Dalmatian Denim Set from Nasty Gal Outfit

Thalita Ferraz // Last Update: March 19, 2022 // 0 Comments

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Who can resist a good two piece set?  (crickets chirping.) That’s right, no one can. 

I present to you, a dalmatian denim set. Yes, DENIM. Don’t you just love this? This set is from Nasty Gal. The dalmatian print is so much fun, a spin on your usual polka dots.

Underneath the jacket is a black Forever21 crop top. Undoubtedly, black is an easy choice. I believe other colors could be paired with this set for some of the adventurous wearers. 

Following suit with the black dots, black crop top, are black Dr. Marteens. These shoes seriously work well with so many different outfits, and give this set a tough essence. 

Don’t forget a bag! The ol’ faithful Louis Vuitton. 

Everyone needs a set like this! Seriously.

Set: Nasty Gal / Crop Top: Forever 21 / Shoes: Dr. Marteen /  Bag: Louis Vuitton

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