How to Wear a Striped Dress – 21 Ideas to Inspire You

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A striped dress is a simple yet feminine closet piece that you can easily spruce up with other stylish gems from your wardrobe. They can also be worn by themselves and brought to life by fashionable shoes and accessories. Many people consider stripes to be boring but far from it–a striped dress creates the foundation for your look of the day, where the outfit leads is solely up to your creativity and the occasion.

In this post, I’ll be talking about the various ways that you can take your striped dress look to another level by listing some outerwear, shoes, and other pieces that you can use to accentuate your outfit. Here are 21 ways you can style a striped dress.

How to Wear a Striped Dress

When wearing a striped dress, you want to ensure that the supporting pieces in your outfit of the day are doing just that–supporting your main piece, which is the striped dress. You don’t want another item to overshadow or clash with your dress. And so, wearing a polka dot blazer, for example, would certainly throw off your look. Instead, opt for a single toned jacket, whether it’s a bright pastel or neutral color, once there are no patterns that clash, you need not worry. 

It’s also important to note which type of striped dresses work best for your body type. The most common are vertical and horizontal. 

A style consultant would share with you that if you have a short figure and desire to appear taller, even by wearing heels, that wearing a vertical striped dress is an appropriate choice. The vertical stripes will help you appear taller. This also goes for those ladies who may want to portray a slimmer figure–a vertical striped dress is also slimming as the lines go from up to down.

Horizontal striped dresses allow taller women to appear a bit shorter and also give you the illusion of a wider waistline.

Striped Dresses You'll Want in Your Closet

Best Places to Buy a Striped Dress

My Favorite: Topshop | Luxury Option: Revolve| Budget Option: Nordstrom

1. Blue Denim Jacket and Brown Mules with a Black and White Striped Dress

Pairing your blue denim blazer with your striped dress will make your outfit more chic. This is particularly helpful if you’re wearing a striped sheath dress. A denim jacket will add some pizzazz to the whole look.

2. Brown Coat, Black Leggings, and Black Flats with a Black and White Striped Dress

I love wearing my black leggings with my dresses. They add style and personality to your outfit and are great if you don’t want your legs to on display. The brown coat is so sophisticated and was just what this look needed to reach its full potential.

3. White Sneakers with Black and White Striped Dress

Wear sneakers with your striped dress for a casual and refreshing look. These white sneakers match effortlessly with the black and white striped dress and although it’s a casual look, it’s still very contemporary and an ideal, everyday outfit choice.

4. Pink Pumps with Black and White Striped Dress

Pumps add a certain level of class and confidence to your outfit. These pink pumps also look stunning against the black and white stripes of this sheath dress. Wearing pumps are an easy way to transform a simple striped dress into a more attractive piece.

5. Brown Belt with a Black and White Striped Dress

Sometimes, I stand before the mirror and I wonder, what can make my outfit of the day more interesting? When wearing a striped dress, a belt is a good way to add extra style to your look, snatching your waist and adding color variation. 

Plus, brown is a chic color that looks great with black and white.

6. Brown Flip Flops with Black and White Striped Dress

This black and white, ankle-length dress is so beautiful and graceful with those darling flared sleeves and the bow tie around the waist. 

To complete a look like this, all you need is a simple flip flop like the one she’s wearing and possibly a crossbody bag. You can upgrade the look with some bright jewelry, such as a bohemian necklace and pink bracelets.

7. Brown Mules with Gray and White Striped Dress

Before you know it, summer will be back around, and you’ll need a cute summer dress for the season. A dress like this is perfect–frilly, layered, girly, and just the right length.

I love that the brown mules match her purse and allow the dress to really stand out.

8. Black Stilettos with Black and White Striped Dress

What really stands out to me about this dress is that it has a professional vibe to it but is still very dressy and fashionable. 

I love the sultry vibes given by the deep neckline and how the sleeves flare out at the end, resembling an office blazer. The tie around the waist is also very chic as are the black stilettos.

9. Blue Denim Vest and White Sneakers with Black and White Striped Dress

This blue denim vest really adds a trendy touch to this outfit. The white sneakers are cute and bring off the dress well, while the handbag enhances the overall style quality, with its rich brown color and fashionable design.

