The 6 Best Shoes to Wear With Pencil Skirt

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So, pencil skirts are pretty common, right? I think it’s safe to say that we all own one or two of these skirts and wear them quite often as well. They can be worn for formal events, to the office, and even for a regular day out in the town. The type of shoes we pair with pencil skirts though are what we should use to help define the look we want to create.

You may be saving your pencil skirts for your job or a particular event because, let’s be honest, they do come in handy when you’re aiming to look well put together, as they are great for outlining our curves in a modest way, but you can also dress them down with your sneakers or doc martens for a casual style combo. 

There’s just so much I have to share, so I’m about to dish out all the style secrets you need when it comes to finding the right shoes to wear with pencil skirts.

1. Black and White Sneakers with Black Pencil Skirt

Steal The Look

Steal The Look

I love wearing sneakers with my pencil skirt because the match-up is just so easy to pull off. I’m not always in the mood to wear jeans which is what we often reach for when wearing sneakers. However, sometimes I want to dress up just a bit by wearing a pencil skirt.

You can’t go wrong with black and white sneakers. They’re a closet staple that make planning your outfit of the day so much more feasible and I’m all about practicality when it comes to fashion.

2. Nude Pumps with Black Leather Pencil Skirt

Steal The Look

Steal The Look

Who else loves black leather pencil skirts? I’m won over by the fact that they’re not your usual black skirt as the shiny look and rubbery texture they have just make the entire look stand out.

Some believe a leather pencil skirt should never be worn to classy events but I beg to differ. These nude pumps prove that notion incorrect, and they promote this look into something I would definitely wear to a business meeting. The pumps make this leather skirt more official.

3. Nude Block Heels with Gray Pencil Skirt

Steal The Look

Steal The Look

Block heels are one of my style favorites because not only are they chic, but they also keep me steady and balanced as I’m walking. For me, there’s nothing more assuring than knowing you won’t fall over when you’re trying to make a fashionable appearance.

Block heels are also quite comfortable, and so I’m confident that when I’m off to an event, wearing my pencil skirt, I’ll be able to look gorgeous while keeping my shoes on for the entire night.

4. White Doc Martens with Blue Pencil Skirt

Steal The Look

Steal The Look

Doc Martens are another casual footwear option to go for when wearing a pencil skirt, but one thing I admire about these shoes is that they give your pencil skirt outfit a more high-fashion look. 

I think it’s fair to say that Doc Martens are a mixture of sneakers and boots, which means they present a casual vibe as well as a trendy appearance.

5. Black Leather Boots with Gray Pencil Skirt

Steal The Look

Steal The Look

Boots have become widely accepted and are being worn on various occasions: to work, to school, to parties, and a dozen other places. There’s something about wearing boots that makes an outfit a whole lot cooler to me.

This particular combination of boots and a pencil skirt could be donned in the workplace. You’d still look respectable but just with a bit of boldness thrown in there.

6. Black Strappy Stilettos with Black Pencil Skirt

Steal The Look

Steal The Look

Sometimes when I’m feeling myself, I gladly wear stilettos with my pencil skirt. There’s an empowering feeling I receive when I wear a form fitting pencil skirt with my heels that help me stand tall and keep my poise.

Another thing I have to mention is the split in the back of this skirt. It’s eye-catching and brings a touch of attitude that makes this outfit irresistible.

I want to encourage you all to try it out; take a moment out of your day to pair all your shoes with your pencil skirts and stand amazed at how well most of them will look. How has this blog post helped you? Which look was your absolute favorite? Tell me, in the comment section below.

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