50 Trending Small Thigh Tattoos Women Are Loving in 2022

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The thighs are one of the best places to get tattoos, especially for first-timers. There is more fat in that area naturally, lowering the pain factor. There is also plenty of room to showcase your favorite design. 

Of course, you don’t have to cover your entire thigh in ink. There are plenty of small thigh tattoos that look beautiful as well. Plus, they give you some space if you ever wanted some more thigh tattoos in the future. 

So, are you ready to look at all these beautiful designs? Let’s get started. 

1. Pink and Purple Floral Tattoo


These gorgeous purple and pink flowers almost look like they came straight from a painting. They have an elegant and feminine aesthetic to them. 

2. Nature Tattoo


Rather than having a full-length nature tattoo, you can choose to have different tattoos confined to geometric shapes, like these two rectangle tattoos. It’s like an art gallery you get to carry around everywhere!

3. Colorful Rabbit Tattoo With Stars


This whimsical tattoo is an eye-catching piece with all the lovely vibrant colors. The rabbit is also so adorable with its pink heart nose, flushed cheeks, and sparkly lavender eyes.

4. Frosted Animal Cracker Tattoo


If you ate a lot of animal crackers growing up, they might have a nostalgic feel to them that makes them a great tattoo for remembering your childhood. They’re also cute, especially this frosted one with the pink icing and colorful sprinkles. 

5. Blue Rose Tattoo


You’re probably familiar with how red roses are associated with romantic love and passion. But what about blue roses? 

Blue roses don’t actually exist in nature, making them a symbol of making the impossible possible and also of fantasy and wonder. Some also associate them with true love since the color blue is connected to loyalty and truth. 

6. Leaves Tattoo


Tattoos with leaves are a great option for when you want a botanical-style tattoo without flowers. They have a more minimal aesthetic to them, making them a great choice, whether by themselves or with other tattoos nearby.

7. Dragonfly Tattoo


Dragonflies are commonly seen as symbols of transformation, change, adaptability, and new beginnings. They’re great tattoos when you’re entering into a new season of life or have hope for a future that overcomes the past. 

8. Lion Tattoo With Flowers


Lion tattoos are timeless, and their popularity never seems to go down. They’re symbols of strength, royalty, and power, so they’re often seen as an empowering symbol for women who get them. 

Flowers add an elegant and feminine twist to the design.

9. Swallow Tattoo With Flowers


Swallows have a diverse set of meanings attached to them depending on the person and the culture. 

But one thing they have in common is that swallows are almost always very positive symbols, conveying concepts like happiness and luck. 

10. Window Tattoo


Windows are generally seen as hopeful symbols since light can shine through them, and they show good things on the other side. 

Some people may get them to convey the phrase “When one door closes, a window opens,” showing that there’s another way forward, even in the face of rejection and uncertainty. 

11. Ornamental Floral Tattoo


Flowers are elegant by themselves, but you can accentuate this elegance by adding in some beautiful ornamental elements like in this tattoo. 

12. Colorful Fish Tattoo


It’s hard not to smile when looking at these two cute fish! I love the colorful nature of it and the little sparkles around it. Whether you have some pet fish or you just like the look of them, this might be a great tattoo option for you. 

13. “No Rain No Flowers” Tattoo


“No rain no flowers” is a popular tattoo quote that basically means you can’t have good things without first experiencing bad things, just like you can’t have flowers without rain. 

14. Rabbit With Flower and Dot Details


Rabbit tattoos are a super cute option to get as a tattoo. Some people get them purely for aesthetics, while others get them for symbolism (or both!). 

Symbolically, rabbits are connected with good luck and longevity. 

15. Peonies Tattoo


Peonies are always a very popular tattoo design all over the body. They’re considered very elegant and feminine flowers, much like roses.

16. Lemons Tattoo


Lemon tattoos have a variety of meanings. They’re often connected to business, bringing back memories of lemonade stands you might have run as a kid.

They’re also connected to the phrase “if life gives you lemons, make lemonade,” which means to make the most out of sour situations. 

17. Cute Bow Tattoo


This super-cute, small thigh bow tattoo is great if you prefer a more girly and whimsical aesthetic. 

18. Dolphin Tattoo With Flowers


If there was a contest for the world’s cutest sea creatures, dolphins would have to be pretty high up on the list. They’re also seen as a positive symbol of luck, intelligence, and playfulness. 

19. Colorful Floral Arrangement Tattoo


Vibrant colors make all the difference when it comes to tattoos. Even though these flowers are small and simple, they’re difficult to look away from with the bright pink and purple color palette. 

20. Harry Potter Tattoo


A lot of us have nostalgia for the Harry Potter series. This is a beautiful yet subtle way of showing your love for them and all the whimsy and magic they come with.

21. Skull on the Moon With Coffee Tattoo


If you’re looking for a tattoo to convey your love of coffee, this is a great design to do just that. 

22. Chili Pepper Tattoo


This cute little chili pepper is great if you consider yourself to have a feisty personality or even if you love spicy food. 

23. Marine Stuffed Animal Tattoo


This tattoo is super creative with a unique patchwork style. It really looks like handwoven stuffed animals and looks super adorable! Despite the small size, a tattoo like this is sure to stand out. 

24. Sun and Moon Tattoo


Sun and moon tattoos are popular ways of showing that there’s harmony in opposites. 

This is because the sun and moon are considered to have opposite symbolic meanings like day and night, darkness and light, and even femininity and masculinity. 

