21 Cute Brown Heart Nail Design Ideas for 2022

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Most people probably associate hearts with Valentine’s Day and the colors red, pink, and white. But of course, heart nail designs are great for adding a cute touch to any outfit all year round. They also come in a variety of colors to suit your preferences. 

One of these colors is brown. From the soft and sophisticated nude brown to the luxurious and striking chocolate brown, there are plenty of shades that look gorgeous in brown heart nails

Are you ready to take a look at all the stylistic possibilities? Let’s dive right in!

1. Brown and Nude Two-Color Heart Nails


These two-tone nails are super cute and simple. 

With one heart in a soft beige tone and the other in a warm brown color, they have a subtle contrast that gives it some visual interest without taking away from the minimalist theme. Buy these nails at Etsy.

2. Brown Concentric Heart Nails With Brown Marble Effect


These nails have a mostly solid color look with a marble effect on the ring finger for some extra flair. 

But of course, the main focus of these nails is the concentric heart design painted on the middle finger, which stands out against the simpler design elements. Buy these nails at Etsy.

3. Brown Nails With Concentric Heart Design


These nails are mostly solid-colored, which naturally draws your eyes to the concentric heart design on the middle finger. 

I also like the slight color contrast between the cool brown that makes up the solid color nails versus the warm, chocolatey brown used in the concentric heart design. 

It goes to show you can still have color contrast even when using a single color! Buy these nails at Etsy.

4. Chocolate Brown and Nude Nails With Two-Color Hearts


This is another minimal two-tone design. The great thing about these types of designs, besides their simple beauty, is that they’re made to match with all your favorite outfits. 

For a cute fall or winter look, pair them with some brown riding boots. Or, for a year-round look, try pairing them with a brown skirt. There are tons of fashion possibilities to explore! Buy these nails at Etsy.

5. Dark Brown and Nude Nails With Hearts


This design uses an even darker brown color for most of the nails with a light nude tone. It’s not quite as bold as black and white, but it has a similar contrasting effect and still looks striking, even without a ton of design elements.

 Just add some cute little hearts, and you have a striking nail design that you’re ready to rock anytime. Buy these nails at Etsy.

6. Brown Concentric Heart Nails With Abstract Swirls


This is a classic concentric heart design with an even simpler aesthetic. These nails have fewer shades of brown used than the other concentric designs on this list, leading to the minimal aesthetic. 

The abstract linework on these nails is very unique and gives it somewhat of a marker-like effect, which I really like. Buy these nails at Etsy.

7. Brown and Nude Nails With Single Brown Heart


Brown heart nail designs don’t have to be complicated. Even a single brown heart can is enough to add a dash of cuteness to an all-solid-color design. 

If you really want to embrace minimalism, consider going for a shorter nail length like in this design. Buy these nails at Etsy.

8. Caramel Nails With Brown and White Concentric Heart Design


These are some gorgeous-looking caramel color nails. The heart design on these almost looks like latte art. It’s great if you’re a coffee lover or if you just like this soft brown color palette. Buy these nails at Etsy.

9. Short Concentric Brown Heart Nails


These nails keep things cute, simple, and short. The solid color design gives more room for the concentric brown heart design to shine. Buy these nails at Etsy.

10. Concentric Brown Heart Nails With Three-Tone French Tips


This design switches things up with not only a gorgeous concentric heart design but also a three-tone french tip design with cute little brown heart accents. Buy these nails at Etsy.

11. Small Concentric Brown Heart Nails With French Tips


The small concentric heart design here has a cute look, and I love the french tips as well. It adds a little touch of elegance to the design, and it’s simple enough not to steal the show away from the hearts. Buy these nails at Etsy.

12. Nude and Brown Heart Nails


This is a cute and simple brown heart look, and the varied placement of the hearts on the design adds some interest. 

Feel free to experiment with the amount of hearts on the design and where they’re placed for a design that’s uniquely yours! Buy these nails at Etsy.

13. Gradient Brown Heart Nails


This is a beautiful set of nails with a gradient effect on both the hearts and the solid color around them. One goes from dark to light and the other from dark to light, so it maintains color contrast throughout. Buy these nails at Etsy.

14. Concentric Brown Heart Nails With Gradient French Tip


This is another unique brown heart nail design. I really love how the heart is placed on the nail for a slightly asymmetrical look. 

It also stands out thanks to the gradient french tip design. But even with these two standout design elements, it doesn’t look too busy since the shades perfectly coordinate with the ones inside the heart. Buy these nails at Etsy.

15. Nude and Brown Concentric Heart Nails


This is a super symmetrical look, both with the concentric heart on the middle finger and the two shades of brown on the other fingers. 

I like that the concentric heart switches things up by being longer vertically, accentuating the length of the nails. It’s a beautiful look for long-coffin or ballerina nails. Buy these nails at Etsy.

16. Brown and White Concentric Heart Nails With Linework


This concentric heart nail design has more contrast going on thanks to the darker shades of brown used. It looks bolder against the white as opposed to a different shade of brown like nude or light caramel. Buy these nails at Etsy.

17. Chocolate Brown and White Heart Nails


And speaking of dark brown against white, this is another nail design that incorporates the concept well. 

Even though the hearts in this design are small, the color contrast naturally draws attention to them. You don’t have to have a complicated design for a bold look if you use the right colors! Buy these nails at Etsy.

18. Abstract Lines and Brown Heart Nails


This concentric heart design is a little different since it uses two shades of brown for each heart over a brown backdrop. It creates significantly less contrast and leads to a softer look. Buy these nails at Etsy.

19. Concentric Brown Heart Gradient Nails


If you really want your concentric brown hearts to stand out, one way to do that is by opting for longer nails. That way, you’re able to fit more hearts on one nail and really call attention to the design. 

This one has five concentric hearts visible, making it impossible to miss! I also appreciate the gradient effect on the other nails, which matches perfectly and leads to a well-coordinated look. Buy these nails at Etsy.

20. Brown and White Heart and Checkerboard Nails


Want to give your brown heart nails a bit of retro flair? Try adding a checkerboard pattern! It’s not a traditional combination by any means, but the color coordination in this design allows it to work well, regardless. 

Just add some fine glitter accents, and you’re ready to show off this unique nail design to everyone! Buy these nails at SHEIN.

21. Short Brown Heart Glitter Nails


You’ve already seen the beauty of inverted brown heart nail designs with one dark heart on a light background and one light heart on a dark background. But this design adds another set of opposites: glitter and no glitter! 

The nude parts of the design have no glitter, while the dark brown parts do. This prevents the design from having sparkle overload and adds another distinction between the contrasting shades.

Summary and Top Picks

Did you enjoy looking at all these brown heart nail designs? I know I did! I love how these designs are all-neutral, allowing them to match with nearly any outfit you have in your closet. The brown hearts also look super cute, whether you want to wear them on Valentine’s Day or any time during the year. 

If I had to pick some favorites, I’d have to go with:

  • #3 Brown Nails With Concentric Heart Design: I appreciate how both cool and warm brown tones were used in this design, adding a unique twist to this trendy look.
  • #10 Concentric Brown Heart Nails With Three-Tone French Tips: These brown heart nails really stood out to me due to their unique aesthetic. They had the classic concentric heart look, of course, but the three-tone french tips really stand out. I also love the cute little heart accents on them. 
  • #17 Chocolate Brown and White Heart Nails: I really love the dark brown against the white in this look. The design keeps things simple with three little hearts, yet it still looks striking thanks to the colors used. 

Now it’s your turn! Which one of these brown heart nail designs would you want to wear and why? Let me know in the comments!

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