24 Amazing Outfits With High-Low Skirts

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When I see a high-low skirt, the first thing I think of is that it’s such an elegant, girly piece. High-low skirts have a regal essence that makes them perfect pieces to create a classy, feminine look, and no matter what you style them with they maintain that plush flair.

High-low skirts will go with your casual tops, dressy blouses, and even your work shirts. In this post, I’ll be showing you the best way to style them, and how you can elevate the whole look with the right shoes and accessories. Here are 24 amazing outfits with high-low skirts.

1. Leopard Print Blouse and Nude Heels with Black High-Low Skirt

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I believe every now and then we should let our inner girly girl shine and a black, A-line, high-low princess skirt will help you to do just that.

This skirt reminds me of something a royal woman would wear to a ball. Styled with this leopard print top and nude pumps, this outfit is oozing classiness.

2. Black Blouse and Black Knee-High Boots with Leopard Print, High-Low Skirt

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There's just something so trendy and daring about black, and I just can't get over how awesome black, knee high boots look with high-low skirts either. 

Styled with this leopard print, high-low skirt and black, turtle neck top, a chic, edgy look has been brought to life.

3. Black Blouse and White Heels with Burgundy, High-Low Skirt

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Dress to impress by styling a burgundy high-low floor length skirt with white stilettos and a dressy black top.

I love the design of this skirt and how the frills are positioned to the side giving the look a different feel. A black clutch would complete this outfit perfectly.

4. White Lace, Crop Top and Brown Booties with Blue Floral, High-Low Skirt

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A floral high-low skirt is one of the most elegant pieces you can own. This one is light-weight and slightly see through, making it a suitable swimsuit cover up for the beach in summertime.

It was worn with bronze booties and a cute white lace top with a deep v-cut at the neckline which introduces a flirty feel to the outfit.

5. White, Long-Sleeve Blouse and Brown Boots with Dusty Red, High-Low Skirt

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This casual, long-sleeve white shirt really brings out the beautiful red shade the high-low skirt has and the brown boots blend in nicely as well, adding a warm tone to the outfit.

I also love the skirt’s frills and layers. They remind me so much of rose petals, and they add a level of beauty and femininity to the outfit.

6. White, Long-Sleeve Blouse and Black Heels with Gray Tulle, High-Low Skirt

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There’s no rule that you can’t be comfortable and classy at the same time. Style a white, long-sleeve top with your high-low skirt. 

This gray tulle skirt is extremely elegant, beautifully contrasting the sophisticated nature of the casual top. 

7. Black Tank Top and Black Heels with Gray Striped, High-Low Skirt

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Incorporate your black foundation pieces into a dressy style combo by wearing a classy, high-low skirt such as this flowy, gray striped piece. 

A black tank top and heels are wardrobe must haves. Take advantage of their versatility.

8. White Graphic Tee and Nude Heels with Orange, High-Low Wrap Skirt

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Graphic tees and high low skirts? Yes please! I'm so here for this look. An edgy, white graphic tee with bold golden lips was styled with an orange, high-low wrap skirt and nude heels.

A Wrap skirt is one of those pieces that is womanly and oozes confidence. Plus, orange is a shocking color that can’t go unnoticed.

9. Black Blouse and Black Booties with Burgundy, Leopard Print Skirt

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Pairing your black booties with your high-low skirt is such a relaxing feeling. Both pieces are really comfortable and stylish at the same time, and so looking fashionable is made to be a piece of cake. 

Throw a basic black top into the mix to maintain the simplicity and easy going feel of the look.

10. Black Off-the-Shoulder Blouse and Black Heels with Blue and White Patterned High-Low Skirt

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You can do absolutely no wrong by styling your high-low skirt with a fitted off-the-shoulder black top and matching stilettos. These foundation pieces make her blue and white skirt stand out effortlessly.

Plus, wearing a high-low skirt with an off-the-shoulder top and black heels is an elegant mix. Also, the color scheme of blue, white, and black make a pleasant combination.

3. White Blouse and Nude Sandals with Gray High-Low Skirt

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You can also opt for a high-low skirt when you want to wear a cute, comfy, and casual outfit. This gray, high-low skirt is so cute and flowy and looks easy to just slip right into.

