39 Cute and Comfy Work Outfits With Flats

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Flats are wardrobe necessities. There are those days when you just want to wear a pair of comfortable shoes, whether you’re dressed in a casual or formal way. Flats easily pull an outfit together and can be worn with any style combo you can think of. 

In this post, I’ll be focusing on cute and comfy work outfits you can wear with your flats. Whether you’re wearing an A-line skirt, a trouser, or a dress, flats will go perfectly with your office look, and most importantly, you’ll be comfortable. You won’t have to worry about taking your shoes off to give your feet a break either. Here are 39 cute and comfy work outfits that will inspire you to wear your flats more often.

1. Gray Blazer, White Blouse, and Black Pants with Black Flats

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I’m crazy about this chic look. The gray blazer is so cute and fitted – just the way I like it. When a blazer is fitted to your body, it looks far more professional and tasteful as well.  The white top is a great piece to blend right into the black trousers which are cropped to give a trendy style.

The black flats fit effortlessly with this whole ensemble, matching the black trousers and complementing the gray blazer and white top. She also looks super comfortable wearing them.

2. Nude Jacket, Nude Blouse, and Black Jeans with Black Flats

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A tailored fitted jacket creates a sophisticated look for the workplace. I also love how the white collar and cuffed sleeves make this out have a more chic appearance, paired with a beige top, black skinny jeans, and black flats.

3. Black Blazer, Black and White Striped Blouse, and Black Pants with Black Flats

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This black and white striped blouse is very sophisticated. I also like how it’s tucked into the black pants, creating a more stylish appearance. 

The black blazer she’s holding will also add a more professional flair for the workplace.

4. Brown Coat, Black and White Striped Blouse, and Blue Ripped Jeans with brown Flats

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A coat is a great way to make your work outfit more sophisticated. It will transform a casual look into one that’s more stylish. 

The black and white striped blouse and blue ripped jeans are completely casual pieces but the brown coat and brown flats, which are pointed at the front have a design that’s fit for the office.

5. Plaid Beige Jacket, White Blouse, and Blue Jeans with Black Flats

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This outfit is giving me vintage vibes, down to the black flats. I love the plaid pattern on the beige jacket, as well as, how long it is. Paired with jeans, this is business casual look spruced up by dark sunglasses.

6. Blush Pink Coat, Gray and White Polkadot Sweater Blouse, and Black Jeans with Nude Flats

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This coat has a sweet and charming blush pink color and has a professional flair which is perfect for the workplace.

Paired with this gray and white polkadot sweater blouse, black jeans and nude flats, a chic, doll-like style combo has been created.

7. Gray Blazer, White Blouse, and Black Pants with Black Flats

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This gray blazer has a classy style to it, with a black collar that complements the black trousers and matching flats.

The white top adds a lighter tone to the outfit and was accessorized with an elegant necklace with a black pendant.

8. White Sweater Blouse and Beige Pants with Nude Leopard Print Flats

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White tops have a way of making your outfit of the day look dashing and lady-like. Paired with these beige pants and nude leopard print flats, this is a super comfy and chic look for the office.

9. Off-White Cardigan, Off-White Blouse, and Brown Pants with Black Flats

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This entire look is super easy-going and will have you feeling relaxed at work all day. The off-white cardigan and matching top are loose, light, and appear to be quite soft. They were paired with chocolate-toned cropped trousers and a pair of simple black flats.

10. Gray and White Blouse and Gray Pants with Burgundy Flats

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This is a chic, office-worthy look that will have you attracting compliments all day. White and gray make a stunning combination, especially as the top has a gray pattern that blends with the trousers. 

Also, the flats and matching handbag have such a rich burgundy color that brings a lavish touch to the look.

11. Navy Blue Blazer, White and Blue Button Up Blouse and Navy Blue Pants with Yellow Flats

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I’ve always considered navy blue to be a regal color, and so I find this pantsuit to be nifty, even when paired with these yellow flats.

The yellow flats add a burst of color that complements this shade of blue so well. It also reflects fashion creativity and is a sign you can think outside the box when dressing for the workplace. You don’t have to stick to neutral colors all year long.

12. Black Blazer, Black and White Turtle Neck Blouse, Mauve Pants, and Black Flats

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Here’s a cozy, fashionable matchup for the office that is very fun – a black blazer, black and white turtle neck blouse, mauve pants, and black flats. 

The focus of this look is obviously the mauve pants, but this trouser doesn’t take away from the sophisticated essence of this look, which proves you can totally experiment with your more colorful pieces and incorporate them in your office-wear. 

