How to Wear a Beret and Look Amazing

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The history of the French Berets goes so far back that the origin is unknown, but they say that it dates back to Noah’s Arc. Who knows? 

What we do know is they’ve been in the eye of the people from peasant headwear to military uniform covers, sporting hats, and eventually to fashion. 

CoCo Chanel, actually, gets the credit for turning this pancake shaped felted wool hat into something we see now in fashion.

Do you own a beret? Are you one of the many who like the idea of them but aren’t sure how to wear them? I love to wear berets.You’ll see me wear mine throughout my OOTD posts often!

I wanted to share a post with you that will show you lovely ladies how to wear a beret and look amazing.

Best Places to Buy a Beret

Our Favorite: Topshop | Luxury Option: Revolve| Budget Option: Zaful

How to Wear a Beret With a Pixie Cut

I admire women who are brave enough to wear pixie cuts. I really do. They’re so cute, I’m just so scared to cut that much of my hair off!

In this first image, we see Anne Hathaway who often rocks a pixie cut. She’s done such a good job at making this look effortless, as if it’s just placed on her head and she doesn’t even know.

In this second image, we see a pixie cut with a leather beret. I love that we can see the texture of her hair and it’s waves coming from beneath the beret. 

Something that I feel is important to know here is that your hair is supposed to be seen from beneath of the beret. Don’t feel that it needs to be hidden, as if you were wearing a beanie or a head wrap!

How to Wear a Beret With Short Hair

Aren’t these so cute! I love how short hair frames the face, especially when there are bangs present. Her use of the beret with the turtleneck in this first picture is totally french inspired and adorable.

This second short-haired look offers a yellow beret with her short hair. She has no bangs, and you can see that it’s just perfect how it is! 

Also, the pop of yellow color is amazing here. Don’t be afraid to wear colored berets! I have a favorite red one I like to wear. Check out my red beret in this white shirt and jeans outfit!

How to Wear a Beret With Bangs

Oh goodness, don’t you just love the fur trimmed dark navy blue coat and matching navy, wool beret? She looks like she belongs in a 007 movie or something. I just love it. She has these gorgeous thick bangs that are cut straight across her forehead showing beneath her beret. 

This second beret look is so vintage I can’t get enough of it! Her bangs are pushed off to the side and curled along with the rest of her hair. It’s so perfect and looks like she just stepped out of a magazine!

Bangs give us multiple look opportunities, especially if they’re long enough to be side swept. If your bangs are straight across your forehead, you could easily part them in the middle and let the bangs frame your face beneath your beret.

I also love the look of hair in a low ponytail with a bang framed face beneath a beret.

How to Wear a Beret With Curly Hair

Naturally curly hair is so beautiful! I wanted to show how cute it is pulled back in a pony! Plus, I love her outfit, with the all black jeans, sweater, chunky heels, and bright pop of red from her beret. 

In this second curly hair look, I really love how unruly it looks. I’m a huge fan of voluptuous hair alone, but when paired with a beret (or any other type of hat), I just can’t get enough.

Of course, if your hair is not naturally curly, berets look great on curled hair! Check out how I wear my leather beret with my hair curled in this outfit!

How to Wear a Beret With Glasses

Remember me talking about bangs framing a face while the rest of your hair is in a pony? This first image is what I was talking about! It’s super cute. But let’s talk about these glasses! The cat eye frames do a lot for her face. It’s very chic!

(Super love her lips matching her beret too!)

The glasses in this second picture aren’t too far off from the RayBans I’m wearing with my beret in this outfit here! I love how simple the frames are, they don’t hide her pretty face at all.

I know we can’t see all of her outfit here, but the combination of her black beret with a red jacket and a cheetah print top beneath are all so edgy and fashionable. So much to love about this look!

Alright. So I want to hear your thoughts because berets aren’t for everyone I know. I do believe everyone should at least try them though! I talked about wearing berets with different hairstyles and sunglasses.

What was your favorite look? How do/would you wear a beret? Tell me in the comment area below

Best Places to Buy a Beret

Our Favorite: Topshop | Luxury Option: Revolve| Budget Option: Zaful

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