15 Best Adidas Shoes Women Can Wear With Jeans

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I remember the classic Adidas were huge in fashion in the early 2000s. I actually owned them, with the baby blue stripes and puffy holographic stripes (throwback memories for sure), so seeing them so popular now gives me a bit of nostalgia and makes my heart happy.

I’ve talked in some of my posts about wearing sneakers outside of the gym and outside of sports. You’ll see me wear my favorite sneakers throughout my OOTD posts.

Stepping aside from sneakers being worn with athleisure outfits, I wanted to do a post that gave some inspiration on wearing Adidas with jeans.

Women’s Adidas come in 4 categories: athletic & sneakers, high tops, slides, and cleats. We of course don’t wear cleats off of a field, so we’re going to focus on the first three.

1) Bronze Stripes

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This, to me, is that perfect, “basic,” girl outfit. She’s ready for a trip to Starbucks with her coordinated color scheme. The bronze stripes on these shoes are fun, and actually look great with the distressed denim.

Something that really stands out to me though is the white accents. The white logo and the white watch band pull with the white on the shoes. It’s little things that matter ladies!

2) Glam with White Adidas

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Here is another super cute example of wearing skinny jeans with your Adidas sneakers. I just love how they work with her outfit, and if you look closely you’ll see, there are three textures going here─leather jacket, black top, and black pants. So fun.

3) Adidas and Jean Overalls

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I know that not everybody loves overalls, but if you’re not a fan I implore you to at least try them because they are SO cool. So cool, that I want to show you two examples because they’re that great.

I’m a year-round overall lover, so I’ll wear mine with long sleeves or with a tank or tube top during the summer. They’re so versatile, and even the overall shorts are awesome.

I love wearing sneakers with them, but I’ve known women to wear flip flops, slip ons, flats, and even heels with theirs. Having these Adidas to wear with them are perfect.

4) Athletic Adidas

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This is a perfect way to wear the athletic Adidas with just a casual cute outfit. Like, this could be a work outfit for some jobs (and would be ideal for it, too, given the comfort of the sneakers)!

Another example of wearing Adidas with skinny jeans, I know, but I really wanted to show some variety in color and also how amazing the rest of her outfit matches with them! Hello soft gray tones!

5) Mom Jeans and Adidas

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For a more retro look, these are killing it. Rolled up mom jeans, a cropped T, and colored Adidas sneakers look fabulous together.

We can’t see the front, but I imagine this is a graphic tee. An 80’s hair band graphic tee would be even better. Bon Jovi, Def Leppard, Journey… or switch it up to a Nirvana, Pink Floyd, or even a Bob Marley graphic. Whatever you do, don’t wear a plain T and miss out on some extra color and pattern fun.

6) Pink Adidas

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Isn’t this matching pink Adidas sweater to the pink Adidas shoe with blue stripes adorable? I’m secretly a sucker for a good hoodie outfit, so I really love this.

Her cuffed skinny jeans with holes in the knees make this a casual outfit. Perfect for hanging out with friends, a day at school, or even running errands!

7) Black Adidas

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These black Adidas make it too easy to match with an outfit!

We can’t see her shirt, but with the denim skinny jeans and awesome leather jacket, I’d probably put a simple white v-neck on with this look!

8) All White Adidas

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It’s cool that Adidas offers a white stripe on white shoe option. This look would have been cool with a pair of black striped or even white stripe on black shoes, but the white on white gives this crisp look.

She’s wearing a chambray shirt with a pair of black jeans, and these sneakers work great with it. It’s simple and anyone could pull this off.

9) Adidas High Tops

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Allow me to introduce the high top Adidas! They’re really fun, which is cool because they can do all the talking.

This outfit is super simple with a pair of rolled up skinny jeans and a black peacoat.  The high tops really are the focal point, and that’s pretty much all you’d need because they’re just that great. Black stripes tie the jacket and shoes together for a win!

You don’t have to dress simple to wear these though, they’d also look fabulous with an outfit like my Light Blue Blazer with Jeans outfit!

10) Mens Adidas Hack

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I think we’re all guilty of either stealing our guy’s clothes at some point, or even buying a guy’s clothing item for ourselves. In our home, my husband is used to me wearing his shirts or sweats on occasion. They’re just so comfortable!

What if you see a pair of men’s shoes that you just have to have? Buy it girl.

This outfit is awesome with her men’s Adidas high tops, distressed jeans, and black top. The men’s adidas have a little more, “chunk,” to them. Just adds more glory to your outfit!

11) Sexy in Adidas Slides

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If you weren’t a fan of the slides before, prepare yourself because you’re going to see that they work in fashion and want a pair for yourself!

I’m not sure what it is about this look, but she seems so comfortable. Between the knotted tee, high waisted jeans, top knot, and her slides it just looks comfy and casual. A great opportunity to show some abs too!

12) Adidas Slides Business

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This is a street ready outfit! She’s actually on her way to work, but she’s a fashion model, so she can do what she wants. Perhaps your work allows open toed flat shoes? This would definitely get some compliments!

Black jeans, black shirt, and white jacket with black accents and a black choker all pull perfectly with her slides. It’s too easy to love this!

13) Boyfriend Jeans and Slides

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Fun tip, wearing socks with slides is possible and this is proof. I think this outfit is so, “free,” and full of attitude that it just works. 

Her boyfriend jeans, graphic tee, and striped sweater almost give this look a, “bad girl,” vibe, so of course wearing socks with her slides has to happen! What do you think?

14) Bell Bottoms and Adidas

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We’re seeing bell bottom jeans coming back in fashion, which is so awesome. We’ll see a lot of platform shoes and heels with them, but in case you need it, here is an example of wearing them with sneakers!

I actually remember wearing my Adidas with my flares, so this is another bout of nostalgia for me. Of course, wearing a crop top and hat with them wasn’t permitted in school dress code, so that didn’t happen. For adults or teens who are not trying to wear an outfit like this in class, it’s really chic.

15) Adidas and Mom Jeans… Again

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Mom jeans are life, seriously. If they get such hard working women through their days, they deserve the attention. Plus, they’re mega comfortable and easy to style.

So here’s another mom (distressed) jean with Adidas example, but rather a crop top she’s wearing a graphic sweatshirt. Super 80s/90s, and super awesome. Plus her blue Adidas are fire.

Check out this Striped Sweater OOTD look, it would be perfect paired with these Adidas!

Hopefully, after seeing these examples, you’re excited to wear your Adidas with your jeans or already on your way to the nearest footwear store to purchase a pair! They’re seriously awesome!

I want to hear from you! Do you wear your Adidas with jeans? What are your favorite outfits to wear with them? Tell me in the comments below!

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