Plaid Blazer with Jeans Outfit

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This Plaid Blazer with Jeans look I think is one that is easily put together and wearable for those who aren’t as bold with their looks. I know some ladies who don’t like to show as much skin, are serious jean lovers, or they are not as comfortable wearing bold colors or patterns.  If you’re one of those, this look probably caught your eye. I’m here to tell you ladies that it is possible to be more casual while still being fashionable. 

This blazer is from H&M, and you can see that I’m displaying it in different ways. Sleeves rolled up, sleeves rolled down, draped over my shoulders, and draped over my arm. The cool thing about blazers like this is they’re sort of like boyfriend tees, and boyfriend pants. You can actually find a men’s blazer you like in a size that works for you and do the same thing. 

I’ve got a graphic t-shirt beneath the blazer from Dimmy. Its simple in a way that it’s white and black, but with the writing it gives it some flare. It’s tucked into some Guess jeans, almost giving that ionic “mom” look of a top tucked into jeans.

I’m wearing Chanel shoes and a Chanel bag. The black from the toe of the shoes and the bag pair well with the pattern in the blazer as well as the writing on the tee. So overall this is a well rounded look that isn’t hard to pull from your closet and would work well for basically everyone! 

Blazer: H&M / Shirt: Dimmy / Jeans: Guess / Shoes: Chanel / Bag: Chanel

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