21 Cute Outfits with a Camo Skirt

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Camo is making a comeback but it’s tricky to pair with existing fashion staples. Personally, I love the tough but soft look a camo skirt adds to an ensemble. I just hate trying to fit camo into my already established color palette. Fortunately, I’ve finally mastered the camo color hack. 

The key to perfect camo is adding a solid neutral top or doubling up in a full camo outfit. Solid black or white shoes and accessories also punch up this look.

Not sure you can pull off this trend? No problem. Here, I’ll take you through a list of my cutest outfits with a camo skirt

1. Micro Mini and Matching Bralette

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This funky summer look gives me major 90s “Tank Girl” vibes. Nasty Gal’s camo micro mini and matching bralette pair surprisingly well with white ankle socks and sneakers. The sneakers add a casual touch, making it sidewalk appropriate for day or night. Buy this camo skirt at Nasty Gal.

2. Double Belted Wrap Skirt with Platform Slip-Ons

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A double-belted camo wrap skirt stands out beneath an understated sage green crop top. Black slip-on black platforms complete the look and equalize the green-on-green color palette. Buy this camo skirt at ASOS.

3. Ruched Camo Mini and Doc Martens

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This ruched bodycon mini toes the line between camo and tie-dye. With an almost watercolor effect, this skirt pairs perfectly with a plain white t-shirt and stark black Doc Marten boots. Add a black leather jacket on a cool evening to finish the look. Buy this camo skirt at ASOS.

4. The Sporty Skort

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A smooth front and pleated back give this sporty skort a tennis-pro meets school girl look. Paired with a sports bra, you’ll be ready to take on leg day in style. The hidden pocket in the shorts underneath makes the outfit fun and functional. Buy this camo skirt at SHEIN.

5. Drawstring Midi and Printed Tee

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Who knew a camo midi and printed t-shirt could make a statement? This outfit is fierce while maintaining a casual comfy vibe I love. The double side slit gives an extra leggy look without baring it all. A high-necked crop top makes your printed message pop. Buy this camo skirt at SHEIN.

6. Belted Denim Camo Skirt with Black Pleather Top

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This girl is channeling her inner action hero. A belted denim camo skirt with black pleather top and black sunglasses create an eye-catching combo. Wear the skirt high to draw attention to the most slimming part of your torso at the natural waist. Buy this camo skirt at SHEIN.

7. Stretchy Drawstring Camo Skirt and Black Crop Top

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This is another bodycon camo skirt, but with a casual drawstring finish. Add a solid black crop top and some killer black combat boots and you’re set for a trip to the mall or a night out with the girls. I’m a huge fan of the comfort level these stretchy skirts offer. Buy this camo skirt at SHEIN.

8. Pleated Camo Skirt and Tube Top

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Yes, I said tube top, but hear me out. This combo is classic Britney Spears with a modern twist. There’s something about pleated camo that makes me feel both powerful and feminine. The tube top simplifies the textured skirt, creating a captivating silhouette. Buy this camo skirt at SHEIN.

9. Bodycon Camo Skirt and Classic White Crop Top

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A slimming bodycon is a must-have for curvy girls with flair. This skirt has functional pockets and a slimming center seam design. It pairs perfectly with a plain white crop top, minimizing the busy camo pattern and emphasizing sunkissed skin. Buy this camo skirt at SHEIN.

10. Sun-Protective Camo Skort and Athletic Top

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This sporty combo is perfect for playing beach volleyball or taking a stroll in the sun. The skort has functional pockets and offers UPF 50 with a quick drying exterior. Pairing it with a solid gray athletic top accents the black, white, and gray camo print in the skort. Buy this camo skirt at Amazon.

11. Maxi Skirt/Midi Dress 2-in-1

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I love multi-purpose pieces. This is a 2-in-1 camo maxi skirt or midi dress (depending on how you wear it). As a skirt, I recommend pairing it with a stylish black bralette the way this girl has. With so much on the bottom, the minimal top makes the a-line stand out. Buy this camo skirt at Etsy.

