The 90’s Square Toe Sandals are BACK

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2018 and 2019 brought the return of 90’s fashion in full force- from hair accessories, bags, and clothes. It’s not surprising that the footwear followed suit. The closets of any fashionista should currently look like the 90’s never left. 

This summer, specifically, we’ve seen one particular fad on the runway and being reproduced by big fashion names. Summer 2019 is deemed the square toe sandal summer. 

These square toe shoes in the 90’s came in flats, with heels, as mules, and most commonly the barely there strappy sandals.

There wasn’t any particular reason that these were a thing other than that they were different. The square toe offers no special or new function but they’re comfortable and unique. 

It was a change from pointed toe shoes which are good for elongating the leg but notoriously squishes those tootsies, and it was a change from the more popular round toe shoe. Which by the way, you’re stuck in the 2000’s and need an update if you’re wearing those currently.

Thankfully fashion has come a long way, so the rebirth of these has produced some fun and slightly updated looks with more intricate patterns, fabrics colors, and accessories. Some of my favorite have been in neon, which also pairs with a 2019 spring and summer trend. 

bottom of the shoe. Lots of flare and art being put into these square toed sandals making them more than your average summer footwear.

So. I’m going to show you some examples of how I like to wear the 90’s square toed sandals throughout this post. 

I also wanted to share how you can wear these nearly vintage shoes and also how some fashion influencer instagram faces have been seen wearing them this summer.

How to Wear the Square Toe Sandal

So how do you wear the square toe sandal? If you aren’t old enough to remember these or have experienced these first hand back in their heyday in the 90’s, let me tell you: it’s easy. 

For those who do remember owning these, prepare yourself for some nostalgia and to step back in time… pun intended! I’m seeing them with mini skirts and cherry prints like crazy. Scunccis and shoulder bags are not to be forgotten either!

Shoulder bags are one to not miss. Check out my blog on the 90’s shoulder bag, how to wear them and where to buy them!

Given that 90’s is the in trend right now, we’re seeing these sandals worn with everything. Dresses, high waisted jeans, mini skirts, denim skirts, you name it! Just as any other sandal you’d wear with your clothes, the square toe sandal can be used in its place. 

Have a favorite floral summer dress you’re wearing to a brunch date? Wear square toe sandals with it. Don’t forget your shoulder bag.

Wearing mom jeans and a graphic tee for a day out on the town running errands or catching up with friends? Add square toe sandals or square toe mules with it. 

Wearing a bandage dress for a girls night out dancing? Wear square toed heeled sandals with it. 

Wearing a pantsuit or matching set for work? Slip on some square toed sandals. Does the toe need to be closed? Easy, put on square toe mules.

The point is, you can substitute these 90’s inspired sandals into any outfit or occasion that you would otherwise wear heels or sandals. Whatever you do, don’t miss out on the opportunity to truly 90’s your look up. Accessorize, ladies!

Who’s Wearing the Square Toe Sandal on Instagram

Laura Jade Stone, a popular fashion focused instagram face took a trip to Mexico and was excited to show off her look in a pair of these 90’s inspired footwear. 

She’s wearing white strappy square toed sandals with square heels from Zara. She’s carrying a cute Fendi bag and wearing a lace trimmed satin skirt from princess polly boutique, and actually has a white bohemian long sleeved crop top on also. 

You will hear me say time and time again ladies, match your shoes to your bags! It says a lot about your look!

Rose Vanderkerckhove, never failing to impress instagram followers with her fashion sense looked stunning in a pair of white square toed sandals with a stiletto heel this summer. She’s wearing hers with a cute pair of tan paper bag waist pants and a white cropped spaghetti strap.  

Aimee Song, a New York Times best selling author and Forbes 30 under 30 figure shared herself and two friends wearing different square toe sandal styles while out and about in Brazil. 

This is a fun way to see different colors and strap styles of these sandals. You’ll even notice that one of them has a different type of square toe than the others. Plus, who can resist how cute their shorts are? 

JAGGAR The Label, an Austrailian brand, shared an image of influencer Savannah Latimer wearing lilac colored square toed heels with a white halter topped dress.

It’s a great way to dress up an outfit without getting too dressy, because these sandals aren’t the most formal. Imagine this dress with flip flops. Comparing flip flops to to these heeled sandals, which shoes are more casual? The flip flops, for sure.

Alright ladies. Let’s recap. 1990’s offered a square toed sandal trend. These sandals came in different colors, heel heights, heel types, strap types, patterns, and fabrics. 

They died out and completely went away in the 2000’s, but with fashion trending the return of the 90’s in every materialistic way, these sandals stepped into the present this summer.

You now, after reading this blog, should have an idea of how you can rock these 90’s square toe sandals yourselves free of any errors! This is easily done, since they’ll match whatever you want to wear with them- with the exception of athletic wear,

What do you think about these 90’s sandals? Are you wearing them with any of your 90’s inspired outfits? Tell me in the comments below!

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