25 Cute Outfits with Floral Skirts

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Floral skirts are some of the classiest fashion pieces you can include in your wardrobe. They give your outfit a feminine and modest look and can be styled with any top or footwear you can think of.

Floral skirts will never go out of style either, owing to their ability to be worn on any occasion. You can opt for a cute sporty look, donning sneakers, or even a professional finish by adding a blazer and a simple tank top underneath.

We’re about to explore the neverending options. Here are Cute Outfits with Floral Skirts.

1. Cute Blush Pink Blouse and Dainty Beige Heels with Black Floral Print High-Low Skirt

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This black floral print, high-low skirt was appropriately paired with a blush pink fitted blouse, tucked inside for an effortlessly elegant look.

The blush pink shade of the top fits nicely into the mix with the pink floral tint in this multicolored skirt. Both pieces were perfectly complemented with dainty beige heels. Buy this skirt at Lulus.

2. Adorable Pink Ruched Sleeve Blouse and Cute White Heels with Pink Floral Ruffled Skirt

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This pink and white outfit combination is absolutely adorable and will make you fall in love with getting all dressed up in the mornings.

The long-sleeved top has a ruched-sleeve design and is close-fitting, really drawing attention to the flowy style and frills of this cute pink floral skirt.

And what better shoes to wear than white heels as they highlight the rich pink shade of the blouse and skirt all the more. Buy this skirt at Pink Lily.

3. Girly Blush Pink Crop Top and Blush Pink Heels with Flirty Multicolored Floral Mini Skirt

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A pink crop top with a sweetheart neckline and a tassel bow is just the girly piece you need to match the flirty essence of this multicolored floral mini skirt.

The mixture of black, red, and pink colors along with the A-line design and small slit at the side contribute to the mature vibe of this skirt with a hint of innocence, maintained by the blush pink top and matching heels. Buy this skirt at Lulus.

4. Comfy Off-White Sweater Blouse and Sleek Black Ankle Boots with Edgy Black Floral Mini Skirt

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Rock a comfy, flirty look by wearing a floral mini skirt with a cute long-sleeved sweater blouse and stylish ankle boots.

This outfit is giving the best of both worlds as the black floral mini skirt allows you to show off your legs while the comfy top and boots keep things sophisticated. The sweater blouse is also slightly tucked in to give this look more edge. Buy this skirt at ASOS.

5. Cozy Ribbed White Sweater Blouse with Light Blue Floral Mini Skirt

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Almost every girl’s desire is to look cute and comfortable when they get dressed, and a loose-fitting ribbed white sweater blouse tucked into a light blue mini skirt, decorated with a pastel floral design is definitely cute and comfy.

Style this pretty look with beige heels or keep things relaxed with a pair of sandals. Buy this skirt at Pink Lily.

6. Simple Ribbed Off-White Blouse and Bright Orange Heels with Beautiful Orange Floral Maxi Skirt

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This outfit is proof that orange is really one of the most stunning colors. A ribbed, off-white sleeveless blouse is tucked into an orange floral maxi skirt that is fitted around the waist and flows nicely into a pleated design.

As if this look couldn’t get any better, it was made even more glorious with the addition of beautiful bright orange high heels. Buy this skirt at Lulus.

7. Snug Long-Sleeved Beige Sweater Blouse and Cute Beige Heels with Brown Floral Maxi Skirt

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Dress like you’re going on vacay in Paris by wearing a snug long-sleeved beige sweater blouse tucked neatly into a brown flowy floral print maxi skirt. Of course, add cute beige heels to keep the aesthetic of this look. Buy this skirt at Pink Lily.

8. Stylish White Tank Top and White Sneakers with Cute Red Floral Midi Skirt

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I love the simplicity of this red floral skirt look. The skirt is kept as the main attraction because it’s styled with a laid-back, yet stylish, white tank top.

