21 Feminine Classy Thigh Tattoos That Are Trending in 2022

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Thigh tattoos are a popular option for many women. It’s one of the least painful places to get a tattoo, there’s plenty of space for a beautiful design, and they’re easy enough to cover up or show off, depending on how long your pants or skirts are. 

But much like a blank canvas, it can be easy to stare at it for a long time and wonder what to put there. After all, this is a permanent tattoo we’re talking about, right? 

If you’re stuck on designs, then you’ve come to the right place. Let’s take a look at some feminine classy thigh tattoos.  

1. Lily Tattoo


The beautiful realistic shading on these lilies is enough to make the design pop. And it’s difficult to think of a better tattoo to fit into the feminine and classy theme, considering that lilies can symbolize femininity. 

2. Medusa Tattoo


The story of Medusa is actually quite tragic, but more recently, we’ve seen a trend of women reclaiming it as a sign of strength and overcoming the past. 

Medusa also symbolizes protection from evil since no one can look at her without turning to stone. 

3. Dragon and Flowers Tattoo


What dragons represent depends on the culture. They can represent evil, or they can represent strength and wisdom. Flowers add a beautiful and feminine flair to this design.

4. Snake and Flowers Tattoo


This snake design is just beautiful with the ornamental pattern on its head and the gorgeous peonies surrounding it. 

The meaning is beautiful, too — snakes can represent rebirth and transformation since they shed their old skin to reveal a lovely new one. 

5. Owl and Orange Flowers Tattoo


Barn owls are often considered cute with their long faces and beady black eyes. Also, much like owls, they can be a symbol of wisdom and knowledge. 

I like the addition of the orange flowers in this design — they stand out against the black and white owl. 

6. Floral Mandala Tattoo


Mandalas are symbols of perfection and balance, but some women just choose to get them as a tattoo because of how beautiful they are. I especially like this one since the floral motif gives it a feminine touch. 

7. Tiger Woman Tattoo


This feminine thigh tattoo design immediately stood out to me due to all the intricate details. I also love the meaning behind it. 

Tigers are symbols of strength, power, and protection, but the woman peeking behind the tiger suggests that all that strength and power is really hers. 

8. Peony Tattoo


Peonies symbolize love and prosperity. Being a wide flower with many petals, it looks striking as a sexy thigh tattoo design

9. Pocketwatch and Roses Tattoo


Pocketwatches might not be in use anymore, but their class and elegance still live on. They can represent the passage of time and moving on. 

I love the beautiful beaded chain and the roses, accentuating the pocket watch’s elegance. 

10. Moth Tattoo


Moths might be underappreciated in real life compared to butterflies, especially since their coloration is usually more muted. But that’s not to say they aren’t a beloved tattoo design. 

They represent change and transformation since they undergo metamorphosis to turn from a caterpillar into a moth. 

11. Butterfly and Peonies Tattoo


This butterfly and peonies design would be beautiful enough on its own, but I love how the shading on the leaves adds some variety. 

12. Sun and Mandala Moon Tattoo


Celestial tattoos are popular, but I like how this artist put their own spin on them with a gorgeous mandala moon in the center. Beads and sparkles add a glamorous flair to the design as well. 

13. Floral Tattoo


Floral arrangements are a lovely way to create a visually interesting tattoo design. The sunflower in the center of this one gives it a cheerful feel overall.

14. Colorful Peony Tattoo


Besides incorporating different flowers into a tattoo, you can make a floral arrangement pop with just a little bit of color.

15. Peony Tattoo


There are plenty of peony tattoos out there, but none quite like this one. The extreme shading from dark to light gives it a very bold look that’s difficult to look away from. 

16. Mandala Elephant Tattoo


Elephants are symbols of good luck and wisdom, and I see few better ways to portray this symbol than this tattoo design. 

It has a very artsy look, cutting between an abstract mandala look and a realistic elephant, all in the same design.  

17. “Everything Happens For a Reason” Calligraphy Tattoo


If life is getting you down, it’s good to remind yourself that everything happens for a reason. This simple, minimal calligraphy tattoo is an elegant way to remember this message. 

18. Bee and Honeycomb Tattoo


Bees represent hard work, teamwork, and prosperity. They can also represent female empowerment since all the worker bees are female and work under a queen. 

19. “Born This Way” Calligraphy Tattoo


“Born this way” can be a reference to the popular Lady Gaga song by the same name. But in general, it’s a message that you are the way you are, and you’re proud of that. 

20. Vine Tattoo


Vine thigh tattoos like this one allow you to show your love for nature in a more minimal way than flowers. I love the beautiful details on the leaves in this one — it almost looks like a chevron pattern. 

21. Peacock Tattoo


Peacocks often symbolize beauty, and it’s easy to see why — especially when they’re portrayed in a beautiful tattoo with floral details like this one. 

Summary and Top Picks

Did you like looking at these feminine classy thigh tattoos? I love designs like this since you can feel confident rocking them for years to come. They have a timelessness to them that is difficult to match. 

Personally, my three favorites were: 

  • #7 Tiger Woman Tattoo: This tattoo not only looked beautiful, but it also had a beautiful message of female strength behind it. 
  • #15 Peony Tattoo: The shading in this peony tattoo design stands out just as much as if the design were in color. It’s a bold spin on a classic tattoo design. 
  • #19 “Born This Way” Calligraphy Tattoo: Though simple, I love the message behind it. It’s super empowering to be able to take pride in the way you were made. 

So, how about you? Which of these thigh tattoo designs would you get and why? Let me know in the comments below. 

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