12. Vintage Slit Camo Skirt with Black Tank Top

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A realistic military-style camo print looks amazing in a structured above-the-knee style with slit. This outfit works because of the simplicity of the black tank. Tuck the tank in for a pencil-skirt look that brings a whole new meaning to army chic. Buy this camo skirt at SHEIN.

13. Below the Knee Camo Skirt and Sweater

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A below the knee side slit skirt and sweater combo is a perfect example of camo working year-round. I love the casual slip-on sneaker she’s paired it with. Buy this camo skirt at Amazon.

14. Glam Flared Camo Skirt and Heels

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This flared camo skirt is military glam. A slightly frayed hem gives it a devil-may-care edge, while the chunky black strappy heels dress it up. The quilted purse and solid tank tone down the busy pattern. Buy this camo skirt at Etsy.

15. Casual Camo Denim Maxi and Solid Top

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A no slit camo maxi with a solid top makes this skirt the star. Normally, I’d pair a solid top with a matching shoe, but she’s rocking those burgundy flats and they work! Buy this camo skirt at Etsy.

16. Pleated Camo Midi Skirt and Patterned Bralette

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Normally, I wouldn’t pair camo with a pattern, but she is killing it. A pleated camo midi skirt and patterned bralette offer boho chic country girl vibes. Add a tan slouchy or cowboy boot to take it full circle. Buy this camo skirt at Etsy.

17. Layered Camo Skirt and Cardigan

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This girl has found the perfect color palette for a knee length camo skirt. I love how she’s chosen colors from within the skirt and layered them with neutral tan tones. By keeping the layers solid, this outfit comes together for a classic fall look. Buy this camo skirt at Nordstrom.

18. Long Fitted Camo Skirt and White Blouse

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Clean lines make this fitted camo skirt and high-neck white blouse slay. Camo tends to be casual, but she’s dressed this up with a pair of pointed toe heels. Add your favorite cuff-style bracelet to finish the look. Buy this camo skirt at Amazon.

19. Denim Camo Skirt and Nude Boot

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There’s nothing a nude boot can’t dress up. This short denim camo skirt gets turned up with a chunky heeled nude boot and solid fitted top. I’d wear this to lunch with the ladies, or for an afternoon date in the city. Buy this camo skirt at SHEIN.

20. Asymmetrical Camo Skirt and Tucked Tee

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I love any outfit that lets you dress up a t-shirt and this asymmetrical camo skirt nails it. The unique shape of the skirt gives it an avante garde feeling. Add a slouchy purse and bangles to round out the look. Buy this camo skirt at Etsy.

21. Dressed-Up Pleated Camo Midi and Strappy Sandals

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A pleated camo midi looks amazing with a dressy top and heel. This white blouse with frilled cap sleeves and strappy sandals are made for each other. Loving the skirt pockets. Buy this camo skirt at Etsy.

Summary and Top Picks

This article covers my favorite camo skirt ensembles. I’ve had plenty of trouble pairing camo pieces with existing closet staples in the past. I hope this list helps you master your camo color matching and find some new styles to try. 

Out of all the amazing ways to create cute outfits with a camo skirt, my favorites are:

  • #1 Micro Mini and Matching Bralette: The return of 90s fashion makes this outfit a top contender for me. The camo-on-camo color scheme is broken up by a bare midriff and plenty of leg.

  • #6 Belted Denim Camo with Black Pleather: I love the major “Matrix” vibes this outfit offers. It’s strong but feminine, and the black pleather takes it from casual day to clubwear. 

  • #9 Bodycon Camo Skirt and White Crop Top: As women, we all have days we feel a little curvier. This outfit is amazing for bloated PMS days when you still want to look slammin’. 

If you have any questions about how to mix and match camo skirts, leave me a comment! 

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