18 Cute Outfits With Mules

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Mules are one of the fastest rising fashion trends I have ever seen, and as I began my quest to create a capsule wardrobe, I found that including mules would be a blessing to my closet.

If your goal is to maximize your wardrobe by finding staple and multipurpose items that work extremely well with your other pieces. Believe me, you’ll find that and more with mules. They’re all-purpose shoes; designed to be both casual and classy.

There are different styles of mules; some with an open back and others with a cute heel. I had finally found a shoe that worked for all occasions, in the most perfect way! Right now, I’m going to share with you 18 cute outfits you can pair with mules.

1. Black Long Sleeve Blouse and Black Jeans with Leopard Print Mules

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These leopard printed mules truly add interest value to this outfit. Sometimes, wearing black attire can be quite boring, but these shoes add just the right amount of color to help you look super chic.

And might I add, these mules go perfectly with her pale brown jacket. Talk about balancing everything out.

2. White Blouse and Black Jeans with Brown Mules

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These brown mules look absolutely stunning along with this black and white get-up. A pair of brown mules were the ideal choice to make this outfit even classier, as this specific shade of brown is rich but by no means overpowering.

Plus, her decision to add a cute handbag was genius, adding some elegance to this simple outfit.

3. Beige Blouse and Blue Jeans with Beige Mules

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The best thing about mules is that they are incredibly versatile. While these beige mules could have been paired with a stylish skirt, her choice to wear blue jeans works just the same.

The beige top also fits right into this ensemble, and to elevate this look, she added some hot pink earrings.

4. Gray Blazer, Black Graphic Tee, and Blue Jeans with Yellow Mules

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Wearing an office blazer with a graphic tee can be a risky thing to do, as you’re mixing a professional piece with a casual one.

However, these yellow mules did a superb job at pulling this outfit together, making it a bold and sophisticated look. They became the finishing touch that was needed to give this outfit a thumbs up!

5. Brown Sweater Coat, Black and White Stripe Blouse, and Blue Jeans with Brown Mules

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The colors and shades of this outfit play off each other so well, as if they were meant to be worn together. A striped blouse is a wardrobe item that you just need to have because it saves you from having to settle for a plain white or black shirt.

There’s something so classic about a striped blouse and when paired with this brown camel sweater coat and blue jeans, you’ll literally be oozing style. The brown mules help to keep this outfit in sync as they complement the coat impeccably.

6. White Blouse and Leopard Print Skirt with White Mules

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Once again, the leopard print has stolen the show, giving life to this fashion forward look. The white mules along with the white top was the right way to go as it allowed this gorgeous skirt to shine through. Overall, it’s such a modest yet adorable outfit.

7. White Blouse and Light Blue Jeans with Red Mules

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As you begin to analyze this outfit from the top down, you would immediately think it’s just another casual get-up, however, I implore you to continue downwards to behold the marvelous red-heeled mules that will greet your eyes.

Just wow! That’s all I could say when I saw these shoes. The color and the height of the heels add so much attitude to this look and I’m loving every part of it.

8. White Sheer Blouse and Black and White Striped Skirt with Blush Pink Heeled Mules

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Don’t you just love these blush, pink-heeled mules? They have masterfully softened this feisty outfit while adding some pigmentation, and at the same time, maintaining that pizzazz.

Furthermore, black, white, and pink are known to be very close friends when it comes to fashion.

9. Baby Blue Off the Shoulder Dress with Red Heeled Mules

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Blue and red make such a darling combination. This outfit would be ideal for a brunch party as it’s so elegant, youthful and radiant. Plus, it makes you look sociable.

Adding a light brown purse as she has chosen to do is a wise decision as well because including a dark-hued handbag would make this ensemble look dull. Instead, this purse helps to keep the lighthearted and cheerful theme.

10. Blue Floral Mini Dress with Brown Heeled Mules

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Another brunch-worthy attire would be this blue floral mini dress paired along with brown heeled mules. The length of this dress allows you to show off your legs, while the ruffled sleeves incorporates a bit of innocence.

