Mustard Sweater Outfit

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Please say hello to this mustard sweater. Really, it’s very friendly and likes to be worn. 

This mustard Miss Lola sweater is a fall must-have. It isn’t quite oversized, but it isn’t suffocatingly fitted. It isn’t even incredibly heavy, which actually makes for a nice piece for those cooler days or warmer nights. You know, those start of fall days where you can almost feel the season changing in the air but it is still a little too warm to break out the leg warmers and scarves?

Which brings me to this high waist distressed H&M denim skirt. Did you know that denim skirts went mainstream first back in the 70’s? But the mini made it’s entrance in the early 80’s. Then it went even more mini in the late 90’s. Today? A happy lovechild of the 80’s and 90’s denim skirt. This is like that favorite pair of blue jeans in your wardrobe. wear it with sweaters, wear it with tee’s, wear it with tanks. It works with everything! 

Chanel has the spotlight today in the shoe and bag department, complimenting each other nicely. The bold black works alongside the mustard. The gold chain accenting the purse strap ties into the same color palate of the mustard sweater. Such a warm look, without being too warm.

Sweater: Miss Lola / Skirt: H&M / Shoes: Channel  / Bag: Channel

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