15 Cute Ugg Boots Outfits

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Ugg boots are some of the cutest closet staples for the Fall and Winter seasons. They’re also very comfortable and look especially good with jeans and leggings but can also be worn with shorts and skirts. During this chilly time of the year, you can rock your Ugg boots as often as you like by simply changing up your daily outfit and adding different accessories.

These soft and sometimes furry types of footwear are even being accepted as high fashion pieces, being worn on the runway and also by some of our favorite celebrities. Uggs are being worn with dresses too because honestly speaking, once you start wearing them, they’re too cozy to let go. So, if you’ve been wondering how you can make the most of your Uggs in 2019, here are 15 cute Ugg boot outfits that are sure to inspire you!

1. Gray Long Sleeve Blouse and Black Leggings with Brown Uggs

Steal The Look

This is a simple look you can put together with your Ugg boots – a warm gray long sleeve top and black leggings. Notice how the Uggs also have white fur which really adds to the stylish essence of this look.

The sleek black glasses are also contributing to the chicness of the outfit.

2. White Vest, Black And White Stripe Turtle Neck Blouse, and Blue Jeans with Brown Uggs

Steal The Look

These Uggs are calf-length which will definitely keep your feet and legs extra warm. The entire outfit is snug but in a fashionable way. 

The black and white stripe turtle neck blouse covers your upper body entirely, keeping you snuggly from the cold weather. I also love the white vest. It’s a nice addition to make this look more stylish.

The blue jeans also fit in well to keep the overall casual appearance.

3. White Sweater Blouse and White Jeans with Brown Uggs

Steal The Look

The tones of the pieces in this outfit are very flattering – white and brown make such an angelic combination when worn in the right way.

Here, we have a white sweater blouse and white jeans with brown Ugg boots. She also paired a brown handbag with the outfit. The color balance is so in sync and very adorable.

4. Black Blazer, White Shirt, and White Jeans with Brown Uggs

Steal The Look

Who ever said that Uggs couldn’t be worn in a professional office ensemble? These brown Ugg boots fit right in, especially because the brown belt was worn to give the Uggs something to complement or match. 

The black blazer and white shirt are, of course, your usual stylish office pieces that forever look great together. The white jeans add extra sass to the whole look and keeps this outfit looking fashion forward.

5. Green Scarf, Black Blouse and Blue Ripped Jeans with Brown Uggs

Steal The Look

This is an edgy casual look that looks great with Ugg boots. A black top and blue loose ripped jeans make a pretty normal style combo but pair them a stylish green scarf and brown Uggs, and just like that, you’re outfit has been highly improved.

6. White Sweater Dress with Brown Uggs

Steal The Look

This Uggs boot outfit is super cute and trendy. With this comfy sweater dress there’s no need for any jeans, you can make a run in town to fulfil your daily duties in no time, while looking stylish from head to toe.

If you’re not up for flaunting your legs, you can simply include a pair of black leggings or even a pair of white jeans. Your look will still be winning.

7. Gray Graphic Tee and Black Jeans with Brown Uggs

Steal The Look

Here’s a chic, casual everyday Uggs look that you can use as inspiration when you’re searching for an easy-to-wear outfit from your closet.

You can almost never go wrong with graphic tees, more so when pairing them with jeans. They really go hand in hand and easily look cute. The Uggs are the final touch and the brown bag is definitely complementing this get-up.

8. White Tank Top and Black Sweatpants with Brown Uggs

Steal The Look

Ariana Grande is sporting a relaxed look with her brown Ugg boots and I’m here for it!

A white tank top with black sweatpants is such a classic everyday look. To complete this outfit for the late fall or winter season, I would include a big soft black or brown sweater.

9. Black long Sleeve Blouse and Black Leggings with Brown Uggs

Steal The Look

This look is really working for me – a black long sleeve top, black leggings and brown Uggs. And let’s not forget the cute leopard print cross body bag that is really adding a chic flair to this outfit.

You’re bound to look gorgeous in a matchup like this. Why? Because black never fails and those brown Uggs go perfectly with her bag.

10. White Scarf, Black and White Leopard Print Sweater, White Blouse and White Jeans with Brown Uggs

Steal The Look

Remember what I said about the beauty of mixing white with brown? Well, here we’re seeing it being played out once more.

What makes this look more interesting and stylish is the leopard print sweater. Leopard print patterns tend to make an outfit trendier.

11. Green Sweater Blouse and Blue Jeans with Brown Uggs

Steal The Look

Here’s a cozy green sweater blouse that will look great paired with light blue jeans and Uggs.

The green color is also giving me festive vibes and is ideal for the upcoming Christmas holidays.

12. Black and White Plaid Shirt, White Tank Top and Blue Ripped Jeans with Brown Uggs

Steal The Look

This black and white plaid shirt is really complementing these brown Uggs. It’s quite an outdoorsy look and is made more fashionable because of the ripped blue jeans and the stylish nude handbag.

13. Gray Trench Coat, White Top and Blue Jeans with Black Uggs

Steal The Look

This look is very sophisticated because of the gray trench coat and black Uggs. Trench coats have the power to upgrade your outfit once you put them on and black is a classy color that is sure to enhance your look as well.

To make this ensemble a bit more laid back, she wore a white tank top and blue jeans, creating an overall simple yet stylish outfit.

14. Brown Trench Coat and White Mini Dress with Brown Uggs

Steal The Look

Looking for a fun, flirty and girly Uggs outfit idea? How about this classy and youthful look? A brown trench coat with a white mini dress and brown Ugg boots.

It’s short and sassy yet modest at the same time. The perfect blend for a fashionista.

15. Black Blazer, White Button Up Shirt and Blue Cropped Jeans with Black Uggs

Steal The Look

As the year comes to a close, almost everyone is looking for fashionably-relaxed outfit ideas to look their best and feel comfortable as they go into the New Year.

A look such as this one won’t let you down – a chic black blazer, white button up shirt, blue cropped jeans and black ankle Ugg boots. Throw in some stylish sunglasses to complete the look.

Ugg boots are more than just comfortable footwear, they’re stylish closet pieces that you can incorporate in a number of your daily looks. What are your thoughts on Ugg boots? Which look won you over? Share your thoughts, in the comments below.
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