How to Wear Multiple Bracelets and Rock the Look

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Bracelets are a super easy accessory we can use to use to amp up our outfits without having to go over the top. They can be bold statement pieces or they can be subtle accents. However you choose to style them, it’s important that you do.  Why have naked wrists when they can be decorated?

But… have you ever wondered if there is a wrong way to style bracelets? Can we over do it? Do they need to be the same color or similar in appearance? There are so many options out there for them, it can be confusing!

I’ve got you girlfriend. We’re going to talk about how you can wear multiple bracelets and rock the look.There are about 20 different styles of bracelets out there, but I’m going to cover some of the most popular ones here!

Best Places to Buy Bracelets

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How to Wear Multiple Bangle Bracelets

Bangle bracelets are super fun and easy pieces to layer. These typically come in sets and are plated in a metal, like silver, gold, rose gold, brass, or bronze. Do know that bangles are solid circles, they don’t adjust or have openings!

These bangles are not limited to metals though! I’ve seen some really cute resin or epoxy bangles with real flowers preserved inside. They’re super cute to pair with a lace dress or even a boho outfit.

If you look at this first example, she’s stacked a ton of Alex and Ani bracelets onto her wrist.They’re cute all together and have little charms or dangles on each. These typically each have their own meaning or significance, so you’re wearing more than just a bracelet. It’s a sentimental reminder that sometimes we just need throughout the day.

In this second example you see stacked chunkier gold bangles of different shapes. Some of them are curved, flat, or ribbed, there’s a chunky chain and a smaller chain, and even one that looks like gold plated bamboo. 

Chunky bangles are more of a 2000’s fad, but they’re still great to wear today! Luckily, bangles are often sold it sets, but you can always mix and match your favorites and style them together. 

Bangles are one of the more universal ones because they work well with dressier more formal wear as well as casual wear. The gold ones, for example, would look cute with a formal dress, cocktail dress, or your favorite pair of ripped jeans and a t-shirt.

How to Wear Multiple Bohemian Bracelets

Bohemian, or Boho, style is one of my secret favorites. I love how beautiful and earthy the bohemian color tones and styles are. It reminds me warmth and freedom, if that makes sense.

Check out this first picture of multiple bohemian bracelets being worn at once. She’s STACKED with these! It’s fun because its a mixture of texture. You can see leather, metal, beads, chains, and tassels. 

I think in any other style than boho, this would probably be too busy. However, it works well here. 

In this second picture you can see her entire outfit and how well it flows. Her bohemian bracelets are different, with Native American beaded inspiration on some. Hers are also a variety of bracelet types and display multiple colors. They’re beautiful. 

Bohemian fashion typically consists of these earthy tones, laces, and fun patterns. There are beautiful off the shoulder blouses, flowy skirts and dresses, and comfortable linen-like pants. 

Stacked bracelets compliment these well, but you don’t have to dress boho to rock looks like these! Take this inspiration and run with it!  Stack bracelets with a white v-neck tee, denim shorts, gladiator sandals, and an indie inspired hat, for example.

How to Wear Multiple Cuff Bracelets

Cuff bracelets are distinct because they’re not fully closed. Like these you see here, they slide onto the wrist sideways and lay with an opening. If you’ve never worn a cuff bracelet, don’t worry. They stay on really well. 

This first image you see of the dainty wire cuff bracelets with rhinestones are pretty popular right now. The minimalist jewelry craze is real. These would be super cute paired with a pretty summer dress, or even a simple t-shirt and linen shorts outfit. 

The other image you’ll see features a combination of thin cuffs, bangles, and a chain bracelet. They’re cute and dainty, definitely a matching set. Check out how well she coordinated her outfit with them though!

The bracelets have blue accents on them that match her shirt, but she even wore gold shoes that match!

Of course, some cuff bracelets are bigger pieces and don’t require stacking. However, these thinner ones are really easy to find sold as sets in stores!

How to Wear Multiple Beaded Bracelets

Don’t you just love this set of gray beaded bracelets? There is so much texture and fun happening right here- I especially love the gemstone added to one of them!

These are Kinsley Armelle bracelets, which are known for having chunks of stone, such as quartz, added to them. They’re beautiful, really. KA bracelets also come in cuffs, bangles, etc., and are priced really well for as gorgeous as they are. Maybe one to check out for yourself or a gift for a friend!

Anyway, this is an easy one, because it comes in a set. A lot of beaded bracelets come in sets like this making the process of layering bracelets to accessorize your look a breeze.

Since the 90’s trend has made such a comeback, it was no surprise to see pony bead bracelets, marble bead bracelets, and even the string bracelets that we made as friendship bracelets when we were kids have returned! 

I’ve been seeing these stacked together, especially the pony bead bracelets with funny phrases or even slang on them. The best part about these ones? You get to make them, just like before. It’s just an extra way to bring back the nostalgia while repping your own style!

How to Wear Multiple Bracelets with a Watch

Bracelets and watches are friends. Don’t let your watch be lonely ladies.

This first look is super cute. The white face is complemented well with the blue and white stripe band. She really pulled the nautical feel into her look by layering dainty pieces with it that are beach themed. I mean come on, how can you not love that starfish or the shell with pearls? It’s super cute.

You can sort of see that she’s wearing white shorts which also pulls from the stripes on the strap. I’d bet that she’s wearing a blue blouse or even a chambray shirt with tan sandals to match!

This second watch shows a mixture of bracelets as well. You can see that she’s wearing a rose gold wrap bracelet to the left of her Apple watch, and leather banded bracelets to the right of it. 

Putting a watch on alone adds some goodness to your outfit, but accessorizing with it will never let you down. Just try to not go overboard with the layering so your watch gets covered by the bracelets!

How to Wear Multiple Wrap Bracelets

Wrap bracelets are one long bracelet that wraps around your wrist to give the look that you’re wearing more than one. It reduces the fuss of bracelets tangling or sometimes falling off.

In this first picture we can see three different looks- a cuff on the far right, a Swarovski crystal wrap (isn’t that stunning?) and a wrap bracelet with living locket attached.

Living lockets have been a thing for the past 5 years or so, and are fun because you can change the charms out to your liking per your look. These are all Origami Owl pieces and offer some versatility and customizable options to your wrists without losing any elegance or bling.

This second picture shows a leather wrap bracelet with a gemstone added to it. Leather wraps are big in the bohemian style, but they’re making their way throughout the rest of fashion. I love them because they can double as a choker or a bolo necklace!

You can see how simple it is though it’s definitely a statement piece! Something to be learned: statement pieces don’t always need to be big, bold, and flashy!

Alright. So, how do you like the layered multiple bracelet look? Bracelets really are a fashion blessing, because they’re SO easy to style.

Hopefully after this post you’re inspired to stack yours if you don’t already, or maybe you’ll go pick up a cute set to start wearing! There are so many to choose from. 

Do you have a favorite type of bracelet? What style above would you wear the most? Tell me in the comments below!

Best Places to Buy Bracelets

Our Favorite: Revolve | Luxury Option: Macy's| Budget Option: Nordstrom

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