25. Flowers Tattoo


I love the unique art style of these flowers — the dark shading, and the outlines in the petals almost give this an ornamental feel. 

26. Sunflower and Ornamental Tattoo


I love this tattoo’s unique combination of botanical and ornamental elements.

27. Flower Tattoo


This flower looks dramatic thanks to the varying lengths of the petals and how they curve in many different directions. 

28. Flowers and Ladybug Tattoo


This tattoo is so gorgeous with the elegant flowers and beaded detailing. I also appreciate the cute little ladybug on the petals.

29. Blue and Purple Rose Tattoo With Butterflies


Like I said before, blue roses are impossible in nature. This gives them a mystical and fantastical look that pairs with other magical elements like sparkles.

30. Lily of the Valley Tattoo


Lily of the valley flowers are connected with purity, rebirth, and humility. I love how the artist put a colorful spin on these with the red outlines, blue leaves, and multicolor patches on the flowers themselves. 

31. Dragon Thigh Band Tattoo


This is a unique take on a dragon tattoo which gives it a softer and almost wolf-like appearance. 

32. Ornamental Floral and Dot Tattoo


Under-cheek tattoos are also great thigh tattoo options. They fit seamlessly with your natural curves rather than looking out of place. 

33. Heart-Print Leopard Tattoo


This leopard tattoo has a super cute twist with the heart pattern on it. 

34. Mountain and River Scene


This tattoo looks super gorgeous with its portrayal of natural scenery with the mountain and the river. I love how it was sort of confined to the rhombus shape, but some elements go outside the lines for an artistic feel. 

35. Medusa Tattoo


Medusa tattoos have been gaining a lot of popularity recently. I like this unique take on the design, which emphasizes her trademark elements — her snake hair and eyes that turn people to stone. 

36. Peppered Moth Tattoo


You might remember peppered moths from science class. During the Industrial Revolution, peppered moths started changing color to be mostly black. 

This was said to be a result of natural selection since dark-peppered moths had an easier time blending into all the darkness created by the smoke. If you’re a fan of science, this is a great tattoo to get! 

37. Abstract Crying Tattoo With Blue Flowers


This is a beautiful abstract tattoo that conveys so much emotion, even just with linework. I also love the blue flowers around it, which fit with the sad theme.

38. Snake With Flowers Tattoo


Snake and floral tattoos are popular due to their aesthetics and positive meanings. 

They tend to emphasize the more positive meanings of the snake (like rebirth and renewal) rather than the negative ones (like evil) since they’re alongside symbols of growth and spring. 

39. Bees and Raspberries Tattoo


This tattoo is as sweet as can be with the cute little raspberries, sparkle details, and a bumblebee. 

40. Semicolon Butterfly Tattoo


While you might think semicolon tattoos are just for grammar-conscious people, they’re actually a symbol for mental health issues designed to raise awareness and show solidarity. 

The reason a semicolon is used is because it can be used instead of periods — instead of ending a sentence, the semicolon allows you to keep on writing. It’s a symbol of perseverance and endurance. 

41. Tiger and Purple Flowers Tattoo


This gorgeous tattoo has many vibrant colors, making the design stand out, particularly the orange and purple tones.

42. Lucky Cat Tattoo


As the name suggests, lucky cats are considered good luck if you place them in your home or entrance area. This makes them super cute good-luck symbols.

43. Moth Tattoos


Moth tattoos are popular designs that are symbolically similar to butterflies. They’re both considered symbols of change and transformation since they both have to metamorphosize to become what they are. 

44. Elephant Tattoo


I think elephants are always super cute, but they’re especially so when they have a lovely little flower crown and ornamental elements to them. 

45. Spooky Kitties and Ghosts Tattoo


If you’re a huge fan of Halloween and spooky things, this might be the tattoo for you. It showcases the cuter parts of Halloween, like little black cats and adorable little ghosts. 

46. Death Butterfly


Death butterflies put an elegant spin on the death moth, which is a real type of moth that has a skull-like marking on its wings.

47. Sunflowers Tattoo


Sunflowers are symbols of cheerfulness and optimism, making them a popular tattoo design. 

48. Mouse in a Suit and Tie Tattoo


I love this tattoo — it’s so cute how this little mouse is in a fancy suit and tie.

49. Flowers and Butterflies Tattoo


Flowers and butterflies always remind me of spring. They’re great whether you love the season itself or the symbolic meaning behind it, which is new beginnings and growth. 

50. Floral Thigh Band Tattoo


I love all the vibrant colors in this floral thigh band tattoo. It really makes the design stand out even with its simple style. 

Summary and Top Picks

So, did you enjoy looking at these small thigh tattoos? Thigh tattoos are versatile and can be big or as small as you like them to be. Sometimes it can be a little daunting getting a full-thigh tattoo, especially if you think you’ll get some more thigh tattoos down the line. I love all the diversity in these designs and all the art styles and aesthetics they were able to achieve through the wonderful artists behind them.

If I had to choose some favorites, I’d have to go with: 

  • #37 Abstract Crying Tattoo With Blue Flowers: This tattoo was so gorgeous, artistic, and emotional. 
  • #40 Semicolon Butterfly Tattoo: This tattoo is subtle but has a very powerful meaning.
  • #45 Spooky Kitties and Ghosts Tattoo: I can’t help but love these cute little kitties and ghosts. 

But I’d love to know your thoughts — which of these thigh tattoos would you get and why? Let me know in the comments! 

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