7 Cute Outfits to Wear With a Cast

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Have you ever broken, fractured, or sprained something? Those huge unsightly casts are not fun, especially when you’re having to wear them for a while- especially if you’re a fashionista. They’re certainly not the ideal accessory.

So what do you wear with them? Are you doomed to wearing sweats the entire time to keep them covered? No ma’am! Fashion is forgiving, you can totally adjust and accommodate your style to still be cute while wearing a cast.

But how? I’m about to show you 7 cute outfits you can wear with a cast (some are even hacks!)  Don’t let a broken or sprained bone break your fashion spirit girlfriend!

1. Wearing a Cast With a Summer Dress

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A cute summer dress will probably be one of the easiest things to wear if you have a cast on your leg! Permitting that it is warm enough outside, of course. 

In this picture you see Reese Witherspoon rocking a cute white dress with a cardigan over top and converse. It’s cute and casual, perfect for a day running errands!

2. Wearing a Cast With Ripped Jeans

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This probably would only work if your leg/ foot cast was removable because getting jeans over top of a cast might be a struggle! 

However, this is a cute look that sort of plays into the rough and rugged vibe of the cast. Heavily distressed denim, a bodysuit, a leather jacket, and one of the mates of some Nike sneakers with a pop of color from her blue handbag makes for a cute almost rock and roll outfit! 

If you weren’t wanting to wear a bodysuit, a graphic tee would also be cute!

3. Wearing a Cast with Athletic Clothes

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This one is sort of funny because the chances of you working out with an injury isn’t high, but athleisure is one of the best things that fashion has given us so here is a cute way to rock the athleisure look with your cast and look great doing so.

Hailey Baldwin is spotted out shopping rocking some sheer leggings and a sports bra with a button up wrapped around her waist beneath an oversized jacket. Of course, you have to complete the look with sneakers- or sneaker in this case!

4. Accessorizing Your Cast

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This one cracks me up, because Demi took full advantage of amping up her look by adding studs to the straps on her cast and I’m here for it!

If you’re heading out for the night, don’t let your cast or boot stop you from looking glamorous. Bedazzling the straps to match another part of your outfit (like her jacket’s hardware) is such a creative way to make the cast itself cute!

Simple black skinny jeans, a gray and black tunic, with a studded leather jacket is a great outfit for going out in a pair of heels or chelsea boots- clearly it works with a cast too!

5. Arm Cast Athleisure

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Actual casts can’t be removed to place clothing under, so when selecting your outfit be mindful of the sleeve you’ll be wearing! 

Vanessa Hudgens is rocking a cropped oversized sweater which easily slips over a cast (see her hand), and paired it with some comfy track pants and sneakers.  

If you wished, you could rock some high waist leggings here too to show off your curves and pull the eye away from the cast!

6. Hand Cast and High Boots

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Not sorry for sharing another V. Hud picture, but she’s always got great style.  You can see here that she chose a larger sleeved long sleeve so her hand cast can fit through it, but is still rocking some short denim shorts and over the knee boots! 

I have to say, if you’re wearing a hand cast like this (and the weather allows it) wearing long sleeves will help make your cast less of an eyesoar. A cute outfit like my Neon Sweater Dress OOTD would work great!

7. Cast and Sling Fashion Hack

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Anne Hathaway rocked a fun fashionable sling hack, I probably never would have thought of this! Instead of using a traditional sling to hold up her casted arm, she’s using a scarf with a pretty print on it!

This is a great way to blend your cast into your outfit, and is definitely the most stylish sling out there. Just like she did here, you can pick different colored scarves to match the day’s outfit. That’s a win for sure!

Has your broken fashion spirit healed after seeing these despite having a broken bone? I hope so! I really love the scarf sling and studded boot ideas here. What was your favorite? How do you style your cast? Tell me in the comments below!

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