15 Cute Outfits for a Quinceañera

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Attending a Quinceañera soon? Any idea what you’re planning on wearing? This can be a tricky situation since they’re a formal event, but you don’t want to outdress the star of birthday girl. 

A Quinceañera is a formal birthday party, the latin celebration of a girl transitioning from childhood to young womanhood when she turns 15. In Brazil, the same celebration is called festa de debutantes, baile de debutante, or festa de quinze anos.

Quinceañeras are notoriously known for beautiful ball dresses, a lot of dancing, food, family, and friends. Much like a wedding, guests are expected to dress nicely, but you don’t want to upstage the star of the show! 

Sometimes, they’re themed parties, which makes dressing up even more fun. However, if it’s not themed, and you’re free to wear whatever you wish to attend, here are 15 cute outfit examples for a Quinceañera! 

Remember, as a rule of thumb: if you can’t wear it to church or a religious event such as a wedding, it’s probably not appropriate for a Quince.

1. Green Maxi Dress

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Modesty will never fail you at a formal eventㄧespecially that of a young woman’s birthday party where there will be a lot of guests of all ages. A short-sleeved, wrap maxi dress like this will keep you looking beautiful while modest!

2. Burgundy Jumpsuit

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A jumpsuit is always a great outfit for formal events! They come in so many different styles, too, so you have a lot of options to be more…sexy vs. more modestㄧplus, if the event is outdoor or indoor, you have options of sleeves, short sleeves like this one, off-the-shoulder, and even strapless jumpsuits!

3. Wine Lace Dress

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Lace dresses display elegance and beauty by default, so wearing one to a Quinceañera would definitely be a great choice! A spaghetti strap, v-neck, lace midi dress like this one would be perfect for a summer party!

4. Black Midi Skirt

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I love this look. The structured midi skirt is a favorite formal look of mine, and it’s even better if it has pockets! This is 2 pieces, a white sleeveless top with a large ruffle tucked into the skirt. She did a great job adding a black statement necklace and black heels! Skirts like this are a great Quince option!

5. Tulle Maxi Skirt

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Tulle is a popular fabric for formal dresses. There is a good chance the birthday girl is decked out in tulle, so if you go this route, make sure yours isn’t as extravagant as hers.  

A maxi skirt like this, or even a tulle midi skirt, is a great way to wear the look without worrying about stealing the show! This one is cute with a cashmere sweater, but tulle skirts look great with all types of tops!

6. High Waisted Trousers

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If jumpsuits aren’t your cup of tea, a nice pair of trousers are an option for you! These high-waisted, paper bag trousers are great pants for any formal event and they give you the freedom to pick the top you want.

A spaghetti strap like this is beautiful and feminineㄧbut suppose you need your shoulders covered? Or long sleeves? Easy, just find the top you like and be sure to tuck it into the trousers!

7. Off the Shoulder Floral Dress

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Floral dresses are such stunners. If you’re going to pick a print to wear to a formal event, floral won’t let you down. 

A sweet, off-the-shoulder midi dress like this one is sure to wow. Be sure to not let your dresses or skirts go above your knee, or at least not far above your knee. Modesty is key for these events! Since below the knee shows here, be sure to wear cute shoes like these heels with bows on the toe!

8. Pleated Metallic Skirt

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Pleats are a fun texture added to your clothes. They can dress up any skirt, basically. Adding to the fact that this one is metallic also emboldens the look. This skirt combined with a cute blouse like this is perfect for a formal eventㄧplus, the skirt can be dressed down and worn casually another day too!

9. Lace Pencil Skirt and Crop Top Set

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This pink lace set is a great option for a formal event! It almost looks like a sheath dress because the crop top is JUST long enough to not really show any midriff which is exactly what you need, but it’s enough that others will be aware that it’s a 2 piece set. 

The pencil skirt is fitting just enough, with a sweet scalloped bottom that shows off the lace, but it’s not so fitting that it’ll make other guests blush. A cute pair of heels (wait did we see these already?) and it’s ready to Quince!

10. Burgundy Sheath Dress

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Since the dress above almost looked like a sheath dress, here is a real sheath dress. They’re not always lace, but like I said earlier in this post: Lace is elegant by default.

Every woman should have a sheath dress in her closet because it is the most universal formal dress! They can be dressed up and dressed down to be more casual. On their own, they’re the perfect dress for an event like a wedding or Quinceañera. Don’t forget cute shoes!

11. Off the Shoulder in Chiffon

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Assuming the event is true formal, an off-the-shoulder, long chiffon dress like this would be perfect. It’s got a little flare of sexy with the bare shoulder, but it’s covering the rest of the body in a pretty chiffon fabric.

Basically, any bridesmaid dress will work in this case, which gives you a lot of options!

12. Floral Maxi Dress

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Here is a more casual feeling, floral maxi dress. The off-the-shoulder, ruffle sleeve is a delicate feminine touch that is sure to compliment anyone wearing it. It looks like it wraps, which gives it that opening for some leg to go through. Just be careful not to show too much thigh when wearing it!

P.s. Gold strappy shoes are amazing with this!

13. Lace Romper

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Depending how formal the party is, you may be able to wear a nice romper like this one! It features lace and long sleeves that bell at the elbow. It isn’t crazy short, and with a pair of heels, would make your legs look amazing!

14. High-low Dress

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High-low dresses are a super fun and playful dress because it gives you that shorter length that allows you to show some leg (and display cute shoes)! 

A nice high-lowㄧlike this floral, a-line, square neckㄧdress can be the perfect dress to wear to a formal event. Just be sure that it’s okay to show the bare shoulders and above the knee first! Otherwise, this would be a great dress to hit the dance floor in!

15. Black and Gold, Skater Skirt

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Isn’t this black and gold outfit a stunner? The off-the-shoulder, black lace top and the gold pleated skater skirt with the chunky bowㄧyes, please! The skirt has a little bit of a high-low effect, but nothing too dramatic. Coming just to the knee, it’s a great way to show off cute shoes, too!

Alright, so there you have it! 15 cute outfits that would be great to wear to a Quinceañera! The last dress in the black and gold is one of my favorites. It’s playful yet elegant, which is what I think of when I think of a Quince. The playful young lady coming into the grace of a young woman. 

Which outfit was your favorite? What is your go-to style for a Quinceañera? Tell me in the comments below!
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