Wearing a dress like this, you would definitely want to remain comfortable. Well, these brown mules give you the opportunity to be both laid back but still plush.

Cute Outfits with Black Mules

11. Black Coat, Grey Blouse and Blue Jeans with Black Mules

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I’m sure you must have had those times in your life when you wanted to go for a simple look at the office but you didn’t want to reach for your everyday flats. Feel free to switch it up with a pair of black mules.

You won’t even have to worry about them matching your attire because black goes with basically everything and will help you create a professional appearance. In this case, with a black coat, light grey top and some blue jeans; to relax the overall look. 

Throw in a colored handbag, and you’re sure to stand out.

12. Black Tank Top, Blue Jeans with Black Mules

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Here, I have your typical black on blue get-up, but what I find so fascinating is the exquisite deep-toned quality of each piece. The accents on the black mules and the belt equally stand out. As does the chain feature on her purse. 

This outfit doesn’t even need much jewelry to bring it off. The silky material of the tank top already adds a sort of luxurious feel to it. Her sunglasses further make this style combo a 10 in my book!

13. Black Leather Jacket, Black Bralette and White Pants with Black Mules

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Is it just me, or do white pants seem to have a way of making an outfit look far more appealing? Maybe it’s how they stand out so easily, especially when paired with black.

The black bralette simplifies this outfit, placing it on the more relaxed side, while the leather jacket and white pants are bound to get you a few stares as you walk down the street. No need to wear heels with this one; your mules have all the flair you need to complete this look.

14. Black Blazer, Black Turtle-Neck Blouse and Black Ripped Jeans with Black Mules

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I am so feeling this all black combo, and can you blame me? It’s like her top half is dressed as a CEO, while her bottom half is ready to kick back and have a drink with some girlfriends.

Wearing a black blazer and turtle-neck top with ripped jeans and mules is definitely playing both sides of the fashion field. But hey, why not? When you have a cute cross body bag to seal the deal, you have nothing to worry about.

15. Blue Sweater Blouse and Black Pants with Black Mules

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Now, these aren’t your ordinary pair of mules. The designer for these shoes was gracious enough to include a cute bow detail, and when paired with this blue sweater blouse and black trousers, it makes the attire much more playful.

An outfit like this makes accessorizing quite fun and as such, she took the opportunity to wear an embellished black purse, along with sunglasses, a necklace, and bracelet.

16. White Graphic Tee and Gray Plaid Skirt with Black Mules

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I have to admit, this style combo caught my eye and had me mesmerized within seconds! The carefree nature of her white top and the sassy vibe of her slightly ruffled grey plaid skirt, brought together with her sunglasses, shoulder bag and black mules, makes her look like the fancy new girl in town.

It’s blending styles like these that make your outfit memorable. Your personality ought to be felt through what you wear and I can just tell this girl is feeling herself 100%.

17. Black and White Striped Dress with Black Mules

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A brown purse and black mules, paired with a black and white striped dress that has a stylish bow detail? I call that utter perfection. 

It’s one thing when you can envision an outfit and it looks good, but when its beauty is a real life thing, you can’t stop imagining how you would look rocking such an ensemble. That’s exactly how I feel about what she’s wearing; so effortless, yet so intentionally fabulous.

18. White T-shirt Dress with Black Stiletto Mules

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That’s right girl, stiletto mules exist, and I know just what you’re thinking. Now, you can easily slip your feet out of your heels without the worry of having to drag them off. The open back certainly comes in handy.

Furthermore, the design of this particular pair of mules really spices up the plain white t-shirt dress that she’s wearing. Just throw in a black handbag and some drop earrings to enhance the overall look.

Words can’t express how fashionable and practical mules are, and there are so many outfit choices that they fit perfectly with. Have you fallen head over heels for mules, just like I did? If so, which look won your heart over? Share your thoughts with me, in the comments below.
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