15 Cute Outfits With Tennis Skirts

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Are you familiar with tennis skirts? If you aren’t they’re this cute little mini skirt with set pleats that come in a variety of colors and patterns. These skirts are notoriously worn by tennis players (the pleats allow more movement when playing the game), but have been adopted by school uniforms and fashion!

I remember owning a tennis skirt back in high school (a fashion one, not sports one), and because of the pattern on it, I only had one shirt I was confident wearing with it. Back then, I wasn’t aware of all of the different ways these skirts could be worn! Anyone else feel that way?

When I look back now, it makes me laugh because they’re quite simple to style. Thankfully, we have resources like Pinterest and this blog here to give us ideas for when we’re stumped or needing fashion inspiration!

So, I’m about to show you 15 cute outfits with tennis skirts that you can replicate!

1. Tennis Skirt with Long Sleeve Turtleneck Top

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A bodysuit is always a great top choice when you’re tucking it into your bottoms. Skirts are no exception! If you want a smooth look, wear a bodysuit like this long sleeve turtleneck! 

We see here a black turtleneck tucked into a black and green plaid tennis skirt! We can’t see her shoes, but a pair of black over the knee boots would be amazing with it.

2. Tennis Skirt with Thigh High Socks

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Thigh high socks are a great way to get around wearing thigh high or even over the knee boots. They give you that covered leg look but allow you to wear different footwear, such as these Converse sneakers. 

She’s wearing a top that has white buttons and stripes which tie into her white tennis skirt nicely! Plus, her Converse also have the white sole and laces, so the colors here flow nicely.

3. Tartan Tennis Skirt with Deep V-Neck

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Tartan is another word (the original, actually) for the plaid pattern. So here you see a tartan, or plaid, tennis skirt. 

This is a super sexy outfit featuring a deep V-neck long sleeve, which is probably a bodysuit. She rested a Gucci belt over the top to help bring down some of the black from her top and added a pair of black peep-toe heels. A great look for the club or a party!

4. Tennis Skirt with Thigh High Boots

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Wearing thigh high boots can do multiple things for your look. I really love that they make wearing skirts and shorter dresses an option during fall and winter (check out my sweater dress and thigh high boot outfit), but they also bump the sexy tone up a notch or two. 

This outfit is a great example of wearing a tennis skirt to a party with a turtleneck and thigh high boots. She’s rocking only black and white too, which gives it a really edgy look with her black belt and mini handbag.

5. Tennis Skirt and Tights

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You may have heard me say this before in my other blogs, but tights (especially patterned) are supposed to be big this 2019 fall season! So this is a cute look to have in the back of your mind for when those fall looks start happening.

A red tennis skirt with an off white loose fitted sweater, black tights, and grey ankle boots! This is a great fall look, especially with the tights beneath of the tennis skirt!

6. Tennis Skirt and Sneakers

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Here is a cute casual way to wear a tennis skirt! I love the graphic sweater slightly tucked in, but what really speaks to me here is the red Converse sneakers she’s wearing with her black tennis skirt!

Let’s say you don’t have Converse sneakers though. No worries, because any pair of sneakers will work here. Off brand sneakers will look just as good as name brand sneakers such as Keds, Adidas, Converse, or Vans.

7. Tennis Skirt with Fur Coat

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This white tennis skirt and white graphic tee loves the complimenting pop of color with the fur coat. This is a fun look because there are multiple textures happening here: the pleats on the skirt,  the looseness and slightly unraveled look from the tee, the rows of the fur, and the fur from the pink coat. 

It’s a lot for a simple pink and white outfit! A cute pair of white or even pink sneakers would look great, but you could also add ankle boots or even a pair of mules!

Check out my Black Dress with Fur Coat look for some more fur coat inspiration!

8. Tennis Skirt with a Baseball Cap

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Tennis skirts, with their sportswear history, look adorable with baseball caps. This is a great example outfit because she matched her white skirt to her white hat and if you look hard enough you can see that she’s wearing white Adidas with black stripes and all white tube socks.

The tops that could be worn with this look are basically limitless. Colors, you truly have no limit because anything matches with white. But as for the style of top you selected with it, I don’t think you could go wrong any!

9. Tennis Skirt with a Tube Top

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Here is a familiar face (Elle Fanning) rocking a blue floral tube top with a white tennis skirt and sneakers. 

I wanted to show you this sweet summer outfit because of how easy it is to pull it off. There are three components to this look and that is it. A skirt, a tube top, and sneakers. 

Changing this up would be a breeze, and if you weren’t wanting to wear sneakers a cute pair of sandals, slides, or mules would be great!

10. Metallic Tennis Skirt with Fishnet Stockings

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I was telling you earlier how leggings were a great addition to tennis skirts. Guess what? Fishnet stockings are just as fun with them!

I actually love the metallic tennis skirt here, it’s super fun and deserving of a night out. The addition of over-the-knee boots give it a sexy feel while the turtleneck keeps things modest. It’s so cute!

11. Ombre High Waist Tennis Skirt

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Ombre, if you’re unfamiliar, is when a color fades into another. It’s a great way to incorporate multiple colors into your look without being too busy or having to actually wear multiple colors.

She’s wearing a cropped black tee which matches her exposed black ankle socksㅡplus her converse pulls just a tiny bit of white/ light grey from the ombre skirt, which is a nice touch.

12. Plaid Tennis Skirt with Denim Jacket

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Plaid, or Tartan, is a great pattern to wear, especially on tennis skirts! It channels the “schoolgirl” look almost. 

So, here you see a plaid skirt with a black cropped tee, black over-the-knee socks and black high top chucks. While all of that is cute, I really love the addition of the draped denim jacket. It changes this look up a bit!

13. Plaid Tennis Skirt with Tights and Sandals

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I know I’ve already shown you similar combinations of turtlenecks, tennis skirts, and even tights. I picked this one because she’s wearing tights with open toe sandals, which is a big 90’s trend this year. This is an example of footwear other than boots and sneakers!

14. Tennis Skirt and a Button Up Shirt

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A button up shirt also pulls a little bit of that school girl look too. They’re great additions to outfits though because they add some dressy elements to it AND they come in a ton of patterns and colorsㅡplus, they can be found everywhere. 

A cute, striped button up like this would be perfect with a tennis skirt. But if you don’t want something as dressy but still want a button up, a chambray would be cute!  I did a post to show great outfits that you can wear a chambray shirt with, you can see that here.

15. Tennis Skirt with a Baseball Jersey

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A slight bit of humor is to wear a baseball jersey with a tennis skirt (or any other sports jersey). But all humor aside, these button up jerseys look great over a tennis skirtㅡespecially with the crop top beneath! 

It would be cute to add sneakers and knee high socks, too. However, as you can see, this outfit doesn’t require all that extra stuff!

Check out my blog on How Women Can Wear a Baseball Jersey and Rock the Look for more baseball jersey outfit inspiration.

Okay, so did we hit the ball out of the court with this one here? I love that these skirts are versatile enough to be casual but can also be dressed up.Out of all of these, the metallic tennis skirt outfit is my favorite because of how playful and sexy it is. A perfect skirt for a concert or New Year’s party!

Which was your favorite look? What shoe do you think looks the best? Tell me in the comments below!
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