How To Wear Leggings

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A few years ago, leggings became more than just yoga or aerobic attire. They became a girl’s best friend (I mean, lets be real we all love spandex leggings for the support they give us) when fashion’s athleisure movement happened. The go to pants for wherever you are going. Understandably so, though, because they are close to the most comfortable wardrobe item we own, right? I mean, leggings got huge- and they come in so many colors, lengths, patterns, and fabrics. Anyone else own a pair of LuLaRoe leggings? You know, the crazy fun patterns, but the fabric feels like butter. Seriously, I don’t know how else to explain it! Anyway, now that athleisure is socially acceptable, leggings took on a new role. We of course don’t always want to look like we’re heading to the gym, so they have evolved. I want to talk about some different ways to rock your leggings all year long!

As promised, a brief history lesson. Unlike some of the other How To posts I’ve done, leggings truly go very far back. Think Renaissance days or back to when men wore powdered wigs. Leggings served great purpose since then. Native Americans wore hide leggings to help keep warm, cowboys wore them to protect their legs from animal and bug bites. Leggings became largely popular fashion wise for aerobics in the 60’s (think leg warmers) and have kept a presence in wardrobes. Today, leggings are worn by men and women for a variety of reasons and in a variety of ways. Fun fact, men’s leggings are called “meggings,” isn’t that fun to say? Joking aside, let us begin.

Best Places to Buy Leggings

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How To Wear Leather Leggings

Leather-like leggings are these awesome shiny leggings that almost look like they are wet. They are usually not leather, which is nice for a couple reasons. First, it makes them considerably more affordable than if they were genuine leather, and second, it means they are stretchy, breathable, and overall more comfortable. Leather-like leggings are the ultimate way to wear leggings without having that athleisure look. This entire post shows different examples of how to wear leather leggings with different shoes, but I wanted to make sure you knew you can wear these bad boys with sneakers without looking like you’re going to the gym!

The outfit on the left is truly cute and casual. She is wearing her leather leggings with a distressed sweater beneath a denim jacket, and a pair of Converse All Stars. This is a perfect example of a street look and is fun because she mixed her fabrics by adding a denim jacket. I think there is a love for denim jackets within all of us, but when and how to wear them is sometimes tricky without like Britney Spears during her Keven Federline days. Talk about throwback! Anyway, a graphic tee (especially a band tee) would be fun with this look. Casual with a flare of edge and attitude added.

On the right, she is wearing a sweater beneath a cute heathered jacket and leather like leggings with Nike running shoes. Doesn’t this look comfortable? I mean, any sneakers work with these leggings. I’m not really sure that there is a pair of shoes that exists that will not work with leggings!

How To Wear Leggings In Summer

Pants during summer get a bad rep. Luckily, leggings are lighter material therefore they do not cause too much heat retention. Leggings also come in a variety of lengths, most commonly to the knee, to the top of the calf, toward the bottom of the shin, and down to the ankle. This helps with temperature control if desired.

On the left, she is wearing a summer outfit that looks like she is ready to go out! Leather-like leggings, shiny pumps, and a sexy flowy tee that is partially tucked in. Another example of how the leather-like leggings help dress an outfit up.

On the right, this is a great example of athleisure, where she is wearing her leggings that would probably be incredibly comfy on a jog or doing yoga out shopping. These are fun with a heathered gray pattern, some pops of color on one leg, a light long sleeve rolled up, and some slip-on shoes. Imagine wearing sneakers with this look? This is basically my go-to lounge around the house outfit. Anyone else?

How To Wear Leggings For Work

Work acceptable attire varies per the workplace, of course. But I wanted to share a couple outfits that (if leggings are permitted) would be cute to wear.

For a more formal work environment or where a dressier attire is required, the legging look on the right would be a cute go-to. She is wearing hers with a white top, thin scarf, cute long cardigan, and some seriously cute heels. Of course, a nice big bag looks great but if you are working you probably are not carrying around your purse. Something that is important for this look is that the shirt and cardigan cover the majority of her legs so it is a bit more modest looking. We know ladies, if you got it you want to flaunt it but sometimes our bosses don’t like that. A long cardigan is a great way to cover up while still wearing those leggings. (Dresses work nicely too, see that section below!)

On the left, the sweater over a collared shirt is a staple office look- both studious and professional. That she is wearing leather leggings and heels is amazing. Imagine wearing a sweater vest with this, or even a cardigan with a collared shirt. As far as office shoes go, you don’t have to wear heels with these leggings. Just like any pair of slacks or even if you can wear jeans at your work- a cute pair of ballet flats or slip-on shoes would be super cute with leggings (not to mention comfortable)!

How To Wear Leggings With Boots

Boots are a fun shoe because there are so many styles that work with your outfits year-round. We can’t wear flip flops in the cold, but we can certainly wear boots in the summer. Tall boots, ankle boots, they all work.

On the left, I love how simple this look is and how great it is at the same time. The basic white tee is dressed up by the leather like leggings and these super cute peep-toe ankle boots. This is another look that if you didn’t want to wear just a plain white t-shirt, you could wear a favorite graphic. If you felt like it, you could bring in a pop of color with a vibrant bag, or a baseball cap!

On the right is a great way to wear them a little more dressed up. She is wearing a great big cowl neck sweater, beneath a trench coat over her leather leggings with a pair of ankle boots. This one, in my opinion, looks like she just stepped out of a magazine and is ready to take the town. Out running errands? Meeting a friend? Heading to work? Who knows!  The point is that boots look great with leggings.

How To Wear Leggings With A Dress

Wearing leggings with a dress is so much easier than you’d think! And it is awesome that we can do this because sometimes those dresses we have are TOO cute to only wear for part of the year!

On the left, we can see she is leggings beneath this oversized coat that looks like she is wearing a dress. The scarf covers the seam, so it has that dress effect- but it is a good example how you don’t always have to wear sweater dresses! I like that her bag matches her little ankle boots. It is just a casual and cute way to go out on the town.

On the right is a perfect way to wear that favorite summer dress in cooler weather! She layered leggings beneath it and a cardigan on top of it. Something to note about this look is that her leggings don’t go all the way down into her boots- that little break and show of skin helps make the outfit a little more edgy! Favorite dress. Cute leggings. Cute boots. All year happiness!

Alright, so what have we learned? Leggings can be worn all year. They can be worn beneath clothes. They work with all different shoes. They can look both casual and a dressed up. Its so important to remember that when you wear leggings they don’t have to be these leather-look ones I have shown on this post. They come in fun colors, other textures, and patterns that are easy to style! Love the leggings.

I want to hear about your favorite way to wear leggings! Tell me in the comment section below!

Best Places to Buy Leggings

Our Favorite: Topshop | Luxury Option: Revolve | Budget Option: Boohoo

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