37 Pastel Rainbow Nail Designs for 2022 (Cute Ideas)

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Rainbow nails have taken on a new meaning. The popular look no longer relies solely on the rainbow art design to bring the mani to completion, as women are playing around with the colors of the spectrum to bring their ideas to life.

Nails boasting sequences of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet are taking over the scene, and the designs I’ve been seeing are nothing short of stylish, modern, and so fun to wear.

Of course, in some instances, you still have your classic rainbow nail art overlaying a few nails, but playful and cute mixes are leading the way. 

Designs displayed in pastel tones have been in demand, paired with patterns, glitter-embellishments, french tips, and other trendy designs to spruce them up. 
That’s why I have no doubt that you’ll be impressed with the list of manicures I’m about to show you. These pastel rainbow nail designs deserve all the attention in the world.

1. Pastel Rainbow Stiletto Nails


The simplest way to achieve a rainbow nail design is by coating each nail in a different color from the spectrum. Opt for pastel shades for the cutest look and a glossy finish to give them a glow that’s worth envying. Buy these nails at Etsy.

2. Pastel Rainbow Ombre Oval Nails


Take things up a notch by applying your pastel colors in a cute ombre design. The combination creates a seamless transition from one hue to the next that resembles the subtle shift of colors in a real-life rainbow. Buy these nails at Etsy.

3. Pastel Rainbow French Coffin Nails


When I want a look that’s easy to achieve with cute results, french nails immediately come to mind. With each tip coated in a pastel rainbow tint, you can bring a colorful twist to a classic design. Buy these nails at Etsy.

4. Sparkling Pastel Rainbow Coffin Nails With Polka Dots and Stars


Here’s a gorgeous look featuring a more vivid display of all the colors in the rainbow.

Detailing the ring finger, it’s complemented by pastel shades of pink, blue and purple, with white stars and polka dots to accentuate the design. Buy these nails at Etsy.

5. Pastel Rainbow Glitter Ombre Coffin Nails


I’m definitely feeling this sparkling design. Pastel rainbow nails in an ombre blend make for such a stunning look with a glamorous vibe. Buy these nails at Etsy.

6. Pastel Rainbow Glitter French Coffin Nails With Swirls


I’ve always been a fan of french tips with swirls, but this pastel rainbow design puts a whole new spin on the classic combo. 

This look is one I’d wear to an outing or celebration. The shimmering finish adds an eye-catching and playful touch. Buy these nails at Etsy.

7. Vibrant Pastel Rainbow Ombre Coffin Nails


Starting with a pink base sets the tone for a girly manicure. Give the look a colorful appearance by transitioning to select colors from the rainbow. 

Although each shade is in its pastel tone, there is a vibrancy added to this look. Buy these nails at Etsy.

8. Short Pastel Rainbow Nails With Swirls


The rainbow swirls applied to the middle finger of this design are giving exactly what they’re supposed to give; creativity and a cute flair, flanked by pastel rainbow hues.

9. Pastel Rainbow Ombre Almond Nails With Polka Dots and Line Art


Bring out the best in your pastel rainbow design with the help of polka dots and cute line art. The latter reminds me so much of sea shells, thanks to the attention placed on the details. It adds a fun beachy vibe to this look.

10. Pastel Rainbow Reverse French Nails


Reverse french tips never cease to amaze me. I love the modern spin on the timeless design. Rock the look in a pastel rainbow color scheme for an undeniably cute finish.

11. Short Pastel Rainbow Angled French Nails


Angled french tips have never disappointed me before. The snazzy design makes your nails look way more interesting than classic french nails. Dressed up in pastel rainbow colors, this is one of my favorite renditions of the look.

12. Pastel Rainbow Swirl Almond Nails


This look has swirls for days, and I love the pastel hues on display. Overlaying a nude base, each swirl gets its moment to shine.

13. Short Pastel Rainbow Nails


A simple look is always in style. For that, these short pastel nails are doing a fine job. Each nail is rocking a subdued shade from the rainbow spectrum and it’s oh so cute.

14. Pastel Rainbow Tiger Stripe Coffin Nails


The tiger stripes and sparkling finish of these nails make them the stunner that they are. Colored in pastel rainbow hues, this look is enthralling, to say the least.

15. Short Pastel Rainbow Tie-Dye Nails With White Swirls


Pop on a few white swirls on your pastel rainbow nails to achieve the sweetest manicure you’ve ever worn. The combination makes this design stand out, bringing even more attention to the beautiful array of colors.

16. Short Pastel Rainbow and Black Stripe Nails


Nails with colorful stripes are hard to look away from. Rock the look in a pastel rainbow design, complemented by black, for a little color variation.

17. Short Pastel Rainbow Glitter Round Nails


Pastel colors layered with glitter are the type to add a spark to your day and your outfits. Coupled with shades of the rainbow, the entire look is utterly riveting.