The straps have ruffled details, meanwhile, this floral midi skirt is high-waisted with a thigh-high slit that adds a lot more personality and flair. White sneakers are worn to emphasize the relaxed, outdoorsy vibe. Buy this skirt at Lulus.

9. Simple Black Long-Sleeved Blouse and Edgy Black Doc Martens with Cute Black Floral High-Rise Mini Skirt

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In this look, a black long-sleeved blouse is tucked into a cute black floral print high-rise mini skirt with black doc martens, making it known that floral skirts also work well in an edgy type of outfit. Buy this skirt at ASOS.

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10. White V-Cut Tank Top and Classy Black Strappy Heels with Black Multi Floral Midi Skirt

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Perfect for date night, a black, multi-floral print midi skirt with a white tank top that has a deep v-cut sweetheart neckline, dressed up with classy black strappy heels. Buy this skirt at Lulus.

11. Cute White Halter-Neck Tank Top and White Sandals with Girly Baby Blue Floral Mini Skirt

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A halter-neck tank top is a great wardrobe item to own because it’s more fashionable than your regular everyday tank top as seen here where it’s styled with a cute baby blue floral mini skirt and white sandals.

The top’s cropped design, showcasing a bit of skin, also makes this outfit even more fashionable along with the skirt’s pleats and frills. Buy this skirt at ASOS.

12. Polished White Medium-Sleeved Blouse and Classy Beige Heels with Rust-Red Multi-Tiered Floral Midi Skirt

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Opt for sophistication by styling a comfy, plain white medium-sleeved blouse with a floral midi skirt and classy beige heels.

A medium-sleeved blouse is right in between dressy and casual and will give your outfit a polished appearance. Because of their light shades, both the blouse and heels highlight the rust-red hue of this multi-tiered floral midi skirt.

Gold accessories are definitely recommended to further accentuate this look. Buy this skirt at Pink Lily.

13. Luxurious Red and Magenta Crop Top and Chic Black Heels with Red and Magenta Floral Mini Skirt

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Own the night in a matching floral print crop top and mini skirt with chic black heels. The red and magenta floral design against the black backdrop of this jacquard skirt looks incredibly divine and luxurious.

There are also a few details that increase the style of this outfit; the top’s frilled straps and the skirt’s slight side slit, which have a flirty undertone. Buy this skirt at Lulus.

14. Bishop-Sleeved Off-the-Shoulder Blush Pink Blouse and Chic White Ankle Boots with Cute Tiered Black Floral Mini Skirt

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In this look, a cute, tiered black floral mini skirt with ruffles is styled with a beautiful bishop-sleeved, off-the-shoulder blush pink blouse.

This outfit is perfect for brunch with friends or a lunch date. Wear white ankle boots for a chic finish. Buy this skirt at Pink Lily.

15. Relaxed Black V-neck Sweater Blouse and Edgy Black Boots with Flowy Black Floral Midi Skirt

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Pair a black, loose-fitting sweater blouse and matching boots with a black and white flowy floral print midi skirt for a relaxed yet fashionable outfit.

This floral skirt has a mid-thigh slit which makes it more stylish and keeps the sweater blouse from overshadowing the outfit due to its baggy design. Meanwhile, the boots add an edgy flair. Buy this skirt at Lulus.

16. Cozy Off-White, Off-the-Shoulder Sweater Blouse and Chic Nude Boots with Cute Pastel Floral Mini Skirt

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Going for a super cute look? Style a pastel floral mini skirt with a cozy off-the-shoulder sweater blouse. Tuck the top slightly into your skirt, allowing it to hang loosely for an effortlessly girly appearance.

Keep this outfit looking chic by wearing a pair of nude boots, complemented by a gorgeous tote handbag. Buy this skirt at Pink Lily.

17. Girly Blush Pink, White Floral Crop Top, and Classy White Heels with Elegant Blush Pink and White Floral Mini Skirt

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The elements of this outfit create the perfect recipe for an adorable look. A blush pink and white floral crop top is styled with a matching, high-waisted A-line jacquard mini skirt and classy white heels.

