21 Trendy Rainbow Neon Nail Design Ideas for 2022

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Nail designs have all kinds of stylistic possibilities, from simple to complex. 

One way to make the design more varied is to add decals and design elements galore, like glitter, rhinestones, and butterflies. But another way is to add plenty of bright colors. And what better way to do that than with a neon rainbow design? 

Rainbow neon nails are great for making a bold and colorful statement. When you’re wearing them around town, they’re virtually impossible to miss. You can use them to jazz up a muted color outfit, or you can go all-out with a colorful outfit and set of nails. 

No matter your preferences, you really can’t go wrong with these rainbow neon nails.

1. Rainbow Neon Drip Nails With Gray Glitter


What has a pop of neon and a dash of glamor? Well, this nail design, of course! The sophisticated gray glitter polish contrasts with the vibrant rainbow neon drips, giving it a unique aesthetic. Buy these nails at Etsy

2. Neon Rainbow Smiley Face Nails


These nails are sure to make you smile, even on a bad day. These little rainbow smiley faces on the tips of the nails look adorable. 

Since the colors don’t take up too much space, they’re great for when you want to add a little extra color to your outfit without going overboard. Buy these nails at Etsy

3. Neon Rainbow Nails With Butterflies


These nails have a rainbow neon ombre backdrop which is super bright and colorful looking. 

I also like the butterfly decals on top. They have slightly more muted colors than the backdrop, so they tone down the design a bit without taking away from the fun vibe. Buy these nails at Etsy

4. Neon Rainbow Solid Color Nails


I would normally say that solid color nails are simple-looking, but when we’re looking at bright neon rainbow nails, that’s difficult to say! 

Neon rainbow colors stand out on their own even without any decorative elements to them. So let their colors shine! Buy these nails at Etsy

5. Neon Ombre Rainbow Nails


These nails feature bright neon rainbow colors with an ombre effect, so they fade into one another. It creates a cohesive look that’s bold and almost psychedelic. 

Even without any extra decor, these nails would be a super flashy addition to any outfit. Wear them with a colorful piece, or pair them with a neutral piece like white shorts for dramatic contrast. Buy these nails at Etsy

6. Neon Rainbow Fruit Nails With Rhinestones


When thinking of rainbow neon nails, my mind doesn’t immediately jump to fruit. But this super unique design pulls off the concept well with a rainbow assortment of fruits like watermelon, oranges, and more. 

Some bold rhinestone accents add a sparkly flair to this already gorgeous design. It’s a great nail look for summer that’s sure to turn heads. Buy these nails at Etsy

7. Rainbow Neon Tie-Dye Angled French Tip Nails


Add some neon flare to a solid color design with these tie-dye slanted french tips.

The small surface area keeps the nails looking slightly more muted than other neon rainbow designs, but they still stand out regardless, with the bright colors and the silver glitter accents. Buy these nails at Etsy

8. Neon Rainbow Ombre Nails With Leopard Print


It’s hard to think of what could be bolder than neon rainbow nails… at least until you take a look at these. Leopard print is a great fit for neon rainbow nails since both the color and the pattern have a wild side to them. 

Plus, since the leopard print is black, it shows up against the super bright colors and creates some contrast. Buy these nails at Etsy

9. Neon Rainbow Patterned Nails


Shake things up with your neon rainbow nail design by adding a bunch of different abstract patterns to each nail. 

Rainbow neon colors are fun by themselves, but all these patterns dial up the fun factor to 11 and give them an artsy twist. Get creative by creating a unique mix of patterns that stays true to your personality. Buy these nails at Etsy

10. Neon Rainbow Watercolor Effect Nails


Oh, and speaking of artsy designs, you can also create an artsy look by creating a watercolor effect with your nails. 

With all the colors next to each other like this, it almost looks like an artist’s palette turned into a set of press-on nails! Buy these nails at Etsy

11. Neon Rainbow Frog Nails


I really can’t get over how cute this design is! The little frogs and their smiling faces feel right at home with the other abstract elements like rainbows, cloudy skies, stars, and more. Buy these nails at Etsy

12. Neon Rainbow Swirl Nails


These nails give rainbow neon colors a surprisingly sophisticated twist with the colorful swirl pattern surrounding the pink nude color. I love how the neon colors pop off the neutral nail color. 

The neon colors are not overwhelming when paired with the nude, making this a great way to get some fun into your look without making it too crazy or over the top. Buy these nails at Etsy.

13. Black Nails With Neon Rainbow Smoke


In my opinion, black is one of the best base coats for bright neon colors. The neon rainbow colors naturally pop against the dark backdrop due to the contrast and call more attention to the design. Buy these nails at Etsy

14. Neon Rainbow V French Tips With Colorful Rhinestones


This colorfully designed rainbow V french tip look is made all the more eye-catching with the rhinestone accents. You’re sure to be the star of the show wherever you go! Buy these nails at Etsy.  

15. Neon Rainbow Abstract Nails


These nails are so bright and fun! They have rainbows throughout and other abstract elements like paint buckets, UFOs, and peace signs, giving them a unique look. 

The black background is a great touch that allows the vibrant colors to pop even more. Buy these nails at Etsy.

16. Neon Rainbow Mixed Color Nails


This is another solid color look, but the difference between this and the previous one is that the colors aren’t in rainbow order. 

Try mixing and matching rainbow colors in unique assortments and embrace all the design possibilities! Buy these nails at Etsy

17. Rainbow Neon French Tip Nails With Silver Rhinestones


These bright nails feature double french tips on each nail in a variety of rainbow neon colors. They also have silver rhinestone accents for a little bit of glam flair. Buy these nails at Etsy.

18. Neon Rainbow French Tip Nails


Solid rainbow neon colors look gorgeous when used in a french tip nail design. They’re great for putting a fun spin on a classic. Buy these nails at Etsy

19. Neon Rainbow Sugar Glitter Nails


Give your rainbow neon nails an extra sweet twist with some sugar glitter. Even with that as the only design element, the combination of sugar glitter and bright colors is enough for a bold, standout look. Buy these nails at Etsy

20. Ombre Rainbow Neon Nails


Why limit yourself to one color per nail? With this neon ombre design, you can have two colors per nail and get even more of that rainbow action. 

The ombre gives it a seamless look compared to color block nails, but those are also a great option. It just depends on your preferences! Buy these nails at Etsy

21. Neon Rainbow Nails With Tie-Dye Effect


Neon rainbow nails are bright, daring, and fun already, but they’re even more so when combined with tie-dye. I love how the colors in this design fade into one another, giving this look an artsy vibe. Buy these nails at Etsy

Summary and Top Picks

So, what did you think of these rainbow neon nail designs? The vibrant colors really stand out no matter what context they’re put in. I love how the colors make a bold statement and are enough to brighten up any outfit. 

All of these designs looked lovely, but if I had to pick a few favorites, they’d be:

  • #4 Neon Rainbow Solid Color Nails: You really can’t go wrong with a good set of solid color nails, especially when the nails you’re talking about are neon! They look gorgeous, even without any glitter or rhinestones. 
  • #7 Rainbow Neon Tie-Dye Angled French Tip Nails: Angled french tips look unique as-is, but they really stand out when paired with bright rainbow neon colors. 
  • #18 Neon Rainbow French Tip Nails: French tips are always a great option when you don’t want your neon colors to be too overwhelming. They’re nice for adding a slight pop of color to your outfit without taking attention away from it. 

I’d love to know what your thoughts are. Which of these rainbow neon nail designs do you love the most and why? Let me know in the comments! 

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