What Color Shoes to Wear With a White Dress

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White dresses are the ultimate dresses, despite how intimidating it may be to wear white sometimes. I remember once I got past the worry of getting white dirty, I sometimes found that some shades of white weren’t the best on my skin tone. Anyone else? Then there is the question of which shoes to wear.

If you follow my review blogs you’ll hear me mention my skin tone and the struggle I sometimes have finding the perfect makeup shades pretty often. Clothes are the same way, some shades just don’t work with certain skin tones and white is one of those.

But white is white, right? Wrong. Whites come in warm and cool hues, so once you’ve got the right temperature of white down for your skin you’ve got to consider which shoes to wear with it!

I love that white dresses are the ultimate blank canvas for shoes. Like you can’t go wrong with any color basically, except you don’t want to mismatch the tone of your white dress with the tone of your shoes. Cool tone white goes with cool tone shoes and vice versa.

White dresses come in all sorts of styles though, so I wanted to show you a few cute examples of shoes you can wear with them!

1. ​What Color Shoes to Wear With a White Lace Dress

Steal The Look

Neutral shoes will never fail you when you wear a white dress. Never. Which is awesome, because nude and browns are shades you can find on pretty much any shoe out there.

Lace is such a beautiful fabric on it’s own, so wearing a color such as nude ensures that you can still wear a cute or pretty shoe without taking away from the lace on the dress.

In this example outfit, she’s wearing this gorgeous lace spaghetti strap dress. It’s so feminine and almost delicate with the lace detail across the bodice. Wearing strappy nude heels was a perfect option for this look, and she even matched her earrings to them.

Of course, if you were wanting to add pops of color to your lace dress, your shoes are where you should start.  For example, a cute, summer, lace dress (like this one) could be worn with a pair of yellow flats with a matching yellow clutch!

Check out my White Off the Shoulder Lace Dress outfit, where I’m wearing yellow chunky heels with it!

What about patterns? A pair of snake print or leopard mules could go with a lace dress like this. Or if you were wanting to add some sparkle, a pair of bronze metallic sandals would be cute!

2. What Color Shoes to Wear With a White Floral Dress

Steal The Look

Floral prints are beautiful, so having them on dresses is like…one of the greatest items you can have in your closet. Especially for a summer look!

Of course, you could always play it safe and wear white or nude shoes to go with a white floral dress. But when you’re wearing a dress that has colors, it’s a great opportunity to pull a color from the dress for your shoes.

Actually, there is no reason to not pull colors from your dress to your accessories or shoes. Don’t be afraid to step up your game, ladies.

If you check out this white dress, you’ll see that it has red, blue, and yellow flowers throughout it. You see some black centers and then green leaves too, so she pulled from the green and wore a pair of green heels with it. Any of these colors would have worked well!

I love that she pulled the green instead of one of the flower colors because pulling a flower color would have specifically targeted one flower, whereas the green is on all of them and compliments each flower.

If you’re having a hard time deciding which color flower to pull from a print like this, going to a neutral color shoe works just fine. Something like these corked Miss Lola shoes in my Crop Top outfit would look great with a floral dress like this!

​3. ​​What Color Shoes to Wear With a Black and White Dress

Steal The Look

Black and white dresses are bold on their own, so there isn’t really a need to go bold with the shoe being worn, although it isn’t off the table. Wearing black shoes, white shoes, or even nude shoes with a black and white dress would 100% work every time without causing any clashing. Those are safe colors.

I liked this outfit here because not only is it a cute dress, you see that she wore black studded heels with it! Shoes with accents or accessories on their own, such as these studs, will give you an opportunity to really pump up your look without going over the top with something like a bright color.

But you see she’s carrying a pink clutch (which is a cute pop of color), and she’s even matched her lipstick to it. Sure, she could have worn pink shoes, but I think the black studded heels was a much better option! It’s just enough without being too much.

PLUS, studs are not often seen with the more, “preppy,” outfits, so it’s a playful addition to her outfit.

Alright, so let’s recap. White dresses come in different tones that you’ll want to be sure you can match your shoes and your skin tone to for the best results. We don’t want you wearing a bright white dress with offwhite shoes!

White lace dresses are best friends with neutral color shoes like nudes. White floral dresses look amazing when the shoes pull a color from the print. And black and white dresses are safer with black, white, or nude shoes, but are not limited to those!

It’s also important to note that you don’t have to wear heels with these dresses. White dresses are cute with flats, sandals, boots, and even sneakers!

Which color shoe do you prefer to wear with your white dress? Do you have a favorite look here? Tell me in the comments below!

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