Including black flats in this look really ties it all together into a simple and modest style combo.

13. Black Blazer, Black Blouse, and Black Jeans with Black Flats

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An all-black outfit makes for an edgy look for the office. Here’s a business casual look that is incredibly stylish, sharp, and easy to wear. 

I appreciate the silver accents on her black flats, matching jewelry and the brown purse, as a full black outfit can look plain when not accessorized.

14. Gray Blouse and Black Pants with Leopard Print Flats

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This a comfy, stylish look for the workplace. A gray, long-sleeve top paired with black pants is a simple look, but the leopard print flats add some personality and life to this outfit.

Notice as well that she incorporated a brown purse, which harmonizes well with her flats, giving this neutral look that needed pop of color.

15. Black Blazer, Burgundy Blouse, and Black Pants with Burgundy Flats

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This style combo has a lovely balance of color, with the burgundy and black shades really working well with each other. Burgundy and black are both classy colors that when paired together, create a refined look for the office.

The black blazer also has cuffed sleeves which is a professional feature as well. The suede material of these burgundy flats is quite feminine too, which I love, and the gray handbag is a nice touch, bringing contrast to the ensemble.

16. Orange Cardigan and Blue Dress with Orange Flats

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Pairing flats with your work dresses is an effortless combination that won’t take much time out of your daily morning routine. This blue dress has white collars which makes it an even more tasteful piece for the office. Simply wear a cardigan over your dress for added style and comfort.

17. Black Dress with Black Flats

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A black dress is a great style piece to have for the workplace. It’s easy to wear, and you’ll succeed at looking professional. 

Pair flats with your black dress if you’re aiming for a relaxed office look.

18. White Blazer, Gray Blouse, and Green Pants with Nude Flats

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All these pieces worn together make a girly and chic ensemble. The white blazer really brings this look to another level, complementing the gray top and soft green hue of the cropped pants. The nude flats also blend well with the overall neutral color scheme.

I love the frills at the end of the blouse as well. They incorporate a cute and feminine vibe into this look.

19. Blue Blouse and Black Pants with Black Flats

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This work outfit is stylish but not fussy by any means. A simple blue top paired with black pants and matching flats is an ideal matchup for the office. 

You can always elevate the look by accessorizing with gorgeous jewelry and a classy handbag.

20. Black Blouse and White Pants with Black Flats

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A lot of people are afraid to wear white pants, because they can get dirty easily, but you shouldn’t let that stop you from being fashionable in white. Sometimes, fashion is a bit risky. White pants are classy wardrobe pieces that will make you stand out in the office.

You don’t have to overdress when wearing a pair of white pants either – a simple top and pair of flats are enough to create a sophisticated look.

21. Black Button-Up Blouse and Green Skirt with Leopard Print Flats

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This outfit is mainly comprised of earth-toned pieces — a green skirt, brown belt, and black top, paired with leopard print flats.

This look will work well in the fall season during which clothing with warm tones such as dark green, brown, and black are often worn.

22. Black Blazer and Black and White Polkadot Dress with Red Flats

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There’s something about wearing a dress to work that’s so freeing. While pants give you a sharp professional appearance, you can still look respectable and refined wearing a dress to your job.

I’m loving this black and white polkadot dress as it looks so light and comfortable. The red flats complement the color of the dress exceptionally and really brings this look to life. You can tie your work dress look together with a neat blazer such as this one.

23. Brown Cardigan and Black Dress with Leopard Print Flats

Steal The Look

Here’s an easy going look that you will absolutely love wearing to work. Cardigans are the more comfortable versions of blazers, in my opinion. Their soft texture keep you warm as well. 

The cardigan was paired with a black dress that flares out at the end, adding a youthful twist to this look, along with leopard print flats. I also like that she added a brown belt to accentuate her waist, and it includes a cute detail to her outfit of the day.

24. Gray and White Striped Dress with Beige Flats

Steal The Look

People often believe flowy stylish dresses should be worn to the beach or for specific events, but they make great work dresses too. 

Gone are the days when women have to dress a specific way in the office – in tailor fitted sheath dresses that stop just above the knee with padded shoulders. You can wear graceful dresses such as this gray and white striped dress and top it off with your favorite flats.

25. Blue Blazer and Blue and White Striped Dress with Yellow Flats

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Here’s another comfy work outfit that is very fashion forward. Her blazer is long but you can opt for a shorter one that stops at your waist, to show off more of your dress’ design. 

I love that she chose bright yellow flats as well, making this a fun and vibrant look.

