12 Cute Dressy Tops to Wear With Jeans

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You know how sometimes you’ve got something to do where you need to look nice but not be totally formal? For example, you may not want to wear a dress or slacks to a work dinner party because it isn’t that formal, but you still need to look nice and presentable. What do you put on?

I know that I’ve had things to go to that are supposed to be semi-casual, where wearing a dress was too much but a cotton t-shirt was too casual. The happy medium there is a nice pair of jeans and a dressy top. 

Dressy tops should not be see through. If you see undergarments, straps, or too much skin, the outfit becomes risque. Typically, these are not cotton fabric, either, but likely a chiffon or polyester unless you’re wearing something like a sweater or turtlenecks. 

However, a “dressy” top truly is based on the occasion. It’s easier to see what I’m talking about, so here are 12 cute dressy tops you can wear with jeans!

1. Beautiful in a Black Bow Blouse

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This simple, long-sleeve, black blouse is made extra special because of the offcentered tie at the collar. It’s not a huge detail, but it’s noticeable and adorable. 

She’s tucked this into a pair of denim jeans, but you could easily wear this dressy black top with colored jeans too!

2. Pretty in a White Peplum Like Top

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This outfit reminds me of one for a Christmas dinner or holiday party of some sort. I love that the bell sleeve carries through on the bottom of the shirt in a perfect straight line, almost like a peplum top. It gives it this clean look and shape.

Any pair of jeans would be great with this top, and if you weren’t wanting to wear boots like these, you could swap them out for strappy heels, shorter heeled sandals, or even knee high boots!

3. Off the Shoulder in Stripes

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Here is a cute example of a nice top that the definition of “dressy” would be relative to where you’re wearing it. The same applies to the jeans, also. You’d have to consider if it’s acceptable for you to have exposed shoulders/back/chest and distressed jeans wherever you’re wearing this outfit to.

If you want this look to be a bit more dressy, you’d wear jeans that are not distressed.

4. Fierce and Fab in Animal Print

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Animal prints can be dressy! Here’s an example of a long sleeve animal print button up blouse with white jeans. Different colored jeans and different footwear would also work here, like black jeans or burgundy jeans would be great during cooler seasons!

5. Mock Tie Top for M’Lady

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Isn’t this a cute blouse! I can’t get enough of it with the ascot collar (where you can tie it into a bow). Her sleeves are rolled up to tone it down a bit and probably make the shirt a bit more temperature friendly.

Cuffed denim and a cute pair of nude heels makes for a super nice (though semi-casual) look!

6. Lovely in Lace

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Lace blouses are almost always a guaranteed win when you’re trying to dress up a look. This nude lace, short-sleeve blouse is a modest pick, while still being feminine and not covering her up too much. 

Denim jeans win this look here, but like those before this, white, black, and colored jeans would look great!

7. Cheeky in Checkers

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Since we’re talking about prints, this checkered blouse is a super cute and nicer summer look! Be sure to check out my blog on checkered pants if you’re loving the checkered look! 

This could be toned down with distressed jeans, and also worn with colored jeans to change it up!

8. Perky in Peplum Top

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Here is a simple, white, peplum topㄧwhich, by the way, if you’re looking for a structured top that will give you some shape, this is it. 

There is nothing crazy about this combination, though. White top, denim jeans, fun coral pumps and a matching bracelet. Because the top is white, it will look great with any color or patterned jeans! But it’s a great dressy summer look.

9. Foxy and Fun in a Floral Off the Shoulder

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This look features a lantern sleeve, which if you’re unsure what that is, it is a long or ¾ sleeve that has a wider point between the elbow and wrist, and is fitted at the wrist.

This floral off-the-shoulder is a flowy one, and almost pulls a little bit of a bohemian look with it. This would be cute with distressed jeans, but with jeans that aren’t distressed and a pair of strappy heels, it dresses up nicely.

10. Dressy & Dazzling in all White

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Okay, so here you can see a nice, collared button-up with bell sleeves tucked into a pair of white jeans. She’s dressed it up more with some layered gold necklaces, added subtle color with a camel colored belt, and I’d bet she’s wearing nude or camel matching colored heels.  

It’s cute and something that could be worn to work, a semi-formal event, or a nice restaurant for brunch!

11. Ravishing in Ruffles

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This pretty spaghetti strap blouse could be considered dressy because of the material it is made of. If this were a cotton top, it wouldn’t have made this list. Something to noteㄧchiffon is almost always a way to dress up your outfit.

It’s cute with the button detail and ruffle across the top.  Her jeans aren’t considered “nice” jeans because of how distressed they are, but it would be super cute to wear black, white, or dark blue jeans with this top and a pair of heels!

12. Summer ready in Salmon Spaghetti Strap

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A salmon chiffon spaghetti strap top with an accent layer over a pair of white jeans and tan heeled wedges is such an adorable look for summer! This top could be dressed up more if you were to add a blazer over it, but for a summer look, you don’t need that blazer.

I personally like the white jeans with it, but if you weren’t wanting white, it would be simple enough to wear dark blue, light blue, black, or even colored jeans with it!

So, now that you’ve seen 12 examples of dressy tops you can wear with jeans, which was your favorite? What color nice jeans do you prefer?

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