burgundy, Floor-Length Skirt

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This burgundy floor-length skirt is beautiful and has a certain grace to it. Skirts like this are ideal for church events, weddings and brunches. This one though was paired with a white off-the-shoulder crop top which gives it a flirty and fun twist.

29. Blue Denim Jacket, White Graphic T-Shirt, and Blue Booties with Burgundy A-line Skirt

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This is a fun, stylish and semi-casual look. I love styling denim jackets with my skirts and graphic tees because it makes me look and feel youthful and trendy. The denim boots complement the look perfectly as well.

30. Sparkly Black Blouse and Nude Pumps with Burgundy A-Line Skirt

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Show off your style and poise by styling a cute black top like this sparkly one with a burgundy A-line princess skirt. Add a pair of classy pumps to complete the look.

31. Black, V-Cut Tank Top and Clear-Heeled Mules with Burgundy Leather Pencil Skirt

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If you’re looking for a mature, attractive style combo, this look should serve as some inspiration. Here’s a black v-cut tank top that brings a steamy feel to this outfit. 

This top was paired with a burgundy leather pencil skirt that is contouring her waistline and hips. The icing on the cake was this super cute pair of clear heeled mules.

I think I’ve done a pretty good job at showing you all how stylish burgundy skirts are, and the various looks you can create with them. Now that you’ve seen 31 outfit ideas, what do you think about burgundy skirts, and which look caught your eye? Let me know in the comments below.
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