16 Cute Outfits With Gray Leggings

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Leggings are a favorite of most women, see my How To Wear Leggings post for more legging blog love. They’re comfortable and can be styled in so many ways. Black leggings of course are the most commonly seen, but they come in every color you can imagine! 

Gray is a color that I think trips some women up sometimesㅡespecially on pants. Does it match everything? Do you wear dark ones or light ones? How can I style my gray leggings? 

Fear not girlfriend, I’ve got your back. We’re about to dive into 16 cute gray legging outfits that have both dark, light, and all in between shades of gray. 

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1. Shades of Gray Leggings Workout Outfit

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Gray shades always work with white or black, no matter what. So this outfit here with the different shades of gray paired with white accents is super adorable and fail proof.  She’s basically a walking advertisement for Adidas (minus her shoes), but wearing logos can be cute if not overdone.

2. Heathered Gray Leggings with a Crop Top

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Here’s a cute way to wear to wear a crop top with high waist leggings. I love that she’s rocking high top sneakers and a letterman style jacket with it. It’s a cool and casual look yet it says “I know fashion.” Who says casual needs to be boring, right?

3. Dark Gray Leggings for Street Wear

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Remember I was saying that black with gray will always work and never let you down? Here’s what I was talking about. Dark gray leggings, a lighter gray shirt, a super dark gray/ almost black cardigan, black ankle boots, black purse, and a black, wide-brimmed fedora. This is a cute look to wear out for the day!

4. Dark Gray Leggings with a Fur Jacket

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I love the color combination here, even though it isn’t a complex one. She’s wearing dark gray ribbed leggings with a black top and an eggplant purple fur jacket. It’s super cute (and probably really comfortable).  A great example of wearing other colors besides black, gray, and white with gray!

5. Dark Gray Leggings and Camel High Tops

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This is a stellar outfit example. She’s wearing these dark gray leggings with a slightly lighter gray topㅡnothing fancy here. A dark green jacket, and camel colored, Nike high tops. I LOVE that she has mixed gray/green/brown together! Plus, aren’t these shoes awesome?

6. Tan Sweater, Gray Leggings, and Sneakers

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Okay, I’ll admit I loved the Nikes from the previous picture so much I had to find another example of wearing gray with a brown tone. So I present to you, a brown turtleneck sweater with gray leggings. 

This outfit has a little extra special touches to it because you can see white long sleeves beneath the sweater, which helps tie in her white and gray sneakers. A winner in my book!

7. Gray Leggings with Knotted Gray Top

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Athleisure at it’s finest here with gray pants, a knotted v-neck, a baseball cap, and flip flops! Also notice the shoulder bag, a 90’s trend we’re seeing again. Check out my blog for more on that!

Similar to the crop top with leggings I shared earlier, this look is super cute, slightly sporty, and casual. A great outfit for running errands, casually hanging out with friends, or even traveling. 

And if you didn’t want to wear flip flops with it, you could easily swap those for sneakers or even ankle boots.

8. Gray Leggings With a Dress

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Wearing leggings underneath a dress is a warmer alternative to wearing tights. I have several teacher friends who use this as a go-to look all the time because it’s comfortable, can be dressed up, and keeps the bum covered for some extra modesty. 

But you see here that she’s stuck with dark gray leggings, a lighter heathered gray dress, and black boots. All the same color pallet, and this is totally okay! But if you’re feeling bold, adding a mustard colored scarf (or any other color) would be mega cute!

9. Gray Leggings with a Denim Jacket

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Here’s a cute one that includes gray leggings with a hoodie beneath a denim jacket! I love the look that a hoodie layered beneath a denim jacket gives, so this is definitely a favorite of mine. 

She’s wearing gray sneakers and even a gray scrunchie, but you could totally wear any of your favorite sneakers with this! A colored pair would be super adorable!

10. Gray Leggings with Black Knee High Boots

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Knee high or thigh high boots work well with leggings! This is just a really simple and easy way for you to dress up a pair of leggings. By adding a nice pair of boots and either a long shirt or a shorter dress, you can make yourself a look that would probably be work appropriate even!

11. Gray Leggings with Gray Thigh High Boots

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Like the boots in the outfit before, these gray, thigh high boots look amazing with her gray leggings. I love that she was able to match not only the boots to the leggings, but her cardigan too! She broke the colors up just a tiny bit by wearing a white lacy tank with it all. SO cute. 

This actually is a great example of an outfit that you could change up some. Picture wearing a different colored cardigan or pair of boots!

12. Leather Jacket with Gray Leggings

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A cute black and gray look, this one is perfect to wear out! An oversized sweater beneath a leather jacket, with gray leggings that have zippers at the bottom (love that!) and sparkly sandals. 

If I were wearing this outfit here, I’d swap the sandals for a pair of heels or ankle boots. You don’t want to wear tall boots with this particular pair of leggings because of the zipper detail at the bottom of the leg.

13. Snowy Gray and Pink Outfit

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Pink and gray are really good friends, as you can see here in this cute, snow bunny outfit! She’s done a great job alternating her colors, which is why I wanted to show it to youㅡso you can see that gray leggings actually do well with other colored clothes.

14. Light Gray Leggings with Fur Vest

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Calling all fashionistas, fur vests love to be worn. This is a good example of wearing a warmer tone brown with cooler tone graysㅡwhich is actually mixed in the vest itself. The black turtleneck is neutral, of course, and I’m so happy to see that she wore black ankle boots and a matching black purse. 

If you weren’t wanting to wear boots like these with it, you could easily toss on a pair of heels, over the knee boots, or sneakers. Sneakers look really great with leggings and vests too. It would dress it down some if you added a baseball cap as well!

15. Light Grey Leggings with White Tank

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So this is a basic look, but I wanted to show you that you can wear a simple white tank or tee with your gray leggings and your white footwear. 

This is one of those foundation outfits, where you can dress it up to be more, “fashionable.”  A vest, a jacket, a hat, a fanny pack, a scarf, any of these would be great to add to give a simple outfit more va-va-voom!  Also, check out my fanny pack post if you’re interested in wearing those!

16. Off the Shoulder Top With Gray Leggings and Heels

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A simple and sweet, off-the-shoulder look with a black top, gray leggings, and nude strappy heels. It’s easy, and you could wear this casually or dress it up some for going out.

I’d love to see a bralette beneath this off the shoulder look. Check out my post featuring 20 Cute Outfits With Bralettes. 

Okay so there you have it! 16 cute outfits featuring light, dark, and multi-toned gray leggings! I hope this gives you some inspiration to wear your gray leggings out and about!

I want to hear your thoughts though! Tell me in the comments below: which was your favorite look? How do you wear your gray leggings? (My favorite is number 11!)

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