Best Shoes to Wear With a Lace Dress

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Lace dresses are such beautiful dresses. The lace gives them this hint of elegance that you just don’t get with dresses that aren’t without them being a true formal dress or gown. 

I really love lace dresses during the summer, even though they’re amazing all year round. Something about how light and airy they are maybe? 

Plus they don’t need a lot added to them because their design already brings so much character to their lookㅡwhich by the way, there are so many different lace patterns it calls for a lot of diversity!

So recently, I bought a spaghetti strap summer lace dress with these big chunky buttons up the front. 

The lace is a cream color and the buttons are a faux wood, so choosing which way to go with my footwear was something where I wasn’t limited on options, but I really couldn’t commit to what shoes to wear with it. 

I can’t be the only one who loves shoes and has several options to choose from in my closet! The struggle, right? 

I wanted to show you some cute examples of shoes you can wear with your different lace dresses!

1. ​​​Best Shoes to Wear With Red Lace Dress

Steal The Look

Steal The Look

Red lace dresses are such sexy dresses. They all are, really, but something about the red is fierce!

Of course, red dresses come in different shades, so what shoes you’ll wear can be based on that, on what type of dress you’re wearing, and what you’re wearing it for.

This look here, for example, she’s wearing nude heels and a nude bag with her red lace dress. Nude shoes is going to be a universal color for all of these lace dresses.

Black, white, gold, some animal prints, and even red of the same shade will work great with these lace dresses! 

Also, it should be made known that you don’t have to wear heels with these dresses. That’s also when where you’re going will come into play. Of course, you probably don’t want to wear heels when you’re out shopping!

2. Best Shoes to Wear With a Black Lace Dress

Steal The Look

Steal The Look

Black, like the red lace dress, is one of the sexier colors so we see a lot of heels. Check out this stunner with peep toe heeled boots! 

This is a great example that you can wear other types of heels with your lace dresses. Picture a pair of thigh high or over-the-knee boots with this dress! 

Check out these over-the-knee boots I’m wearing with a sweater dress, they’d be a fun addition to a short black lace dress!

If you weren’t wanting to wear heels, a cute pair of gladiator sandals would be a great shoe to wear with it. I’d love to see a pair of metallic shoes or animal print with these black lace dresses too!

​3. ​​Best Shoes to Wear With White Lace Dress

Steal The Look

Steal The Look

White lace dresses are gorgeous summer dresses! They look so great against sun tanned skin, plus it is really easy to add bright pops of color with them!

But I wanted to show you how awesome a lace dress can be with a pair of tall gladiator sandals. These ones have small heels in the back, which will help elongate the leg and always make our legs and backsides look good!

These ones are almost a camel color, so a little different than the nude we see in the very first outfit with the red lace dress. 

White lace dresses are the perfect opportunity to add pops of color to your look. Check out my white lace dress outfit with yellow sandals to see how cute it looks!

4. Best Shoes to Wear With Navy Lace Dress

Steal The Look

Steal The Look

Another shoe that can be worn with lace dresses are cowboy boots! These don’t get the action they deserve, but they’re actually super cute with lace dresses!

These ones you see are brown, but with navy, you could easily wear black, white, nude, gold, or silver colored shoes with navy lace dresses!

I think a pair of camel or gray ankle booties would be really cute with this dress too!

So, to recap. Lace dresses go really great with all types of shoes, it just depends on where you’re going that day to determine what type of shoes to wear! Then, once you’ve got that picked out, the fun part of picking colors to match happens. 

Out of the shoes I’ve shown you with these dresses, which was your favorite? Did you like the cowboy boots with the lace dress? What about the gladiator sandals with the summery white lace dress? Would you wear the peep toe ankle booties with the black one? What about nude pumps with a red dress? Tell me in the comments below!

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