18. Bold Pastel Rainbow Oval Nails


Can you guess what I love about these nails? The color consistency is so rich with a bold quality that makes you want to rock these solid-toned rainbow nails all summer long.

19. Pastel Rainbow French V-Tip Coffin Nails


Rock your pastel rainbow nails in a cute french v-tip design to set your nails apart from the casual french nail. On one side, a solid color is applied with rainbow stripes detailing the opposite end.

20. Pastel Rainbow Heart Almond Nails


Pastels in a heart design are as adorable as it gets. Let a muted shade of purple be the primary hue with light pink polished onto the tips of the ring and middle fingers, brought to completion by a glossy finish.

21. Nude Stiletto Nails With Pastel Rainbow Swirls


A cute way to decorate nude stiletto nails is with swirl art. If you’re going for a look that’s effortlessly cute, opt for pastel swirls designed in shades of the rainbow.

22. Pastel Rainbow Marble Almond Nails


Just when you thought you’ve seen all the gorgeous looks you can create with pastel rainbow colors, a marble effect pops right up, and you’ve just got to have it! That’s exactly how I feel about these colorful marble nails.

23. Pastel Rainbow Angled French Almond Nails With Metallic Silver Stars


If there was ever a time to try pastel rainbow nails, it’s now. The trend just can’t be contained, and you can join the wave with your own cute take on the look, like these angled french tips, for example. Then doll them up with metallic silver stars.

24. Holographic Pastel Rainbow Almond Nails


Everyone loves a holographic glow, especially when it’s amping up cute rainbow nails.

25. Short Pastel Rainbow Swirls on Natural Nails


Bring fun pastel colors to your natural nails for a cute summer look. These rainbow swirls will brighten up any outfit you pair them with while keeping you on-trend for the season.

26. Pastel Rainbow Nails With Daisies


Daisies on pastel rainbow nails? Absolutely! Cute nails deserve the cutest accents.

27. Pastel Rainbow Almond Nails With Bunnies


If daisies aren’t making the cut this time around, I know these bunny designs will catch your eye. They’re simply too cute as their heads pop out on pastel rainbow nails.

28. Mismatched Pastel Rainbow Coffin Nails With Swirls


Alternate between pastel rainbow swirls and solid-toned nails for a trendy mismatched design. It’s like cotton candy meets springtime!

29. Pastel Rainbow Stiletto Nails With Rhinestones


I’m always impressed when subtle shades are the basis of a fancy nail design. For this look, rainbow colors are displayed in an ombre fade and cute line art before being dolled up by white floral details and rhinestones.

30. Short Pastel Rainbow Tie-Dye Nails


These tie-dye rainbow nails have a watercolor look that I love so much. Thanks to the pastel shades, the hues are feathered into each other in the most subtle way. The end result is cute nails that you can try at home.

31. Holographic Pastel Rainbow Nails With Silver Sequins


These holographic beauties bring a sassy touch to the rainbow nail trend. Accentuated by silver sequins, it’s the perfect everyday mani. Don’t hesitate to try them.

32. White Round Nails With Pastel Rainbow Dots


A white base places emphasis on all the colors in your design. The classic neutral hue goes with anything, and these pastel rainbow dots are no exception.

33. Pastel Rainbow and Black Holographic Drip Nails


This black holo nail polish has transformed these rainbow nails into a design that’s out of this world. Designed in a dripping effect over pastel stripes, this look is stunning in every way.

34. Short Pastel Rainbow French Almond Nails With Daisies


Here’s another cute design combining pastel rainbow colors with daisies. It’s a girly look that never goes out of style.

35. Pastel Rainbow Almond Nails With White Hearts and Stars


What makes these rainbow nails stand out are the cute white heart and star designs. I also love the dark nude base the pastel stripes are overlaying. The brown undertone gives this set a chic touch.

36. Pastel Rainbow Drip Art Almond Nails


The drip nail art technique is perfect for recreating nails with a summer vibe. Painted in pastel shades, this cute look is ready for your days at the beach, dressed in sandals and denim.

37. Matte Pastel Rainbow Tie-Dye Coffin Nails With Clouds


The smooth finish of matte nails has an effect that is so beautiful when worn with pastel shades. Feathered in the midst of the blended hues are faint clouds, creating a surreal sky aesthetic.

Summary and Top Picks

When a super cute manicure is the motive, pastel rainbow nails are hard to beat. It’s the best way to achieve a girly look that boasts a colorful design. It’s a win-win, no matter how you rock them.

You know I’m a fan of all these designs, but my top picks have got to be:

  • #3 Pastel Rainbow French Coffin Nails: I just had to. French tips are so classy and a personal fave. 
  • #15 Short Pastel Rainbow Tie-Dye Nails With White Swirls: The white swirls did it for me. They bring a cute contrast to these pretty pastels.
  • #26 Pastel Rainbow Nails With Daisies: Because adorable nails always get a place at the table.

What about you? Which of these pretty pastel rainbow nails are you excited to give a try? Let me know the ones you choose and why in the comments below!

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