The Perfect Fall Coat Outfit

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Today’s look brings you this almost vintage looking coat. Does it remind you of anything? Me, it reminds me of a blanket at grandmas house. You know, that one that was the best to hide under or lay on. This coat is from Zara, and is a party of fun colors and texture. I mean, you can practically feel this coat just looking at the pictures. 

Bringing some solid black underneath said perfect fall coat is a V cut Renner bodysuit. Everyone needs a bodysuit. 

I feel like high waist blue jeans adds to the cozy/ casual feeling of the coat. These bad boys are Guess jeans. Guess jeans will never let you down.

Also, to complete the outfit, black Miss Lola shoes and a black Chanel purse. These really make the black body suit belong. Or maybe the body suit makes them belong, but either way, don’t be afraid to bring a strong solid color into a busy texture or colored piece. 

Coat: Zara / Bodysuit: Renner / Jeans: Guess / Shoes: Miss Lola / Bag: Chanel

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