10. Black Stilettos with Black and White Striped Dress

This black and white striped dress is one of the most unique I’ve seen. It’s elegant, nonetheless, and was rightly paired with these stylish black stilettos. Notice the silver accents on the heels as well which, as simple as it may seem, do a lot for this dress. 

A dress that has so much going on needs very simple jewelry to support the theme and bring the look to completion. A small silver necklace, earrings, and a bracelet would do the trick.

11. Black Sandals with Yellow and White Striped Floor Length Dress

Floor length dresses are elegant and can be worn for numerous occasions. Because the dress stands out and is so long, you don’t have to worry about what shoes to wear. Pair your favorite sandals with this look, along with a stylish purse.

12. Green Heels with Blue and White Striped Dress

This mini dress is fun, youthful, and feminine. The butterfly sleeves are what make it what it is, as they flare out and fold inward. 

I love how she didn’t go for the usual nude or black heels but stepped out-of-the box by wearing green strappy heels with her blue and white striped dress, with a matching thatch handbag

13. Brown Wedges with Blue and White Striped Dress

Here’s a laid back, blue and white striped dress enhanced by a pair of brown wedges, a nude purse with brown straps, fashionable bracelets, and large, white hoop earrings.

I also like the pockets that the dress has and how this casual piece was turned into a classy pick for spring time.

14. Silver Stilettos with Red and White Striped Dress

Striped dresses aren’t boring as many people were led to believe. This red and white striped dress looks upscale and chic with a cute bow at the waist. The silver heels complement the graceful flair effortlessly.

15. Black Heels with Multicolored Striped Floor Length Dress

This dress needs no introduction. It’s a stunning piece, filled with beautiful colors presented in stripes. A pair of black heels was a fitting choice to wear with this dress as it in no way clashes with the beauty of the gown. 

Let’s not overlook the sexy plunging neckline or the slit at the side either. This dress shows just the right amount of skin to remain ladylike and posh.

16. White Heels with Yellow, Black, and White Striped Dress

This is a breathtaking sundress. I love how it accentuates the figure and then flows out at the end but is not too long where it completely covers the white heels. 

Also, these white heels were a great pick to keep that light and refreshing tone being emitted from this look.

17. Green Handbag with Black and White Striped Dress

What won me over about this dress is the variation in stripes. You can see diagonal, vertical, and horizontal stripes all doing their thing and really making this light flowy dress a sultry masterpiece. 

A pop of color was introduced by the green handbag, somewhat shifting the dynamic of this look to a more high-fashion feel.

18. White Sneakers with Multicolored, Off-the-Shoulder, Striped Dress

Colors, colors, colors! This gorgeous, off-the-shoulder, striped dress is winning in every way. The colors are so loud but still pleasing to the eye, and so I appreciate that white sneakers were paired with this look.

19. Green Cardigan and Black, Knee High Boots with Black and White Striped, Turtleneck Dress

These black boots are super chic, and I love the turtle neck striped dress as well–it’s very refined and stops mid-thigh to show a bit of leg before the boots begin. 

The green cardigan is a cozy addition and also adds color to this ensemble–overall, a fall worthy outfit, with a polished hat and black purse for the finishing touch.

20. Orange Blazer and Brown Boots with Black and White Striped Dress

The supporting pieces in this look, such as the blazer and boots, are what bring this outfit to life. As sophisticated as striped dresses can be, depending on the style of the dress, they can look a bit lackluster if not paired with the right pieces.

This orange blazer along with the brown boots give this look that need oomph. The leopard print belt also plays its part in causing the dress to hug her figure and adding another style element to this look.

21. Black Pumps with Black, Gray, and White Striped Turtleneck Dress

This dress is just right for the office. Although it has long sleeves, a turtleneck, and is mid-calf length, it’s flattering against her figure. This dress was paired with a pair of black pumps to maintain that sharp, professional aura.

Striped dresses are definitely winning this year. Let’s show them some love. What are your thoughts on striped dresses? Which look inspired you to give them a try the most? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Best Places to Buy a Striped Dress

My Favorite: Topshop | Luxury Option: Revolve| Budget Option: Nordstrom

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