15 Cute Outfits With Flowy Pants

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Flowy pants, also known as palazzo trousers, are elegant, wide-legged pants that are fitted at the waist and flare out towards your legs and feet. You can pair them with your basic tops or dressy blouses and still look stylish because flowy pants are versatile and can be worn to basically anywhere you’re headed.

They easily add a feminine touch because of their graceful nature and how they sway when you walk. Also, flowy pants look their best when worn with a tucked in blouse and flattering footwear, such as sandals and heels. Here are 15 cute outfits with flowy pants.

1. ​​White Tank Top and Nude Heels with Blue Flowy Pants

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This simple white tank top looks adorable along with this blue flowy pants and nude heels. The pants also have a cute bow at the front which adds to its elegance. 

To complete this look, I would include a beige blazer to complement those nude heels.

2. ​​​​​​​​​Burgundy, Off-the-Shoulder Crop Top with Burgundy, White, and Blue Flowy Pants

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Enjoy the season’s climate in a light, easy-going style combo such as this – a burgundy off-the-shoulder crop top and burgundy, white, and blue flowy pants.

One of the best pieces to style with your flowy pants is an off-the-shoulder crop top because it enhances the femininity of the look. You could pair a stylish pair of brown sandals with this outfit for added comfort and to blend in with the deep tones of both pieces.

3. ​​​​​​​​White Basic T-Shirt and White Mules with Pink Striped, Flowy Pants

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Pink flowy pants is one of the cutest wardrobe items you can own, just because pink is such a girly color and the palazzo trousers are already exuding femininity, especially with the bow at the front.

You can style pink flowy pants with a basic white tee and chunky white mules for a laid back, casual, sweetheart look.

4. ​​​​​​​​​Black Blouse and Black and Brown Heels with Peach Flowy Pants

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Rock this springtime inspired outfit by styling a simple black top with black heels and a beautiful peach flowy pants

Peach is a very elegant color that gives a refreshing look and is ideal for a daylight event.

5. ​​​​​​​​​​White T-Shirt and Nude Heeled Mules with Black Floral, Flowy Pants

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You all know how much I love floral patterns because of the lady-like touch they add to your outfit. Even though these flowy pants were paired with a basic white tee, the feminine design of the trouser and the nude heeled mules upgraded this entire ensemble.

6. ​​​​​​​​​White Tank Top and Black Heels with Black Flowy Pants

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It’s so important that when integrating flowy pants into your wardrobe, you include a black one. 

Black never goes out of style and black flowy pants can be paired with tons of your tops with ease, which means you can wear it more often. Plus, it’ll look amazing with your black stilettos.

7. ​​​​​​White Off-the-Shoulder, Lace Crop Top and Brown Mules Heels with Green Flowy Pants

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This entire look is exuding elegance and poise. Although the look is still slightly relaxed, the style of the white lace crop top is exquisite, especially with those flared, and layered sleeves.

I also love the color combination. I find that matching green, brown, and white together always looks flattering.

8. ​​​​​​​​​Blue Denim Jacket, White Blouse, and Brown Heels with Orange and White Striped Flowy Pants

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Another stylish piece to pair with your palazzo trouser is a blue denim jacket. The jacket will give your look an edgy, outdoor appearance, as well as help you to look laid back but in a fashionable manner.

Blue Denim Jackets also look really good with bright colored pieces like these orange and white striped flowy pants. Also, because of the dusky orange shade of the pants, the brown heels blend right in.

9. ​​​​​​Blue and White Striped Crop Top with Yellow Flowy Pants

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Another color you should consider when purchasing flowy pants is yellow. Yellow is one of those colors that will make your outfit look alive, and it goes well with a ton of other colors – take this blue and white striped crop top for example.

To complete this look, you can add a simple pair of white sandals or even white heels for a classier approach.

10. White T-Shirt and Brown Sandals with Blush Pink Flowy Pants

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There are some palazzo trousers that are comfier than others and are perfect for just slipping into when you want to look cute and laid back.

These blush pink flowy pants look soft and warm. It perfectly suits the basic white tee and brown sandals to create a simple, cute outfit.

11. ​​​​​​​​White Tank Top and Black Stilettos with Black and White Striped Flowy Pants

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Go for an effortless fashion-forward look by styling one of your dressier white tank tops with your black heels and black and white striped flowy pants. 

There are honestly tons of these pants available, and with good reason, because black and white make the perfect combo. 

This palazzo trouser is a bit shorter than the rest, but it’s still stylish with a cute tie at the side. Its length allows your heels to be on display too.

​12. ​​​Nude Off-the-Shoulder Crop Top and Nude Heels with Beige Floral, Flowy Pants

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This nude long-sleeve crop top is so cute and girly, and I love how form fitting it is, adding to its sultry nature. 

It was styled with nude heels and beige floral flowy pants with a bow at the front for a relaxed, classy finish.

13. ​White Cold Shoulder Blouse with Red Flowy Pants

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This elegant look reminds me so much of Christmas, because of the red and white combination of course.

White cold shoulder blouses are feminine and perfect for showing off your sweet side. The red flowy pants, on the other hand, are bold and of mature taste but in a very flattering way.

​14. ​​​White Long-Sleeve Blouse and Dusky Nude Heels with Multi Colored Flowy Pants

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Make a chic fashion statement by styling a simple white, long-sleeve, button-up blouse with colorful flowy pants and nude heels.

In this look, the pants are the center of attention with a plethora of colors, as if they were painted on a canvas. With such an eye-catching piece, a plain white top and nude heels are ideal to complete the look.

15. ​​​​​​​Red, Turtle-Neck Sweater Blouse and White Pumps with White Flowy Pants

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Here’s another holiday-worthy ensemble – a red, turtle-neck sweater blouse, white pumps, and white flowy pants.

This look is comfortable and very elegant, and I also appreciate the cropped length of the pants, which helps the outfit to look clean-cut and refined.

All year round, flowy pants will forever be one of my go to pieces. What about you? Are you feeling the flowy pants vibe coming along? Which look was your absolute favorite? Let me know in the comments below.
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