The colors, floral pattern, and also the flared design of this skirt make this outfit look quite elegant but still fit for a fun time. Buy this skirt at Lulus.

18. Trendy Black Leather Jacket, Casual Beige Cropped T-Shirt, and Black Biker Boots with Cute Satin Green Floral Midi Skirt

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I’m loving this look! This satin green floral midi skirt is made trendy with the inclusion of a cropped beige graphic tee, a black leather jacket, and black biker boots.

It’s edgy, has the right amount of attitude, and shows just how you can maximize your closet staples to create a chic casual look. Buy this skirt at Nasty Gal.

19. Cozy Nude Cardigan, White Mesh Tank Top, and Cute Nude Heels with Gorgeous Pink and Taupe Floral High-Low Ruffle Skirt

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Some of the cutest pieces a woman can own include a cozy cardigan, a tank top, a floral skirt, and of course, heels!

This nude cardigan has a ribbed design and sweeps mid-thigh. It was styled with a white tank top that has a mesh sweetheart neckline and a cute pink and taupe floral skirt, adorned with gorgeous ruffles that lead into a stunning high-low style. Buy this skirt at Lulus.

20. Simple White Tank Top and Stylish Brown Heels with Cute Multicolored Floral Maxi Skirt

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Feel free and relaxed in a floral maxi skirt that has a ruffled design, styled with a simple white tank top tucked inside.

It’s a cute look that you can either dress up with heels or keep things simple with a pair of your favorite brown or beige sandals. Buy this skirt at Pink Lily.

21. Cute Brown Ribbed Tank Top with Flirty Green and White Pleated Floral Mini Skirt

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Rock a playful outfit of the day by styling a cute ribbed tank top with a high-waisted floral mini skirt.

This green and white skirt has an A-line design with pleats that give a flirty feel. Complete this look with nude heels or maintain that easy-going vibe with a pair of white sneakers. Buy this skirt at Lulus.

22. Cute Nude Tank Top and Nude Heels with Girly Blue Floral Mini Skirt

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Here’s a blue floral mini skirt with a lovely tiered-ruffle design that you’ll look so adorable in. Simply style with a cute nude tank top and nude heels to complete this pretty ensemble. Buy this skirt at Pink Lily.

23. Classic Black Blouse and Edgy Black High Heel Boots with Ruched Black Floral Mini Skirt

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Add some spunk to your floral skirt OOTD by wearing a classic black blouse tucked inside, accessorized by a large black belt that clutches the waist, and edgy black high heel boots. Buy this skirt at Nasty Gal.

24. Cute Ribbed Button Down Blush Pink Blouse and Nude Block Heels with Multicolored Floral Tight Mini Skirt

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A tight multicolored floral mini skirt with a ribbed button-down blush pink blouse is the perfect way to accomplish a cute preppy look. Go the extra mile and finish this outfit with nude block heels. Buy this skirt at Pink Lily.

25. Stunning White Puffed-Sleeve Blouse and Cute Beige Heels with Multicolored Floral A-line Skirt

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This look is fun, girly, and stylish! It was a great choice to style this multicolored floral skirt with a white blouse because it allows the beauty of the skirt to really shine.

This beautiful blouse is holding its own though, with a sweetheart neckline and puffed sleeves that make this look even more stunning, plus the cutest beige heels to make you look royal. Buy this skirt at SHEIN.

Summary and Top Picks

These outfit options will definitely give you tons of ideas on how you can style your floral skirt. Whether it’s in the form of a tight skirt, a maxi skirt, or even one with frills and pleats, you’ll be rocking them with your favorite wardrobe pieces in no time.

My favorite looks from this compilation have got to be outfits 12, 17, and 20. They’re all so cute and actually make me excited about wearing floral skirts more often.

I’d love to know what you think. Which outfits do you see yourself wearing and why? Also, share any questions you have down below.

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