18 Cute Outfits With Gray Shorts

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I think by now we all know that shorts add an extra level of cuteness to our outfits, and you can pair them with pretty much anything as they serve so many purposes. Whether it’s to create a simply cute look for the day or to keep you covered while you wear a stylish long tee, shorts never fail, but have you ever given thought to rocking a pair of gray shorts?

Gray is a shade that doesn’t get much praise although it’s very chic. Gray is also a nice alternative to wearing the classic black color – you can spice up your outfit with gray shorts instead and see how it works for you. Here are 18 cute outfits with gray shorts.

1. ​​​Gray Crop Top with Gray Shorts

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This is the perfect girly gray outfit look for the summer holidays. A stylish pair of gray shorts with a matching top.

I love that the fabric looks soft yet cool. I also like the bow tie detail on the shorts and the connecting strings on the top.

2. ​​​​​​Black Blouse and Black Sandals with Gray Shorts

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Aiming for laid back but feminine? An outfit like this will have you achieving that look. A black top is a universal closet item that makes creating an outfit of the day super easy.

These gray Bermuda shorts give a tomboy vibe but are still feminine as they are form fitting. And of course, her sandals are quite stylish as well.

3. ​​​White Tank Top and White Sneakers with Gray Shorts

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Here’s a sporty look that will be perfect for your morning jog – a white tank top, white sneakers, and gray shorts.

Notice that the tank top is tucked into her shorts, for a trendy flair.

4. ​​​​​​Black Crop Top with Gray Shorts

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Nowadays, I find myself leaning more to outfits that are easy to wear and effortlessly cute at the same time.

This black crop top and gray shorts matchup is ideal for a romantic dinner date. Include some black stiletto heels to really make this look pop!

5. ​​​​​​​White Flare Sleeve Blouse with Gray Shorts

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Every girl needs that full sleeve, white top that will make her look classy no matter what she pairs it with, even if it’s with this adorable gray mini skirt.

Pair this look with black wedges or stiletto heels to complete an elegant ensemble.

6. ​​​​​​White T-Shirt and White Sneakers with Gray Shorts

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The cheetah pattern on this pair of gray shorts is a gorgeous outfit! Because the pattern stands out so much, you can get away with pairing these shorts with simple wardrobe staples, like a white t-shirt and white sneakers.

If you want to spruce this look up even more, include a purse and some jewelry to accessorize.

7. ​​​Black Crop Top and White Sneakers with Gray Shorts

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Here’s a casual look that will never go out of style – a black crop top with white sneakers and gray denim shorts.

All pieces in this outfit are laid back which is why they work perfectly together.

8. ​Gray Bralette and Gray Shorts

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As athletic and relaxed as this gray bralette and shorts outfit looks, you can actually make it more fashionable by incorporating a white trench coat and a pair of white sneakers.

Just think about it, by adding just a few more closet pieces, you can go from working out in the gym to strutting in New York City.

9. ​​Gray Blouse, Black Stockings and Gray Coat with Gray Shorts

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This look gives me office vibes. Maybe it’s stockings, maybe it’s the texture of her gray shorts or the gray coat which I can see hanging from her hand which would really complete the professional look of this outfit.

A pair of black pumps would be most suitable to bring this ensemble to its highest standard.

10. Gray Tank Top and White Slippers with Gray Leopard Print Shorts

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This is a girly outfit that you can slip on for a walk in the park or a lunch outing with some friends. The leopard print, gray shorts complements the gray crop top well. The white slippers also blend right in.

11. ​​​​​Gray Blazer, Black Tank Top and Black Pumps with Gray Shorts

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This look is a great example of gray being a chic color. Although she’s wearing mini shorts, she still has that professional and official look, as she rocks the gray blazer along with it.

The black tank top helps to create that classic boss lady look while the black pumps brings further sophistication to this ensemble.

​12. ​​​​​​​​​​Blue Denim Jacket, White Blouse, and Mustard Flats with Gray Shorts

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Shorts are perfect for those hot summer days, and they allow you to show off your legs for a change and really kick back.

The loose white blouse was a great choice to keep the casual theme of this gray shorts look. The blue denim jacket incorporates trendiness and her mustard flats bring color variation, matching her necklace as well.

13. ​​​​​​​​​​Black Lace Tank Top with Gray Shorts

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Tuck your favorite black lace top into your gray shorts for an easy-to-wear posh look. Throw in a gray cardigan and some cute sandals and your fashionably casual look is complete.

​14. ​​​​Gray and White Striped, Crop Top with Gray and White Shorts

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This is a cozy outfit that you can dress up with a pair of white sneakers and a black purse. If you want to go for a more stylish look then include white-heeled mules instead.

15. Gray Blazer, White Tank Top, and White Sneakers with Gray Shorts

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This gray shorts style combo was paired with white sneakers to give it a more laid back look. If you want to transform this outfit into something more sophisticated then feel free to wear black stiletto heels or even black pumps.

16. ​​​​​White Top with Gray Denim Shorts

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I’d definitely rock this outfit with a pair of white or black doc martens to blend in with the edgy vibe. I appreciate the details on the gray denim shorts as well – the golden studs accessorize well with her gold necklace and bracelet.

17. ​Black Jacket, White Tank Top, and Brown Slippers with Gray Shorts

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A black jacket, white tank top, gray shorts and brown slippers makes for an easy going outfit. Dress this look up some more with your sunglasses, some jewelry and a stylish handbag.

18. ​White Crop top with Gray and White Shorts

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Opt for this look whenever you want to appear youthful and extra feminine. Pair this outfit with black booties for a fashionable finish.

Now that you’ve seen how stylish gray shorts are, do you plan on wearing them more often? Which of these gray shorts matchups was your favorite? Let me know in the comments below.

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