12 Cute Outfits With Moccasins

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Are you familiar with moccasins? They date back to being a shoe of the Native Americans who needed protective footwear from certain elements and resorted to making it happen out of hides. Moccasins still live on as footwear today in fashion!

It is important to know that there is a difference between a moccasin and a mukluk. Moccasins originated from warmer climates and were only designed to cover the feet (about to the ankle), whereas mukluks (while a similar concept) originated from colder climates and are known to go up to the knee.

Both styles have sort of… merged, so you’ll really notice the difference by knowing that mukluks will usually have fur accents on them, whereas moccasins typically have fringe detail!

Today, both are comfortable and functional shoes. Moccasins are often seen in and out of the workplace whereas mukluks are typically more… casual. Have you ever wondered how you wear moccasins though? They are unique, so it’s not an uncommon question.

You’re all a part of my fashion tribe, so I’m about to show you 12 cute outfits featuring Moccasins! Specifically, though, we’re going to look at moccasin boots and Ugg moccasins.

1. Cute Outfits With Moccasin Boots

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Given that moccasin boots come from Native American culture, it is really popular to see them with outfits that feature bright colors and patterns. This outfit, for example, shows a patterned mini skirt that looks great with fringe trimmed moccasin boots.

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If supermodels wear moccasin boots, we probably should follow suit, right? Kate Moss is rocking black jeans and a black shirt with her moccasins. It’s super simple, and I love that she added a vibrantly patterned belt to break up the black.

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Here is a cute fall outfit that shows a pair of moccasin boots! This is one of those outfits that really could go with any shoe: a pair of skinny jeans, white shirt underneath a cardigan with a scarf. What makes it special is the combination of the moccasins and the printed cardigan! Doesn’t it look comfortable?

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Miley Cyrus is no stranger to fashion and is looking great in this outfit with taller moccasin boots on!  Her bohemian influenced look actually pairs well with these boots because not only does her jacket match them in color, her purse has a similar stitching style and color! 

Distressed denim shorts and a white crop make up the outfit’s skeleton, and a bohemian necklace adds a pop of color and ties in more of that boho look. It’s cute and not hard to accomplish!

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This outfit here is much more edgy than the others, being mostly black. Her tall moccasin boots have 5 layers of fringe on them plus a braid and embellishments at the top. They’re super cute and look great with black pants tucked in. 

The leather jacket and purse really make this look sleek, but because of the boots they’re not so sleek that she looks like she’s heading to a club or similar. They tone it down, which I really like.

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Dresses look great with moccasin boots too! These are fun because they lace up the front to the top and still have a frill at the top. Her addition of the leg warmers beneath bring white down from her sweater dress and coat making this a really well rounded outfit.

Because moccasins are so earthy, it would be cute to wear a more bohemian looking dress with them too!

2. Cute Outfits With Ugg Moccasins

Ugg anything is bound to be the most comfortable and cozy pair of footwear you could possibly slip your toes into. There is no denying that the fuzzy lining makes them the ultimate fall and winter shoes!

Ugg moccasins are typically more of a slipper than a shoe, meaning you probably don’t want to wear them outside in the snow, rain, or for any harsh walking around. However, comfy casual is very popular in fashion so of course these moccasins are used for more than just around the house!

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In this cute outfit, we see these adorable, fuzzy lined, ugg moccasins. They really embrace her cozy wardrobe which consists of long johns, a thermal, a scarf, and a beanie. Something to note here is how well the gray and white tones of her clothes look with the camel color of her moccasins!

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We can’t see the entire look in this picture, but we can see that she’s wearing denim skinny jeans with her lighter colored Ugg Moccasins. It’s super cute that she was able to match the bow design from her shoe to her sweater!

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Here is a cute, casual look that shows Ugg moccasins with a pair of black leggings, a chunky sweater beneath a chunky cardigan, and a baseball cap. This probably feels like being wrapped from head to toe in a hug, plus, it’s crazy adorable. Win win!.

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These ugg moccasins are much more like the traditional original moccasinsㅡbig difference compared to the moccasin “slippers” or “trappers” we’ve been seeing. 

This is a much better outfit to go out in, with a pair of black skinny jeans, a tan sweater, and her matching hat, purse, and moccasins!

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I’m all about these blue Ugg Moccasin slippers. These are called the, “Dakota Slipper,” and as you can tell, they’re great for both wearing at home and out and about. 

The contrast between the white pants and sweater to the Uggs is outrageously adorable! Like all of these, this is such an easy outfit to replicate.

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Another cozy look are these Ugg Moccasin Slippers which are the perfect match for these black leggings and patterned turtleneck sweater. This entire scenario in this image is so cute that I can almost feel it myself. It makes me super excited for fall and winter!

So basically, what we’ve learned here is that Ugg Moccasins really want to keep you comfortable and cozy, therefore your outfits should follow suit. Moccasin boots are typically shorter but come tall and really like the fringe and patterned clothes.

Out of these 12 cute moccasin outfits, which was your favorite? Do you have any of these? How do you wear them if so? Tell me in the comments below!
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