15 Best Shoes to Wear With Dark Jeans

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I primarily wear darker jeans during the fall and winter. You’ll see a pattern in my OOTD posts, where my lighter jeans are typically warmer weather outfits and dark jeans the opposite.

Of course, that’s just a preference. I do have some favorite high-waisted dark jeans that I was wanting to wear to a lunch date because they looked so good with my heels and blouse.

A beautiful contrast and a bit more dressed up looking than any of my lighter wash jeans, which drove me to this post.

I can’t be the only one who feels some tops and shoes just look better with darker pants! So, let’s talk about some examples of best shoes to wear with dark jeans!

1) Nude Strappy Heels with Dark Jeans

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Nude heels are super versatile, so of course they look amazing with dark jeans.

Wearing heels that are an open strappy shoe, like these, really help give the legs a longer appearance, which, depending on the type of pants you’re wearing, is really helpful! Fashion hack right there!

2) Beige Mules with Dark Jeans

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Aside from matching the handles on her bag, these mules (closed toe slip on shoes) really are a perfect shoe for this outfit.Something about the half button-up, ruffled white blouse almost gives this outfit sort of bohemian vibe without it actually being boho. These pleated beige mules feel right. They’re not too fancy, but not too dressed down.

I have a few pairs of mules myself, and I must admit that I love what they do to an outfit. You know that saying about hair mullets? “Business in the front, party in the back.” Mules are sort of like that.

Check out my White Teddy Bear Coat outfit to see a favorite pair of my mules, that are heeled!

3) Glitter Flats and Dark Jeans

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Glitter! Yes! I never imagined glitter shoes to be a casual shoe until this very moment.

These gold, glitter flats are stellar with her dark jeans and trench coat, while matching the trench coat. That she was able to match them to the trench coat is everything, but they really look amazing and casual.

Flats though, are great with dark jeans (or any jeans), and are a great alternative to a closed-toe shoe without wearing a full shoe or boot!

4)Espadrille Slip Ons and Dark Jeans

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Espadrilles, to me, are a perfect spring and summer shoe. They come in sandals, wedges, and slip ons like these you see here. Aren’t they great?

Of course, any shoe would look stellar with this chambray shirt and dark jeans outfit, but these espadrille slip ons are a sweet addition to her outfit.

5) Slip on Sneakers and Dark Jeans

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Sneakers can just about go with every outfit, but there is something special about slip on sneakers.

The lack of laces not only make your day easier because you won’t have to worry about your shoes coming untied, but they dress your look up a tiny bit while maintaining the comfort level of regular sneakers. Win win!

The slip on sneaker addition to this outfit (which is adorable, by the way) gives it this sporty and playful element.

6) Birkenstocks and Dark Jeans

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Birkenstocks came back in a big way these last couple years.

My mom has this pair of Birkenstocks that must be over 10 years old, they just last forever, which is good because they’re not cheap! So they of course look awesome with mom jeans.

True Birkies are incredibly comfortable, they conform to your foot and offer support that no other sandal will. These metallic Birkenstock look-alikes are so cute with her black jeans and striped shirt.

You can find a variety of colors and strap styles of these in most department stores. I have a favorite pair that I got from Target even! Money saving!

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7) Tory Burch Sandals and Dark Jeans

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These Tory Burch sandals are everywhere this year.

They come at a hefty price tag for a pair of sandals, so if you can’t swing the designer cost, there are plenty of similar looking sandals out there easier on the bank account.

I’m a diehard flip-flop and sandal fan on the regular. Casual days out, such as running errands, you’ll probably find me in a pair of rainbows or some other sandal. So, I had to share this look.

Her sandals and plain t-shirt don’t need anything fancy, but the addition of a pair of fashionable shoes really steps her outfit up.

8) Converse and Dark Jeans

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These are really easy to style with your dark jeans. A classic pair of Converse, Vans, Adidas, or even your favorite pair of running shoes work well with dark jeans!

These pants are your figurative oyster. Wear whatever pair of shoes your heart desires! Skate shoes, tennis shoes, sneakers, they all work.

9) Ankle Boots and Dark Jeans

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There are, “Do’s and Don’ts,” of wearing skinny jeans with ankle boots and booties. I won’t get into it in this post, but here is an example of a Do.

These light grey heeled boots look great with her outfit, and they’re probably pretty comfortable too since the heel is so chunky.

I often wear ankle boots with my darker pants too, check out my Long Teddy Bear Coat outfit here for some extra fashion inspo!

10) Cowboy Boots and Dark Jeans

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Isn’t this such a sweet outfit?

She looks upscale and fabulous, wearing her camel colored cowboy boots, which is a bit ironic because the stereotypical use of cowboy boots is not for the sake of fashion. Ever had a horse step on your foot in regular shoes? Doesn’t feel good.

These boots are made for walking, and that’s exactly what they deserve to do here in this look. She pulled the same camel color from her bag and belt, and they look lovely with her cream colored turtleneck bodysuit, navy wrap, and dark denim.

11) Over the Knee Boots and Dark Jeans

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If you follow my OOTD posts, you know I love over-the-knee boots. I usually don’t wear them over jeans, but that is mostly because before I moved to Chicago, I didn’t need to. Brazil typically stays warm year round.

This is a mega cute way to wear some over-the-knee boots with dark jeans. I love that she added this big scarf to give an extra layer and bundle of texture to her outfit. It just works.

12) Grunge Boots and Dark Jeans

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A few years ago, combat/ military style boots surfaced in popular fashion, though they never really went away in the grunge/ punk scene.

I have a favorite pair of Dr. Martens that I love and wear often with both light and dark jeans, or without. You can check out one of my outfits where I’m wearing my boots and dark jeans in this Zara Camel Coat outfit.

The good news is that you don’t have to have a punk wardrobe to wear boots like these, and this outfit is a perfect example of that.

Her slightly rolled, dark jeans look great with her Doc Marten boots, and if anything, the collared shirt beneath the sweater is a more, “preppy,” look than anything! The long coat and hat are edgy and look perfect with her ensemble.

13) Pumps with Dark Jeans

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I love the use of a blazer in fashion outside of business. I really do.

It works amazing with this graphic tee and dark jeans outfit, but that she’s wearing pumps makes me even more excited because it treads this line of being casual yet dressed up.

Is she there to party? Or does she mean business but has a fun side? Whatever it is, you can do it too.

​14) Peep Toe Booties with Dark Jeans

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There is so much Yes about this outfit, I can hardly contain it. It’s casual enough to be worn at any point, but it’s cute and dressy enough that it’s church and work friendly. Plus these peep toe booties are adorable.

Another “yes” is how she’s cuffed the bottom of her dark jeans just enough to give the booties some ankle to show, because that’s what they’re supposed to do after all. Remember me mentioning the do’s and don’ts? This is a definite Do.

​15) Rain Boots and Dark Jeans

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I have shown rain boots throughout a handful of my posts here, and I promise, if you have not gotten a pair for yourself yet, you absolutely should.

Not only are they perfect for casual weather, but they look great with an outfit that alone would be considered dressed up.

So this cape (which hello, isn’t it gorgeous?), collared shirt, dark jeans, and rainboot outfit is 100% intentional and 100% fabulous. Even if it isn’t raining, these boots work throughout the Autumn and Winter without fail.

Alright ladies, tell me, what is your favorite pair of shoes to wear with your dark jeans?

Oh, I should mention that in this post, I only shared dark skinny jeans, but if you own or see a pair of dark jeans in a different cut that you love, wear them!

The comment section below is where you go next, to tell me: which pair of shoes was your favorite?

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