Best Shoes to Wear With a Mermaid Dress

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Mermaid dresses are probably one of the most beautiful dresses out there. I really love them because of how well they show off a woman’s figure by hugging and enhancing curves.

Keep in mind that we’re talking about mermaid dresses in this post, not trumpet dresses. Similar, but not quite. Alright, let’s continue.

We don’t see mermaid dresses on the streets or in every day wear, unfortunately. Could you imagine being royal or living back in the early 1900’s where you wore your best clothes every day? 

Instead, they’ve become increasingly popular for formal wear, such as at proms, balls, formal work events, and as wedding dresses! Even if you get to wear one once a year, you’ll surely WOW everyone around you and keep them talking about it!

This topic is sort of a tricky one, because typically, mermaid dresses go to the ground and cover your feet, therefore your shoes stay covered. So your needs and comfort level will be key players in deciding what to wear with your own mermaid dress.

Not only will the event you’re attending influence what shoes you’re wearing, but the structure of your dress will be an enormous factor also. 

A very structured dress will likely keep its form and not show your shoes at all, whereas one that is not structured will flow behind you as you walk, giving a quick shoe peep show as you step.

Since mermaid dresses are meant to go to the ground, you’ve got to pay attention to your shoe selection.

If you choose to wear heels, you need to be sure that the heels aren’t so high that they pick your dress up off the ground. If you wear flats, you need to be sure your dress is tailored enough that you aren’t stepping on the front of it or dragging it too much (unless that’s something you’re going for).

I’m going to show you a couple of cute shoe ideas to wear with mermaid wedding dresses as well as cute shoes to wear with a mermaid event or evening dress, such as a prom or ball gown.

Best Shoes to Wear With a Mermaid Wedding Dress

Mermaid Wedding Dress with a Relaxed Structure

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This gorgeous, v-neck, spaghetti-strap, lace mermaid dress has a relaxed structure, so when she walks, the dress pulls back some and see the toe of her shoesㅡat the very least. 

If you choose to wear heels with your dress, a cute pair of strappy heels will do the trick. Don’t forget a fresh pedicure!

Mermaid Wedding Dress with a Structured Shape

Steal The Look

This elegant, strapless, mermaid dress has more structure and a stiffer material, so the chances of seeing her shoes are probably slim. This means that if you decide not to wear heels, you can basically wear whatever you want.

A pair of flats, sparkly sandals, or even sneakers. Crazy, right? I’ve known women who wore sneakers and even cowboy boots when they got married! Unconventional wedding shoes is a thing, I promise. 

Here are some cute examples of shoes that could be worn!

Best Shoes to Wear With a Mermaid Prom Dress or Ball Gown

Mermaid Prom Dress or Ball Gown With a Relaxed Structure

Steal The Look

Isn’t this silver, sequin dress super pretty? The open, strappy back really turns up the sexy factor, too.

But if you take a look at the bottom, you’ll see that this dress pools around her feet and trails behind her. This does not give you much opportunity to show off cute shoes. 

Since it is such a long dress, she’s probably wearing heels, so if this is something you’re after, take advantage of comfortable heels!

I would probably try to match my shoes to something, whether it is my clutch or purse, the event’s theme color(s), or something my date is wearing.  

For example, if this is for prom and the theme is mardi gras, it would be awesome to find vibrant purple heels to wear!

Setting color aside, feel free to pair pumps, strappy stilettos, or a chunky heel with your dress!

Best Shoes to Wear With a Structured Prom Dress or Ball Gown

Steal The Look

Given that the structured dress all but promises to cover your shoes, I’d shoot for a more comfortable shoe, such as a chunky heel on a pair of open-toed shoes with an ankle strap. 

Chunky heels provide more support than a stiletto, so you’ll have less foot pain. Having an ankle strap allows you to adjust the tightness and usually prevents any blistering on the back of your foot, and the same typically applies with having an open toe (but that isn’t always the case). 

If the dress permits it, you could get away with a cute pair of flats or even boots if you wanted!

So, let’s review. Mermaid dresses cover your feet and your shoes won’t be a big focal point. Unstructured mermaid dresses may show your shoes when you walk, structured mermaid dresses will not.

Have you ever wore a mermaid dress? What was the occasion? What type of shoes did you wear? Tell me in the comments below!

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