21 Simple Yet Feminine Thigh Tattoos for 2022

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Thigh tattoos are often on your face, but sometimes simple art packs a more meaningful punch. From micro tattoos to significant phrases, there are many ways to express yourself through ink. 

The hardest part of choosing a simple thigh tattoo contains your vision in one composition. The secret is finding the meaning behind even the most unpretentious designs.

If you’re on the hunt for a beautiful but simple thigh tattoo, check out some of my favorite ink concepts from this year.

1. Line Art Lion High Thigh Tattoo


This is one of the least complex yet meaningful tattoos I’ve encountered. Lion tattoos are huge this year. They represent bravery, and this simple line art lion is fun and fearless. #rawr

2. Dragon Micro Thigh Tattoo


Another massive tattoo trend this year is micro tats. These designs are tiny but pack a punch. I adore this little dragon, and the thigh is a perfect canvas. Small but mighty, just like many ladies I know.

3. Inspiring Words Thigh Ink


“Everything happens for a reason” is such an amazing yet simple thigh tattoo. We can’t always control the world around us, but that doesn’t mean the universe doesn’t have a plan. I love the beautiful linework here.

4. Two Little Butterfly Outlines


Butterfly tattoos come in all shapes and sizes. These adorable black butterfly outlines look so whimsical with added sparkles. Sometimes less is more, which is perfect for a feminine thigh tattoo.

5. Tribal Art Fox Thigh Tattoo


Animal tattoos can be extraordinarily detailed. This fox tattoo comes together using tribal art. Dark black ink shapes the animal through symbols. Simple but sassy!

6. Leaves Fall Like Flower Petals


Falling leaves cascading down this thigh look so delicate and feminine. The shading in this trendy thigh tattoo has amazing depth, but the concept is simple and beautiful. I like that the leaves resemble flower petals. 

7. Fine Line Butterfly and Lotus Blossom Thigh Art


Fine-line tattoos have a super detailed look about them, even when they’re simple. This gorgeous butterfly and lotus blossom duo is graceful and dainty.

8. Tiny Bee Tattoo


Is there anything cuter than this tiny bee thigh tat? I don’t think so! I love the small tattoo trend, and this little guy is a great tattoo for it. Bees are loyal and hard-working, and some are even royal. #lifegoals

9. Watercolor Hummingbird With Pointillism


Watercolor tattoos are amazing for expressing color and mood. This simple little hummingbird comes alive with pops of yellow, purple, and pink. Pointillism details add depth to the design without going overboard. 

10. “Love Yourself First” Thigh Tat


Putting ourselves first is something many women struggle with. This simple but mindful thigh art is a perfect reminder to “love yourself first.” #loveyourself

11. Mistletoe Kiss Tattoo


I love the eye-catching colors in this Christmas-themed tattoo. Mistletoe often symbolizes romance and this delicate tattoo is certainly intimate. The nature element in this ink is so grounding. Just a ribbon and some flora.

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12. Birds of a Feather Thigh Ink


Birds carry meanings of freedom and spirituality, things many women crave. Bird silhouettes are a popular tattoo choice for women this year, but I rarely see them on the thigh. I love the look! 

13. No Rain, No Flowers Tattoo


Without the rain, we’d have no flowers, and this tattoo reminds us to weather the storm. I love how the artist combined script and fine line work in this adorable plant-based tat. #greenthumb

14. Arrow to the Flower Thigh Art


Arrows indicate strength, ability, and talent. This simple arrow tattoo is softened with a tiny blue flower. Women are the best of both worlds, powerful and tender.

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15. Over the Rainbow Thigh Tattoo


Rainbows mean many things to different people. They might signify diversity, pride, or a promise. I love the simplicity of this classic little rainbow tattoo. Colored ink is my favorite, and the ink in this tattoo really pops.

16. Hand Poke Symbols Tattoo


Hand poke tattoos are complex to apply but often simple in design. These elegant symbols look so dainty cascading down the thigh. I adore the crescent moon, a strong symbol of womanhood. 

17. Swirly Phoenix Leg Art


A Phoenix signifies rebirth. As women, we go through so many phases of life. The Phoenix is a perfect representation of the female form. I love the swirly inkwork in this black tattoo. 

18. Crescent Moon With Embellishments


This crescent moon thigh tattoo is big but simple in design. The tiny dangling crystals and added botanicals create a mystical air. I’m feeling the pointillism shading on the leaves.

19. Love Hurts Flaming Heart Tattoo


Love is unpredictable. This fiery heart tattoo design shows the fiery side of romance. I love how every woman can relate to the passion behind this design. It’s simple but makes its point. 

20. Ombre Blossom Garter Tattoo


J’adore! This gorgeous garter-inspired tattoo displays delicate flower blossoms in a pink gradient. Pale blush to deep magenta. So many floral thigh tattoos involve massive blossoms. These tiny flowers are petal perfect. 

21. Memorable Date Tattoos


Whether your parent’s birth years or your wedding anniversary, inking a date is a significant process. I love how simple but incredibly meaningful these tattoos are.

Summary and Top Picks

Simple tattoos don’t have to lack meaning. I love that, as women, we can find beauty in the smallest of things. These unembellished tattoos are proof that power is in perception, and women are powerful indeed.

I love all these beautiful thigh ink designs, but the best of the best are:

  • #2 Dragon Micro Thigh Tattoo: A tiny but powerful tattoo is a wonderful representation of womanhood. I adore this tiny mythical creature.
  • #10 “Love Yourself First” Thigh Tat: Putting yourself first is important. This powerful message comes in a delicate package.
  • #20 Ombre Blossom Garter Tattoo: This tattoo is so graceful. The gradient of pink flower blossoms takes a simple tattoo and makes it intricate.

I hope you found some simple thigh tat ideas among my faves. When you think of feminine ink, are you more of a flower and butterflies or zodiac and celestial bodies kind of gal? Comment below and fill me in on your top tattoo style.

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