How To Wear a Fanny Pack and Slay the Look

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Fanny packs and slaying a look...Those are two thoughts that aren’t commonly associated. 

I mean, come on. Any of us who were born somewhere between 1980 and 1992 probably remember our parents or grandparents wearing these, and probably only on family vacations or trips to Disneyland. 


However, legend says that these belts with bags were the brainchild of an Australian woman who thought people should have pouches like kangaroos. I can’t find proof of that, other than it being a popular belief and hearsay.

Either way, lately, the fanny pack made a comeback, and it came back so hard that we see them everywhere.

Best Places to Buy a Fanny Pack

Our Favorite: Topshop | Luxury Option: Revolve| Budget Option: BooHoo

How to Wear a Fanny Pack With a Dress

Public Service Announcement: this first outfit is beautiful. I know that’s easy to see, but I just wanted to put that out there. Now that we’re all on the same page, let’s talk about wearing a fanny pack with a long skirt. 

There are three major things we see here. 

The first, her fanny pack is clearly a designer bag. In case you weren’t aware, there are a lot of designer fanny packs in the world. If you’re a name brand type of gal and are interested in getting yourself a fanny pack, give those a good look.

The designer aspect really dolls the look up and says,“I’m expensive.” 

Second, she’s wearing this with a skirt that has NO belt loops. I repeat, no belt loops. Just because they’re supposed to be worn through loops to prevent falling down does not mean you have to. 

This sits on her hips in an asymmetrical manner, and it’s great. 

Third, her fanny pack matches her shoes. I say and say it again in most of my posts, but I cannot stress it enough⏤shoes and bags are meant to match! It’s a missed opportunity if you’re not trying!

The second image you’ll see is her wearing a fanny pack with a dress shirt. Let me tell you, wearing a men’s (or even a large women’s) button-up dress shirt as a dress is a thing. 

The downfall to it is that you have to wear a size large enough to cover the goods, which usually means it’s so wide you can’t flaunt the curves you have.

Que the fanny pack. She’s used hers as a belt around her waist to bunch the extra fabric from the shirt to give the outfit shape. Brilliant, right?

How to Wear a Fanny Pack During the Day

Remember how I used the words, “slay,” and, “fanny pack,” in the same sentence? This outfit does exactly that. She’s slaying this look. 

The look would be slayed without the fanny pack even, but the addition of a completely different color to her waist is awesome.

Know what else is awesome? Being able to go on amusement park rides and not worry about your purse falling off of your lap or shoulder. 

Know how that’s done? A fanny pack. See? The Austrialian woman was onto something!

I really love this other outfit. The Camo jacket, the distressed black shorts, the black and white striped shirt, her sandals… it’s all cute together.

But the addition of a leather fanny pack is money. She looks amazing, and I see this as a perfect outfit for bar hopping, going to a concert, or a day exploring.

Just remember that sneakers may be more comfortable options for extreme walking! In any case, it’s awesome.

How to Wear a Fanny Pack as a Shoulder Bag

This first image is a big fashion statement here, with her plaid pantsuit. It’s amazing enough that she’s chosen to wear either a bandeau or a crop top beneath the blazer, but the addition of the cross body fanny pack is pretty stellar.

Perks of wearing cross-body bags in general is added security. They won’t fall off of you, no one is going to snag it off of your person, and it’s cute. 

Same thing applies with the fanny pack as a cross body. Make like Nike and just do it ladies.

Kendall Jenner, in this other image, is a massive contributor to the fanny pack fashion craze. And she always looks amazing.

You see here that she’s just swung her fanny pack over her shoulder like you would a regular purse. Perks of this, though, is the shorter strap keeps it closer to your body and the zipper prevents your contents from falling out.

How Celebrities Wear a Fanny Pack

Celebs are always on top of their fashion game. Thankfully they’re in the spotlight so much that we can easily access what they’ve been wearing lately to stay current and inspired ourselves. 

Fergie has always been in the spotlight for her amazing fashion sense, so it’s no surprise that she also embraces the fanny pack.

It’s a casual look, though, isn’t it? She doesn’t look like a celebrity, she looks like a regular person wearing jeans and a sweatshirt who’s matched her scarf, boots, and bag. Brilliant! 

A popular player in fashion, Rhianna slays every time. It’s no surprise that she’s a fanny pack fan. I see her often in pictures, wearing a maxi dress with a fanny pack too!

But here, her dollar sign studded fanny pack adds some bling to her chambray shirt and jeans outfit. Doesn’t she just look content not having to worry about a purse? Not much is better than having your hands and arms free! Fanny pack perks!

So, now let’s talk. At this point, you’ve seen some pretty stylish outfits that involve a fanny pack, which as I mentioned earlier, is sort of a funny thing to think about.  It works though, don’t you agree? 

I’d love to hear your thoughts. Tell me in the comments below! Which is your favorite look? Do you prefer the fanny pack around the waist or over the shoulder?

Best Places to Buy a Fanny Pack

Our Favorite: Topshop | Luxury Option: Revolve| Budget Option: BooHoo

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