21 Brown Tip Nail Designs for 2022 That Are So Chic

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Autumn, or as most tend to call it, fall, is here, and I’m so excited because that means we can look forward to a transition to our warm-toned pieces—trench coats, turtle necks, and knee-high boots—a change that will impact even our nails. 

Shades of brown and sophisticated designs will become the new vibe as fall is the season when comfort and chic aesthetics become key. That said, simplicity is a big deal as we head into the season, which is why we’ve seen an uptick in french tip designs.

One of the most classic designs you can ever wear, french tips aren’t going anywhere, and I’m glad because brown tip nails are finally getting the recognition they deserve. That’s the topic of discussion for this compilation.

I’ll be laying out all the reasons you should have brown tip nails at the top of your list for your next manicure. You’re about to see why brown is the neutral that shouldn’t be underestimated.

1. Brown Gradient French Tip Nails


We’re starting things off classy because that’s exactly what french rim nails are. A thin line of brown lacquer details each sheer nude nail in a trendy gradient design that’s so easy to achieve. Buy these nails at Etsy.

2. Brown Angled Almond French Tip Nails


Your french tip design doesn’t have to go at it alone. Pair the look with a solid-toned base and a cute angled french nail, each maintaining the all-brown theme. Buy these nails at Etsy.

3. Brown, Nude, and White Swirl Coffin French Tip Nails


Just because fall has a chill vibe doesn’t mean we have to throw creativity out the window. Pair your brown french tips with swirls in white and nude. 

The neutral aesthetic is still intact, all while you’re rocking a stylish mani. Buy these nails at Etsy.

4. Brown and White Gradient Almond French Tip Nails


Gradient brown french nails with white are so chic. Have your nail tech begin with a dark brown shade, shifting to mocha brown, caramel, nude, and then completing the look with white on the pinky. Buy these nails at Etsy. 

5. Chocolate Brown Coffin French Tip Nails


Chocolate brown tips on coffin nails make for a simple yet fashionable everyday design. Just complete the look with a glossy finish to complement the rich texture of the shade. Buy these nails at Etsy.

6. Brown Almond French Tip Nails With Swirls


Play up your brown french tips with a team of swirls overlaying the ring finger. This look pairs simplicity with style to create the perfect fall design. Buy these nails at Etsy.

7. Brown Square French Tip Nails With White Stars


You may be wondering how you can set your brown french nails apart this season, but even the smallest details can get the job done. For this look, white stars embellish select nails for a cute twinkling effect.

8. Short Brown French Tip Nails


Less is more, and these short brown french nails are so simple but still very chic, making the perfect choice for a versatile look.

9. Short Fine-Lined Brown French Tip Nails


Even more laid-back are these fine-lined brown french tips. Emphasis is placed on the sheer nude base, but the rich undertone of the brown tips makes them hard to miss.

10. Brown Cheetah Print Stiletto French Tip Nails


Tap into your inner fashionista this fall with these cheetah-inspired animal print brown french nails. This is a look worth flaunting day in, day out. A look worth dressing up for and a look worth wearing again. 

11. Brown Coffin French Tip Nails With Flowers and Sequins


For super pretty nails, floral art is a go-to. Styled with glitter and silver sequins, this look is for those fancy events where you just have to show out.

12. Brown Almond French Tip Nails With Gold Glitter


The primary color makes the designs, but the accents elevate the look. Here, gold glitter brings an elegant touch to these brown french nails, applied at the tip of the ring finger in a trendy angled design.

13. Brown Coffin French Tip Nails With White Hearts


Brown isn’t generally seen as a romantic color but coupled with white hearts overlaying a french tip design, a flirty look is automatically achieved.

14. Brown Almond French Tip Nails With Plaid Print


The plaid design on these nails just screams fall to me. After all, the pattern is commonly worn during the season, whether in tops or stylish scarves.

15. Short Brown Gradient French Tip Nails With White Dots and Stars


Short brown gradient nails are super cute, but they’re even more flattering with these tiny dots and stars to make them eye-catching.

16. Brown and Nude Almond Double French Tip Nails


Put a stylish spin on your nails with a double french tip design. Opt for a clear base to keep things simple before transitioning to thin brown lines, outlining a nude tip.

17. Brown Square French Tip Nails With Butterflies and Silver Sequins


We couldn’t have a fall-inspired compilation without butterfly nails. These orange butterflies fit in perfectly with the warm-toned theme. They complement the brown tips effortlessly, accentuated by silver sequins for a glamorous touch.

18. Short Brown Round French Tip Nails With White Smile Line


A cute way to enhance your brown french nails is by using a high-contrast color to create the smile line. For this look, white is used to make the brown tips pop while adding a chic flair to the overall design.

19. Brown Square French Tip Nails With Brown Heart


Drop a heart on the side of your nails to complement your brown french tips. Adding a brown heart to a nude base is something so simple, but it makes a big difference.

20. Brown Marble Coffin French Tip Nails


To achieve an elegant french tip look, a marble design polished in shades of brown will easily bring the nails of your dreams to life.

21. Short Brown French Tip Nails With Rose Gold Glitter


Spruce up your brown french tips with a touch of rose gold glitter. Trail the sparkling accent along the smile line of select nails for a classy appeal.

Summary and Top Picks

As we head into fall, don’t be left behind. Brown french tips are the nail look of the season, and I’m confident you’ll find the perfect designs for you from this amazing compilation.

As for me, my favorite designs are:

  • #8 Short Brown French Tip Nails: This is definitely my go-to look for a simple fall nail design.
  • #10 Brown Cheetah Print Stiletto French Tip Nails: What can I say? The cheetah print won me over at first glance.
  • #14 Brown Almond French Tip Nails With Plaid Print: Plaid is perfect for fall fashion, so these nails are definitely in tune with the season.

What about you? Which of these brown tip nail designs are your favorites? Let me know in the comments below.

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