16 Cute Outfits With a Corduroy Skirt

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Corduroy skirts are known for being warm and have a suede texture. They’re really durable wardrobe pieces that are feminine and very chic. These skirts are many times brown and often paired with black or white tops. However, they do come in a variety of colors, and you can experiment as you see fit.
If you’re looking for a closet gem that you can pair with some of the basic pieces in your wardrobe, like a tank top and cardigan, and still look like a trendsetter, then you should add a corduroy skirt to your shopping list for your next trip to the mall. Whether it’s a long sleeve or off-the-shoulder top, a pair of boots or sneakers, your corduroy skirt will look great. Here are 16 cute outfits you can pair with a corduroy skirt. Get ready to have your mind blown!

1. Multicolored scarf, White Button-Up Blouse, and Brown Booties with Brown Corduroy Skirt

Steal The Look

Looking to add some finesse to your corduroy skirt outfit? Include a cute scarf like this one. The multi-tone theme of this scarf completely changes the feel of this look.

The white button-up blouse, brown corduroy skirt, and brown booties make a simple yet classic style combo but the scarf adds life and so much interest value.

2. Blue Corduroy Jacket, White Blouse, and White Boots with Blue Corduroy Skirt

Steal The Look

This matching blue corduroy suit is everything! The shade of blue is breathtaking, and I love that she paired it with a white top and white boots to really help the bright blue tone of the jacket and skirt pop.

Including a black purse was a good move as well, so as to not drown the outfit by accessorizing with the same colors.

3. Blue Denim Jacket and White Top with Brown Corduroy Skirt

Steal The Look

Style your blue denim jacket with a simple white top and your corduroy skirt, and you’d have created a simply stylish look. Not all style combos have to take you hours to figure out. 

Corduroy skirts are great options when you need to get dressed in a jiffy but still have to look gorgeous. You’ll find that they easily complement many of your wardrobe favoritesーa denim jacket and white top are no different.

4. Blue Denim Jacket and White Blouse with Pink Corduroy Skirt

Steal The Look

This is such a dolled-up look for the girly-girl at heart. The pink corduroy skirt and blue denim jacket make a stunning combination, which is enhanced by her pretty, pink, gold-chained purse.

5. Off-White Sweater Blouse and Brown Booties with Wine Red Corduroy Skirt

Steal The Look

I’m all here for this cozy fall look. I love how timeless the pieces look together and the deep wine red shade of this corduroy skirt looks lovely paired with this off-white sweater blouse.

She mixed it up with a pair of brown booties, giving the outfit a more modern essence.

6. Gray and White Plaid Trench Coat, White Blouse, and Brown, Knee-High Boots with Red Corduroy Skirt

Steal The Look

Now, this look reminds me of an outfit that a girl-next-door would wear. It’s very fashion forward and sophisticated. 

An outfit like this is well thought out. You have your mild, gray colored coat, dusty brown boots and a white top, all accentuated by a deep red corduroy skirt.

7. Black and White Stripe Blouse and Black Booties with Brown Corduroy Skirt

Steal The Look

This is a modern and chic look that will have you turning heads all day. A long sleeve top is always a modest way to go. When that top has stripes, it makes your look of the day more unique as opposed to wearing a plain blouse. 

It’s wise to tuck your top into your corduroy skirt to maintain a refined look, and of course, the black boots add an edgy flair to the whole ensemble. Furthermore, black, white, and brown just has a classy essence about it.

8. Black Leather Jacket, Black Turtle-Neck Blouse, Black Stockings, and Black Flats with Brown Corduroy Skirt

Steal The Look

A black leather jacket paired with a brown corduroy skirt is always an edgy outfit option. Paired with a turtle-neck top, a black belt, and matching flats, you’ll look sophisticated with a touch of sass.

9. White T-Shirt with Green Corduroy Skirt

Steal The Look

I’m loving the relaxed, cozy vibe this outfit is giving me. I can see myself pairing this look with white sneakers or even white booties, if I want to take a more chic approach. 

A simple necklace, cute watch, and a black handbag would be the icing on the cake.

10. White Flared-Sleeve Blouse with Red Corduroy Skirt

Steal The Look

I love a top that can be worn both on and off the shoulder. That double option makes dressing up so much more fun. This top is so beautiful with lovely patterns all over it, flared sleeves, and strings dangling from them.

Not to mention, the top appears to be super snug and the white color complements the rich red shade of the corduroy skirt. A leopard print belt was added to make this outfit even more stylish.

11. Black, Long Sleeve Blouse and Black Boots with Pink Corduroy Skirt

Steal The Look

What I love most about this look is the length of the pink corduroy skirt. I am used to seeing mini versions of these skirts, but I believe this one is absolutely stunning, as one layer is folded over the other and joined by a cute silver button.

This skirt could be paired with a dressy top and heels, but she decided to go a bit more laid back as she included a black, long sleeve top with black boots for a simply chic finish.

12. Black and White Stripe Blouse and Black Booties with Pink Corduroy Skirt

Steal The Look

Here’s a minimalistic style combo that is still very ladylike and polished–a black and white stripe top with black booties and a pink corduroy skirt. 

This clean-cut look was accessorized by a chic black and white purse which blends right in with the other pieces.

13. White, Long Sleeve Blouse and Brown Boots with Brown Corduroy Skirt

Steal The Look

A white, long sleeve top that can be worn off the shoulder, brown boots with a slightly checkered pattern and a brown corduroy skirt easily pull off a comfortable fashion combo for a romantic dinner date during the fall season. 

The corduroy skirt will keep you warm, as the white off-the-shoulder top shows off your flirty side. The boots incorporates an urban, outdoorsy flair.

14. Brown Floral Crop Top with Brown Corduroy Skirt

Steal The Look

This brown, floral crop top has a bohemian style and is very feminine. I love the puffed sleeves and bow tie at the front. They add an elegant essence to the whole outfit. 

The brown corduroy skirt is on the more relaxed side, but the flared detail gives it a classy twist.

15. White Puffed-Sleeve Blouse and Black Booties with Pink Corduroy Skirt

Steal The Look

Here’s a dressy look that I know for sure you’ll love. This white puffed-sleeve top is so ladylike. It’s given a more casual look by the pink corduroy skirt but has a trendy touch because of the black booties.

16. White Polkadot Blouse, Black Stockings, and Brown Flat Shoes with Green Corduroy Skirt

Steal The Look

For all my sisters who love to dress more on the preppy-chic side, this outfit will definitely give you some inspiration as to how to style your corduroy skirt. 

A white polka dot blouse is a great pick and when paired with black stockings and a pair of flats  you’ll be exuding French vibes, especially if you wear a cute beret. 

I need not say more about the beauty that is a corduroy skirt! What are your thoughts on these closet gems? How do you plan on styling your corduroy skirts in the future? Let me know in the comments below.
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