How to Wear Pearls and Look Amazing

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When you think of pearls, what comes to mind? Is it class, money, and royalty? Or maybe you recall a relative having a favorite pair or pearls? 

When I think of them, I remember my great grandmother wearing hers. They were gifted to me when I got married, and while they’re such a cherished piece of jewelry I hardly ever get to wear them. 

 I guess I always imagine them as jewelry that is… fancy. Wearing pearls is for special times, right? Well, yes, but not always! You can incorporate them into your daily outfits easily, and I’m going to show you 15 ways you can wear pearls and look amazing!

1. Pearl Necklace and Boyfriend Jeans

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There are two different styles happening here and I am all about it! She’s rocking this layered pearl necklace with a white lace top. It’s so feminine and dainty!

And then you see her slightly distressed boyfriend jeans and it’s almost a complete flip in style! Except it looks amazing with her nude pumps and white purse. The whole thing just projects this confident vibe. It’s a great combination!

2. Pearl Statement Necklace

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Pearl necklaces in general scream class and elegance- but this look right here is straight First Lady or Royalty inspired! 

She’s wearing a pearl statement necklace with a high neck top, with a coat draped over her shoulders and a matching bag. This is such a classy look, and it’s super cute that her necklace has varying sizes of pearls included!

3. Mixing Pearls With Other Necklaces

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Pearls don’t have to be worn on their own. They’re pretty versatile in that you can easily mix them with other chains and necklaces, like pictured here. 

She knotted the bottom, which is a vintage take on wearing a long pearl necklace, and she’s wearing it with other gold chains and a shark tooth! How cool is that?

4. Pearl Wrap Necklace

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Wrap necklaces have been super popular these last few years. They’re basically one long strand that you wrap around your neck a few times to create a layered choker, and then the two ends can either hang freely on your chest or you can knot them. 

This pearl wrap necklace is a cute and super modern look, especially since her earrings have little pearls and so does one of her bracelets! It’s great to have a whole set!

5. Single Pearl Bracelet

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Pearl bracelets are pretty popular, just like beaded ones. They’re easy to slip on and wear to give your outfit a bit of flare.  

This single pearl bracelet on a gold chain is a really sweet piece because it is so delicate. She’s wearing it with a white dress, but truly this would be a great bracelet to wear with literally anything you own!

6. Pearl Backed Earrings

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A simple pair of pearl earrings is a great choice to wear. There are so many styles so there is a ton of options and room to play with your looks using them.

These are a cute set of pearl earrings that have the stud plus a larger pearl back! It’s an easy way to give your look just a tiny bit more va-va-voom!

7. Pearl Purse

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One of the coolest things about purses and bags is they come in a plethora of styles and materials. Just like basket purses and sequin bags happened, pearl purses exist too. 

Look how cute this pearl bag looks with her all white toned outfit! She’s fully embracing the beauty of wearing whites and added a pop of elegance to her look with this pearl purse!

8. Pearl Headband

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Check out this pearl headband! This is a super easy and fun way to incorporate pearls into your hairstyle, plus it’s more than just an accessory because it’s functional! Embellished headbands are a big thing, especially since so many of the 90’s trends have come back.

Check out this OOTD where I’m wearing pearl clips in my hair!

9. Pearl Buttons

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Clothing accents can have pearls too. Like this sweater you see here, the pearls have replaced the buttons. Why WOULDN’T someone want pearls instead of a button? Buttons can be super boring. This is a cute way to add an extra little detail to your wardrobe!

10. Pearl Trimmed Top

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Just like the pearl buttons above, having a pearl trim on your blouse is just another great way to embrace a more elegant accent on your clothes. This one is trimmed around the arms, which is super unique. But it looks great with her jeans and heels! Could be a great one to go out in!

11. Pearl Dress Straps

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Aren’t these pearl dress straps so beautiful? It makes so much sense to replace a boring strap with a string of gorgeous pearls. These would be a great accent on a formal dress since they’re so elegant! It would be super cute to wear heels that had a little pearl accent on them to match!

12. Pearl Embellished Jeans

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This pair of pearl embellished distressed jeans are SO cute! They’re super… preppy, almost, with the sweater and matching metallic birkenstock look-alike sandals. I’d love to see a pearl necklace or earrings with this outfit!

13. Sheer Pearl Top

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This is a sexier take on pearls, don’t you think? It’s a super cute sheer long sleeve crop top, dusted with pearls throughout it. The white on her purse emphasizes the color of the pearls, making them stand out more. 

High waist jeans are the perfect pant to go with it, but if you really wanted to turn up the heat this would be a cute top to wear with a high waist mini skirt or even a pencil skirt!

I have a sheer top that I love, you can see it in this Pink Two-Piece Set OOTD.

14. Pearl Hair Clips

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Similar to the pearl headband I showed you earlier, these hair clips (which came back with the 90’s trends) covered in pearls are a cute accessory! Sometimes it doesn’t take much, and if you’re going to put a clip in your hair it’s a perfect opportunity to pick a cute clip!

I have a set of pearl clips I’m wearing, check them out here!

15. Pearl Back Drop Necklace

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Here’s a different one for you! The pearl back drop necklace- isn’t it pretty? Wearing an open back dress, shirt, or sweater almost demands a gorgeous bolo necklace like this. If you aren’t using these when you wear them, it’s time to start!

So we’ve covered 15 different ways to wear pearls, and they’re all amazing! I wanted to be sure you saw several different options, because pearls are too great to only wear one way! 

Do you have a favorite way to wear pearls? Which of these was your favorite look? Tell me in the comments below!
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