26. Black and White Polkadot Dress with Silver Flats

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This black and white polkadot dress paired with silver flats is a classy and regal ensemble. A look like this will work like a charm in the workplace – it’s simply flawless.

27. Black Cardigan, Burgundy Blouse, and Khaki Skirt with Burgundy Flats

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Can’t you just imagine walking into the office, rocking this fashionable, clean-cut look? Both the burgundy top and khaki skirt are formal pieces that complement each other well, especially where color is concerned, brought to completion by a casual black cardigan and suede burgundy flats.

28. Gray Sweater Blouse and Red Pants with Black Flats

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This look definitely falls into the cute and comfy work outfit category – a simple, long-sleeve gray sweater blouse, bright red pants, and stylish black flats.

This matchup would be ideal for the winter season, with a cozy black scarf to go with it.

29. Black and White Striped Blazer, White Blouse, and Orange Pants with Black Flats

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I love the high-fashion feel that I get when I look at this outfit. These orange pants may be considered loud but when paired with the right pieces, it works just fine for the office. 

The striped blazer is a decorous piece that harmonizes with the chic essence of this pair of pants, also blending with the white inside blouse and black flats.

30. Blue Button-Up Blouse and Khaki Pants with Black and Beige Flats

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This work outfit is the perfect mix of preppy and tomboy. The fitted button up top is preppy, particularly because of the baby blue shade and black neck bow tie; so are the adorable black and beige flats.

On the other hand, the khaki pants is a bit baggy around the hips and thighs which reduces the feminine quality, leaning more to a tomboy style.

31. Plaid Brown Blazer, White Blouse, and Black Jeans with Black and Black Flats

Steal The Look

This plaid brown blazer looks thick and like it’s of great quality. You’ll want to have pieces like this in your work wardrobe to give you that confident feel and look. 

The blazer is being worn with a warm, white top tucked into black skinny jeans. This business casual look was completed with a pair of multi-purpose black flats.

32. Brown Blazer, Black Blouse, and Light Blue Jeans with Black Flats

Steal The Look

Here’s an edgy, business casual look for my ladies who prefer to dress down a bit but still look like you mean business. This outfit embodies that completely. 

The brown blazer is sharp and ideal for business meetings, while the black inside blouse works as filler than can be paired with almost any bottom you own, matching her black flats. Also, the blue jeans are folded to give that rugged-chic look.

33. White TurtleNeck Blouse and Plaid Gray Pants with Black Flats

Steal The Look

This style combo is a chic, modern, and simple look for the office. This white turtleneck top is neatly tucked into her plaid gray pants, paired with comfy black flats.

34. White Blouse and Blue and White Polkadot Skirt with Brown Flats

Steal The Look

Here’s a summer look that is also office-friendly – a white top paired with a blue and white polkadot skirt with cute brown flats.

This is a lady-like style blend, and I love that a brown belt was incorporated to give that tasteful transition between the top and skirt, and also, to match with the brown flats and purse.

35. White, Sleeveless, Button-Up Blouse and Baby Blue Skirt with White Flats

Steal The Look

There’s no rule that says you can’t be girly in the workplace. The sleeveless white top comes with a cute bow tie at the front and looks darling with this doll-like baby blue princess skirt.

Also, I can just tell by looking that these white flats are oozing with comfort. They fit right in with the whole ensemble.

36. Black Sheer Blouse and Gray Jeans with Brown Flats

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This is a simple way that you can put together in minutes for a day at work. The black sheer top gives this look a professional edge, while the gray jeans and brown flats add a casual vibe.

37. Blue Cardigan, Blue and White Polkadot Blouse, and Khaki Pants with Brown Flats

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This ensemble is a mixture of different shades of blue and brown. Nonetheless, all the pieces work well together to create a comfortable work outfit.

I also appreciate the white polka dots on the blue top which helps this look stand out a bit more.

38. Blush Pink Blouse and Black Floral Skirt with Nude Flats

Steal The Look

I’m so in love with this girly pink, floral look. It’s on the more feminine side but still a stunning look for the office. 

The blush pink top is simple but very classy, especially with the golden necklace she’s wearing. It’s tucked into this elegant black floral skirt, and complemented by nude flats.

39. Blush Pink Cardigan, White Floral Blouse, and Green Pants with Nude Flats

Steal The Look

Here’s a cute, comfy, and modest look that is perfect for work. The color scheme of this outfit – blush pink, white, pale green, and nude — is pastel and just right for spring time.

Now that you’ve seen all these cute and comfy outfit inspirations that you can pair with your flats, will you be rocking them more often to the office? Which look was your absolute favorite? I’d love to know your thoughts. Let me know in the comments below.

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