23 Short Natural Nail Designs for 2022 That Will Blow You Away

Thalita Ferraz // Last Update: September 29, 2022 // 0 Comments

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Getting my nails done is one of my favorite ways to pamper myself. I have to admit, however, that while nail extensions are amazing, sometimes I’m just in the mood to rock my natural nails and get them all dolled up in my fave color and design for the season.

Your natural nails can be spruced up with acrylic, gel, shellac, and SNS, just the same as with extensions. That’s what this round-up is all about. I’ll be showing you some of the most flawless short natural nail designs you’ve ever seen!

Be prepared to encounter designs with some of your favorite layers and nail art, all in one compilation. Are you ready to fall in love with your nails again?

1. Short Blue and Red Mushroom Nails


I’m starting things off with a playful vibe. Colorful nails are a big deal for me, especially in the summertime, and this mushroom art manicure is too cute! Plus, it was achieved using BIAB (Builder in a Bottle), which your nails will love you for.

2. Short White French Nails With Gold Flakes


I love white nails, and I adore french tips too. These two paired together make the perfect natural nail design, enhanced by tiny gold flakes for a fancy touch.

3. Short Metallic Gold and White Swirl Nails


Builder in a Bottle returns for this natural nail design. Also known as builder gel, it’s a great option to prevent excess nail damage. That way you can focus on these gorgeous metallic gold and white swirls, amping up a nude base.

4. Short Sheer Pink Nails


Subtle pink nails have a special place in my heart. Created using the dip powder technique, these stiletto-shaped nails have an au naturel quality that I love so much.

5. Short Zebra Print French Nails


Bring your nails to life with a funky animal pattern. Zebra print never fails and it looks amazing paired with yellow and orange swirls.

6. Short Pastel Blue and Green Nails


I’m getting a combination of marble effect and splatter art from these nails and I love it! Something else I love? The pastel blue and green shades.

7. White Holographic Nails


Holographic gel nails anyone? I’ll take this captivating neutral-toned mani anytime.

8. White French Nails


White french tips are too classy to pass by. This timeless natural nail design is one every woman should give a try.

9. Short Dark Magenta Nails


This color is a showstopper! It’s so pretty—a dark magenta shade with a high-gloss finish for an elegant appeal.

10. Short White Swirl French Nails


Swirls are always welcome here! Design them in white with your index finger flaunting a full coat and your pinky, a chic french design.

11. Short Thistle Purple Nails


These natural nails are boasting one of the lightest and prettiest shades of purple; thistle. It’s so simple yet so elegant.

12. Short Hot Pink Nails


When I want a girly natural nail design that makes a statement as well, hot pink is my first choice.

13. Short Nude Pink and Rose Gold Nails


These nails are like a sprinkle of hope with rose gold glitter polish beautifully lining the tips of a nude pink base.

14. Nude Pink and White Reverse French Nails


Reverse classic french tips are taking over, and it’s a chic trend I could definitely get used to.

15. Short Black and Nude Star Nails


I love an edgy look with a girly appeal, and this natural nail design understood the assignment with black and nude nails embellished with silver sequins and stars.

16. Short Sheer Pink Daisy Nails


Floral art makes for the cutest nail designs ever. Design daisies on sheer pink nails, and be ready to admire how amazing the finished look will be.

17. Short Blue and Nude Zebra French Nails


How fun is this zebra print-inspired design? Coated in blue and nude, the combination is refreshing and youthful, perfect for summer.

18. Short Orange Leopard Print Nails


Here’s another color that’s hot for summer.  Orange manicures have been taking the nail design world by storm. Show your nails some love with this vivid shade and a trendy leopard print design.

19. Short Pink Nails with Silver Sequins


Sometimes all you need are some silver sequins to add a classy touch to subtle pink nails.

20. Short Pink and White Reverse French Nails


I’m such a fan of this reverse french nail design. It features shades of pink and white with a slight ombre effect that’s so chic.

21. Short Pink and Orange Negative Space Nails


Incorporating negative space in your nail design will guarantee you one of the coolest manicures ever. Rock the trend with bright shades of pink and orange to really bring it off.

22. Short Black Nails


Whether you’re going for a look that’s dark and edgy or mature and classy, short black nails should definitely be on your radar.

23. Short Pastel Orange Marble Nails


I love everything about this design. From the pastel orange hue to the orange and milky white blend and flawless marble ombre effect.

Summary and Top Picks

I hope you are truly inspired to let your natural nails in on the fun more often. While I love nail extensions, I just had to share the stunning designs you can enjoy with your very own nails and the vast options out there!

Nonetheless, I definitely have a few favorites:

  • #2 Short White French Nails with Gold Flakes: White french nails have definitely grown on me over the years. Now, I’m floored each time by their elegance.
  • #9 Short Dark Magenta Nails: I love bright colors with an elegant flair!
  • #11 Short Thistle Purple Nails: These nails are the definition of subtle and you know I love a charming and sweet design.

How about you? Which of these short natural nail designs caught your eye? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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