It was paired with the cutest nude sandals and a basic white top that was tied at the front which is a laid back, stylish detail.

4. White Tank Top and White Sneakers with Blue High-Low Skirt

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You can also style your high-low skirt with a simple tank top and sneakers. As you enjoy the comfort of your skirt, including sneakers will add a sporty touch to your look. Plus, they're super comfortable. 

The white tank top is another easy-to-wear piece, enhanced by this adorable sky blue high-low skirt.

7. White Button-Up Blouse and Black Block Heels with Blush Pink, High-Low Skirt

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A pink, high-low skirt is another tasteful piece that I love to see. This one is flowy with wide pleats. 

It was paired with an everyday, white button-up office shirt and black block heels for a simple, effeminate finish.

8. White Blouse and Brown Mules with Multicolored Floral, High-Low Skirt

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This look was made just for spring time. Not only do the colors match the season, but the relaxed nature of this outfit is also fitting.

A white blouse was paired with brown mules and a comfy, multicolored floral skirt along with a brown handbag and matching hat.

9. Black Blouse and Black Heels with Burgundy High-Low Skirt

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Create a breathtakingly classy ensemble by matching a black, long-sleeve top with black heels and a gorgeous burgundy, high-low skirt. 

What makes this look even more flattering and feminine is the bow tie at the waist of the skirt.

10. White Satin Blouse and Nude Heels with Pink, High-Low Skirt

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This satin-themed outfit is strikingly beautiful – a white top and pink, high-low skirt with nude heels. 

The shine coming from the fabric is making this outfit glow against her skin, and also, the colors - white, pink, and nude make the most charming combination.

12. White Crop Top and Brown Heels with Black Floral, High-Low Skirt

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I love a good dressy white top. This one is a crop top with flared sleeves worn with brown heels and a beautiful, black floral, high low skirt. 

This look is perfect for a garden party or romantic evening dinner.

13. White Crop Top and Black and White Sneakers with Green, High-Low Skirt

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One of my favorite things to do when it comes to fashion is create a style blend between sporty and flirty. The white crop is one of the flirty, adorable pieces with puffed princess sleeves. 

The green, high-low skirt is flirty too and will look great when worn on a bright sunny day. Both pieces were paired with black and white sneakers for a sporty touch.

15. Blue Denim Jacket, White Graphic Tee, and White Sandals with White High-Low Skirt

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A blue denim jacket will look amazing with your high-low skirt just like it does with this white skirt with matching sandals and a white graphic tee. A high-low skirt will add a girly flair to those casual pieces.

17. Black Leather Jacket, White Blouse, and Black Heels with Green, High-Low Skirt

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Be fashion forward by styling your black leather jacket with your high-low skirt. This is an edgy look that you can go for if you're a tomboy and need to dress a bit girly for an occasion. Add a cute tank top and heels to complete the look.

21. Black and White Striped Blouse and Black Pumps with Black, High-Low Skirt

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A white and black striped top paired with a black, high low-skirt and black pumps is such a stylish look. I just love the poise exuding from this ensemble.

22. White Blouse and Burgundy Booties with Green, High-Low Skirt

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Your high-low skirt can also be worn during the fall season. Just pair it with one of my favorite fall pieces — booties. 

This green, high-low skirt was styled with a white top and burgundy booties. A nude or gray cardigan would pull this look together nicely.

23. Blue Denim Jacket, Pink Blouse, and Brown Heels with White Floral, High-Low Skirt

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In this look, a pretty pink top was paired with brown heels and a white floral, high-low skirt for an adorable, classy combo. 

She also has a blue denim jacket which will add a trendy and more casual vibe to this look.

24. Red Blouse and White Heels with White and Black Polkadot, High-Low Skirt

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Red and polkadots always make a classy combination. Here, a bright red top was styled with a white and black polkadot, high-low skirt and white heels for a modest and elegant appearance.

High-low skirts will definitely add some light to your wardrobe and make dressing up much more enjoyable. Will you be placing your high-low skirts in steady rotation? Which of these looks is your favorite? Let me know in the comments section.
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