How to Wear Harem Pants

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Lately I’ve been dishing out all the style tips as it relates to harem pants. A lot of people aren’t sure how to style these unique pants but it’s actually easier than it seems. Harem pants can be worn with a variety of closet items – from crop tops to cardigans and from sneakers to high heels.

You just have to make them work for you. As versatile as these pants are though there are some wardrobe pieces that look most ideal when paired with harem pants. That’s what I’ll be covering in this post. I’ll be highlighting some of the cutest and most practical items you can pair with your harem pants.

Harem Pants You'll Want in Your Closet

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1. Black Crop Top with Green Harem Pants

Pairing a crop top with your harem pants will create a youthful and flirty look as you show off just a bit of your tummy. You don’t have to think too hard about a matchup like this either, which makes it a simple yet stylish outfit of the day option.

2. Black Tucked In Blouse with Multicolored Harem Pants

Wearing a tucked in blouse with your harem pants keeps you looking sophisticated rather than if you wore your top loosely over your harem pants. Because harem pants are already baggy, wearing your shirt out may cause you to look less refined, depending on how loose the top is. 

Tucking your blouse in and even finishing the look with some classic pumps will ensure you look neat and well put together.

3. White Sneakers with Blue Harem Pants

Harem pants are some of the coolest closet pieces to wear when you want to look casual but edgy. Pair them with your favorite sneakers to pull off that easy-going look.

4. Brown Cardigan with Gray Harem Pants

Cardigans are great to wear with your harem pants when you want to flaunt a professional look. Even a blazer or trench coat would be suitable as they really help to bring your whole outfit together. Simple include a cute tank top to go with your cardigan and harem pants ensemble.

5. Nude Pumps with Black Harem Pants

Pumps will easily make your harem pants outfit look classy and ready for the office. 

Harem Pants are very fashionable but also a bit more on the casual side but that’s the beauty of it all, as the casual essence of your harem pants and the elegant effect of your pumps will still complement each other. You’ll be looking like you walked out right of a magazine.

6. Nude Stilettos with Black Harem Pants

For a chic and gorgeous harem pants look, include stiletto heels. Stilettos are known to elevate any outfit they’re worn with. 

See how stunning her nude heels make her attire look? That could be you if you pair your stilettos with your harem pants.

Now that I’ve dished out some more vital tips on how to style your harem pants, do you feel more confident to wear them? Which look was your absolute favorite? Tell me, in the comments section below.

Best Places to Buy a Harem Pants

Our Favorite: Amazon | Luxury Option: Revolve| Budget Option: Boohoo

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